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Cover Art by Emanuela Harris-Sintamarian

issue 8

MYARTCONTEST.COM CALL FOR ART and Artist Portfolio Magazine are pleased to announce an open call for art for the second anniversary issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine. This is an open art exhibition that is open to all US and International Artists. Over $8000 in cash, prizes and publication opportunities. ALL PARTICIPANTS will receive at least 1 work of art published in Artist Portfolio Magazine, Issue 11. Theme: OPEN All art mediums and styles are acceptable.

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issue 8

PORTFOLIO magazine Artist Portfolio Magazine is a free digital online art magazine that contains the art of both emerging and established artists from around the world. The artwork featured in this issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine comes directly from the Artists who participated in our Abstracts Only Art Exhibition at The Winners were chosen not by their status in the art world, but by the merit of their work. Artist Portfolio Magazine was created by artists for artists as a platform to help get your art seen. We would like to thank every artist who participated in the various themed art contests over on because without the support from these artists, Artist Portfolio Magazine would not exist. We hope you enjoy the art in this issue and if you would like to get your art into Artist Portfolio Magazine then please visit us at the websites below. Artist Portfolio Magazine does not sell art. If you are interested in any of the art in this magazine then please contact the artist directly.

from the Publisher I would like to thank all the participants in the Abstract Art Exhibition over on The turn out was huge and we came away with a beautiful cover for issue 8 of Artist Portfolio Magazine. A special thank you goes to our juror, Martina Nehrling, who had the daugnting task of trying to choose what art makes the final cut. It's always really hard to choose, but I think she did a wonderful job and I think her choices really look amazing in issue 8. CopyrightŠ 2012 Artist Portfolio Magazine All contents and images cannot be reproduced without written permission from artists. Artists in Artist Portfolio Magazine and retain rights to all images.

Emanuela Harris-Sintamarian San Jose, CA

Ema Harris-Sintamarian is an artist originally from Romania whose work is informed by the relationship of her identity to her sense of displacement, and the ways she has devised to reconcile these incongruous elements. Her intricate yet expansive drawings tackle the dichotomy between containment and liberation by infusing a static diagram with a charge that propels it into motion. Ema is represented by Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco, and her work has been shown in solo and group shows at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia, Niklas Belenius Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden, Triton Museum in Santa Clara, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and Southern Exposure in San Francisco. She was the recipient of the ArtShift Award (2008) and the Silicon Valley Arts Council Award (2010), and has participated in residency programs at Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Vermont Studio Center and the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. She received her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Delaware (2002), and her MFA in Painting from San Jose Sate University (2005). Ema is an Adjunct Instructor at San Jose City College.

Centralized Division Gouache on Paper 50" x 130"

Alvin Lim Singapore

Bio Alvin Lim has been working as a professional photographer in Singapore for the past six years with a primary focus on commercial work. He has worked on award winning ads and commissioned assignments from government bodies, commercial clients and education institutions in Singapore. Having recently graduated from University of Westminster with a Masters in Photographic Studies, Alvin Lim has since combined his technical knowledge to create photographic work influenced by photography theory, using it is a form of commentary and outlet for expression. Besides photography, Alvin has experience working in the film and television industry. He has worked on short films that have been showcased at film festivals and most recently produced two television movies for Singapore's broadcaster Mediacorp. Between the Spaces The indexical and the iconic are two terms that are commonly used to describe and differentiate between the medium of photography and painting. Since the discovery and birth of photography, the medium has been known for its ability to 'copy' reality, indexing the object before the camera and transforming the photograph into a document. Between Spaces is an attempt to blur the lines between the indexical and iconic aspects within the medium of photography and also to explore the representation of space within the photograph.

Between Spaces 1 Photography 24" x 20"

Pink Tulle on Wood 2' x 4'

Brittany Cherkes Bowling Green, OH

Artist Statement The work I have made has come into existence by my mind始s ability to perceive each of the things happening around me; thus allowing me to conceptualize what I am experiencing and in time come to understand these experiences in greater depth. Each of my pieces is created through carefully formulated processes. These processes place importance upon a great level of care and an everdeveloping sense of veracity. I am engaged in an infinite exploration of the mind, body and soul. Bio I will be graduating from Bowling Green State University with a BFA in Two-Dimensional Studies, focusing in Painting and Printmaking, also with a secondary study in Arts Management in December of 2012. Future plans include receiving a master in Fine Arts, as well as participating in artist residencies and exploring the arts management field.

