Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 11

Page 6

Steve Wilda

Interview by Ingrid Reeve

APM: Hi Steve, thank you so much for taking a moment to tell us more about you and your work. We’re huge fans of your work and were blown away by the beauty of Coffee Break. Can you tell us more about this piece? Wilda: It’s an honor to have been chosen for the cover of Artist Portfolio Magazine, thank you very much. Primarily, objects in deterioration appear in my work. Textures and character of objects that develop through time and neglect fascinate me and drive me to create art. Since last working in the medium thirty years ago, Coffee Break was my second acrylic painting. That being the title, I wanted to leave part of the painting incomplete, suggesting the artist had likewise taken a break. The dark foundation was the logical decision, and also enhanced the contrast with the lace doily. When initially arranging the composition, the doily was draped straight across, but appeared too pedestrian. Once I squeezed it together accordion-like, that gave the picture an added grace. The table objects were found at a century old trash site, the tarnished spoon inside of the halfcup added a touch of amusement. APM: It is a very graceful composition. This being your first acrylic painting in 30 years what can you tell us about the process for this painting? Wilda: I always work from photographs I’ve taken, composing in the camera, rarely making any major changes later. A tight, preliminary drawing is always the first step in my artwork. With the still life paintings, I refer back to the actual objects for additional details if necessary. I’m working directly on the white board throughout the entire painting, I don’t lay in basic color values. Applying glazes works for me generally, but there are instances where I use thicker opaque paint, especially with heavily corroded objects for instance.

Coffee Break Acrylics 24" x 16.5"