Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 7

Page 34

Joseph Crone APM: Joseph, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this little interview and congratulations on having your art, Off the Beaten Path, selected as the cover art for issue 7 of Artist Portfolio Magazine. Can you give is a little insight as to,why you drew this and what was your motivation in this drawing? JC: Thanks again for selecting my work to be showcased for the cover of APM’s Issue #7. It’s quite an honor to say the least, especially with all of the unique talent that entered the contest. As for my drawing Off the Beaten Path and the development for the piece goes, I had originally finished this piece specifically for a group show that took place earlier this year at the Stutz Art Space, which is located here in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. The group show was titled10 Yards and coincided with this year’s Super Bowl, so ultimately each participating artist had the opportunity to select from ten iconic Indianapolis locations and interpret them in their own artistic fashion. In my case, I selected the Monon Trail, a highly active greenway surrounded by woods that had previously operated as a railroad system. Since I’m a huge fan of film Noir and the early 1900’s, I figured that I would recreate a classic case scenario of suspense and mystery through a voyeuristic eye. So in the end, I wanted to leave it up to the viewer to decide for themselves what exactly is going on within this blurred environment. You’re probably asking yourself if I have any idea what’s really going on. Quite possibly, but I don’t want to spoil any future companion pieces just yet.