Boca Rat贸n, FL

After graduating with distinction from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, Stuart moved to Westport, Connecticut where he established his studio and began his painting career in New York. With agents in both London and New York, he built his early career on commissions from large corporations. Some of the companies that own his paintings are Mobil Oil Corporation, Exxon, MGM Pictures, Paramount Pictures, CBS and ABC Television. For six years his paintings were featured on the Mystery Theater Series on PBS Television. Other commissions include Emilio Gucci (Italy), Time-Warner, Sony Productions, Japanese Hotel Association, The U.S. Olympic Committee, Random House, Westminster Bank of London, IBM, Fujitsu (Japan), CBS Records and the list goes on. His work has been seen in numerous magazines and publications including Graphis, Art in America, Smithsonian, Time, Newsweek, as well as a six page feature and cover in the Santa Fean Magazine. Stuart has won over thirty awards for his paintings and has been featured in many traveling exhibits across the United States, Europe and Japan. He has been associated with numerous galleries including Michael Eagle Gallery in New York, the Carol Thornton Gallery in Santa Fe, the Stetter Gallery in Phoenix and the Karen Lynne Gallery in Boca Raton. Stuart's interest in classical art is revealed in his paintings through a unique interpretation of contemporary styles and techniques. His studio is located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Fallen, Mixed, 30" x 40"

The Berry Picker, Mixed, 30" x 40"

Ok Seo - Jeonju South Korea

Abstract #2 Photography 32" x 24"

Shifra Levyathan Ramat-gan, Israel

Abstract 2 Photography 70 x 75 cm

Celeste Cottingham - Denver, CO

Dreamscape Photography 16" x 20"

Rush Digital Print 5" x 5"

Middletown, RI -

Christian Meade

Tony Hyde San Anseimo, CA

Untitled I Oil Paint 8" x 12"

Marc D'agusto Dunellen, NJ

Remnant I Mixed Media: Iron, Resin, Gold, Minerals 92" x 35" x 6"

Emilian Pop Port Coquitiam, Canada

Musica Gate Sculpture, Wood 29" x 20" x 6"

Dream World Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 48"

Leonia, New Jersey -

Jeannie Choe

Richard Scully - Monrovia, CA

Jazz Acrobat Collage 30" x 40"

Steve Logan Variation 2 on Shifting Light Acrylic on PVC 10" x 14"

Willmington, NC

Nancy Albright Goodyear, AZ

Calmness Photography 246kb

Good Vibrations Pacific Standard Time in California Oil, Acrylic, Pen, Chalk, and Ink 60" x 60"

Hawthorne, CA -

Patricia Salcedo

Marsha Owett New York, NY

Cyclops Digital C-Print 20" x 30"

Drew Hoffman Blacksburg, VA

Unsettled Dream Digital Photo 16" x 12"

Sean E Conroy - Harrisburg, PA

Fertile Ground, Charcoal, 5' x 4'

Lawrence Welker IV Chester, PA

Metallo Fiore Una Bronze, Steel, Wenge Wood 72" x 28" x 44"

Claudia Fainguersch Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sliced Digital Photography 16" x 12"

Garrett Hall San Diego, CA Electric Water Digital Photography 12" x 24"

Linda Tribuli Amityville, NY

Double Dunk Digital Photo 74.1kb

Richard Goodman Swirl Inkjet Print of Digital Photograph 13" x 19"

Oakland, CA

Jonathan Moeller Kirksville, MO http:/

Interpretation & Response No. 10 Bas Relief - Plywood, Glass, Acrylic Approx: 6' x 3'

B Avery Syrig Cortlandt Manor, NY

Escape for the Written Word Paper Birch Bark, Handmade Abaca Paper, Fiber, Antique Wood Frame 13" Diameter

Lynn Clemons Winnemucca, NV

Loreto Awnings Photography 11" x 14"

Michael Trujillo Hoboken, NJ

The Storm Acrylic on Canvas 32" x 42.5"

Zahra Nazari Memphis, TN Cityscape Remix Acrylic on Canvas 83" x 141"

Therese Lydia Joseph North Vancouver, Canada Dance of Dreams Acrylic 54" x 97"

Dana Crossan Brooklyn, NY

Birthday Card Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 60"

Sue Hicke The Lake Photography 18" x 12"

San Diego, CA

Barbara Krupp Vero Beach, FL

City of Kites Acrylic, Oilstick on Canvas 64" x 64"

Holly Boruck Altadena, CA

Butterfly Hurricane 02 - The Wage Gap Oil on Canvas 28" x 28"

Johnny Otilano Fresno, CA

Tsunami Oil Paint 4' x 6'

Kenneth Kaplowitz Pennington, NJ

Planet XX Inkjet Print 14" x 11"

Jarred Pfeiffer Manhattan, KS

Mandelbrot's Ration Ceramic 48" x 48" x 6"

Russell McCall Drive Blind Photography 7" x 11"

Santa Ana, CA

Daniel Victor Charlottesville, VA

Hi Fi II Photography 30" x 40"

Celeste Ruby Kernsville, NC

Flowers Photography/Graphic Design 16" x 20"

