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a full service creative agency

who we are... 319 Creative Group is a full service creative agency. We are dedicated to do anything and everything necessary to move your business forward. Our diversity of talents as designers, developers, producers, writers and photographers is our greatest strength. The success of your company is our top priority.

Commercial: Burger King

Fashion Housewife - Publication

what we do... We are an agency that uses a mixture of design and technology to solve your communication problems. An extension of your marketing department, we become your creative partner rather than just another vendor.

Les Jeux - NBA Champagne

Total Hair Fitness - Signage

Ladyhug - Sell Sheet



graphic design branding & identity web development packaging & display motion graphics

structural plans marketing strategy usability research product launches operations process




social networking material distribution SEO & web analytics promotional items event management

business development content management database customization legal services - startups public relations & EPK's

photography video production signage & banners printing services apparel & headwear

understand your goals. While we pride ourselves on our creativity, we like to back up our "outside-the-box" concepts with some good old-fashioned research, market analysis and common sense. We want to look at your spot in the marketplace, understand your customers, their needs, their user experience and why they choose you over one of your competitors. Client discussions and research lead us to a more targeted, creative and cost effective approach than the one that seemed obvious at first. And who wouldn't want that?

solving problems creatively. You come to us because you need help with a communications challenge. Using our unique blend of creative and technical talents, we find innovative ways to meet that challenge and accomplish your goals. Ask any of our clients why working with us has been so successful. They'll tell you that our biggest strength is the ability to see opportunities where others do not, and then devise effective approaches for taking advantage of them.

process makes it possible. Over the years, we've developed and refined our process to ensure that projects are consistently creative and also effective. A typical project is broken into the following stages: research, analysis, strategic development, concept design, content creation, implementation, testing and delivery. We involve you at each stage of the process so everyone knows what they're supposed to do and when they're supposed to do it.

success is an ongoing process. Once we've finished a project, we're back to thinking about you again: what else can we do to help you reach more customers, develop new markets or simply improve the way you're communicating your message? Sometimes we'll suggest something that we can do for you. Sometimes we'll suggest a service that we don't even offer. But we never stop chasing the next big idea-- because a deadline is only the end of a project, not the end of our creative partnership with you.

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Les Jeux - NBA Champagne HairArt / iTech Products Diversified Transportation Services Total Hair Fitness CarryMe Insurance Services Personal Touch Staffing Dhakmani Fashions D Royal of Division Music Creative Tile & Stone EC Smog - Torrance, CA TM Window Fashions Hustler's City / Foot Soldiers Samara Image Studios 20/20 Sports Bar & Grill Coldwell Banker AGE Records / One4th Fantasy Show Clubs After Hours / Simplexity Jamar Rogers of The Voice

Elle Magazine: HairArt Products

Samara Image Studios

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