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Simon Raab Simon Raab Studio 820 East Montecito Street Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Simon Raab was born in Toulouse/France in 1952 and now lives and works in Santa Barbara, California. He was formerly a scientist and engineer and brings his rich technical training in materials to bear on his art. He works in a unique medium, he coined and patented as "Parleau", whose etymology is French for "through the water". Multiple layers of colored polymers are applied to stainless steel and aluminum and then "crushed" or sculpted to give the appearance of an image just under the surface of water. Raab identifies with the symbolism of the grenade, as an expression of disruptive ideas and the change agents from which they come. Recently, he decided to become an art publisher in order to give back to the arts community in Los Angeles. His upcoming project is called

Bad Apple - Polymers and Stainless Steel on Wood - 36" x 80"

Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 15 - LA vs NY  

Artist Portfolio Magazine was created by artists for artists. It features artists from around the world, averages over 46,000 unique readers...

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