William Francis Brennan Berlin, Germany

Colosseum Oil on Canvas 100 x 100 cm

Gina Rubinetti Philadelphia, PA

The Chemical Elements of Our Moon Acrylic on Canvas 50" x 50"

Paul Pinzarrone - Rockford, IL

Sunset 6 Digital Print 50" x 33"

Hair Ball Sculpture 10" x 10"

Pleasant Hill, CA -

Jeanine Rivera

Eric Leppanen

Belfast, ME

“Recycling Abstract” Paintings presented by Eric Leppanen of Belfast, Maine. Eric's work is composed of recycled materials. Most of his paint is found along the roadside “Free for the talking” or donations from folks discarding old used paint. Eric collects art material from old barns, basements and nature. He enjoys working with recovered discarded paraphernalia – giving it a new life and purpose.

“Please DO touch the artwork.” Eric A. Leppanen I am an "action painter" letting the nature of the medium take over, add energy, and try to orchestrate a constellation of effects with paint. I appreciate the lucid beauty of nature, it's imagery created both in precision and serendipity. I hope my work connects with you and inspires thoughts and emotion.

Full Circle, Gallon Paint Lids in Paint, 36" x 78"

Indebted States of Amercia 169 Personal Credit Cards Collected over 23 Years and 50 State Quarters 30" x 48"

I was born in 1970 and grew up on the beach in Owls Head, Maine. I am mainly a self-taught artist, my family, friends, and environment gave me all the tools. As a child if I wanted something – I would create it, wanted a house “built a camp”, a car “built a go-cart” it never ended. I was fascinated with the ocean and stars. I felt alive, productive, and fulfilled when releasing the creative energy builds within me. I completed my first painting at twelve, built a large frame, used an old sheet, stretched it, found some house paint and went to work. I attended Suffolk University in Boston where I studied business and marketing. I attended art classes and painted with artist/professor Raymond Parks. I experimented with art on my own and graduated in 1993. Upon graduation I immersed myself in the corporate banking world and spent 16 years crunching numbers in business analyst, computer systems and finance roles. My love and expression of art was put on hold though. I continued to admire and study art. As part of the corporate lay offs in 2009, I was reborn and now self-employed artist by night and by day run a cleaning homes, attics, basements, and performing property care. My new careers allow me freedom and best of all I have the chance to meet amazing people. I love it! It is important to me that when I part with a painting that it finds a home with good energy. My art is an experiment...taking ideas, thoughts, colors, actions, materials and energy...let the paint flow and watch its interactions with the natural forces. Art and painting has created a peaceful balance in my life that I will continue to embrace and explore. I live in Belfast, Maine near friends and family. I have a beautiful wife Linda of 17 years and two truly amazing children Brogan and Zepherin. They drive everything I do! More creations can be viewed or purchased at Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day.


Magdalena Cooney - Seattle, WA

Bleeding Hearts Watercolor on Mixed Media Board 18" x 24"

Charles Bitton Brooklyn, NY

Shirt By Itself Blue Pen on Paper 11" x 14"

Hye-Jin Kim Brooklyn, NY

Beautiful Memory of Dead Bird Oil on Canvas 80" x 120"

John Vinklarek San Angelo, TX

Dark Blue Cyanotype and Acrylic 30" x 22"

Lauren Morris Vancouver, Canada

Horizon Acrylic 36" x 48"

Marc Schimsky Montrose, PA

TVs in Corridors Mixed Media on Paper 52" x 70"

Ayumi Nakao Elmhurst, NY

Face Oil on Canvas 60" x 44"

2011 - present The Art Students League of New York, USA 2004 - 2006 Kuwasawa Design School, Tokyo, Japan 1982 Born in Saga, Japan Exhibition 2009 [Solo Exhibition] Gallery le deco, Tokyo, Japan 2007 [Group Exhibition] Gallery le deco, Tokyo, Japan 2006 [Twin Exhibition] Gallery pala globe, Tokyo, Japan Awards 2010 Izubi Competition, Shizuoka, Japan 2009 Bihama Competition, Fukui, Japan

Untitled Oil on Canvas 66" x 36"

Daniel Stevenson Brooklyn, NY

Colored Laughing Man? Oil Paint, Acylic, Chalk, Pen, Cardborad, Armature Wire, Pile Wood, Wood Screw, Rubber, NewsPaper 48" x 30"

Eliana Macri Trying to be Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 24"

Washington D.C.

Rubens Kinjo Sayama-Shi, Japan

Builder Mixed Media on Paper 11.5" x 8"

Alysia Stark Laguna Hills, CA

Love is ... Acrylic on Canvas 12" x 24"



PORTFOLIO magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 8  

Artist Portfolio Magazine is a free digital online art magazine that contains the art of both emerging and established artists from around t...

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Issue 8  

Artist Portfolio Magazine is a free digital online art magazine that contains the art of both emerging and established artists from around t...