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ŚWIATOWE STOWARZYSZENIE ARTYSTÓW FOTOGRAFIKÓW i TWÓRCÓW AUDIOWIZUALNYCH THE WORLD PHOTOGRAPHIC AND AUDIOVISUAL ARTISTS ASSOCIATION invite you to participate in: „VI - WORLDLY PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION- RELIGIONS AND RELIGIOUS IN THE WORLD '13” I. REGULATIONS 1.Subject: „Religions and religious in the world” -Religious ceremonies,e. g. celebrations,religious,festivities,religious festivals -Religious buildings or places of worship -Religious practices,reverence or admiration,church service -Nature as a manifestation of God -Children and worship -Ceremonies of superstitious origin -Spiritual expression while practicing worship e.t.c. -Practice of worship in the modern world 2.The time - table of the exhibition: -Last day for receiving entries 30.11.2013 -Judging 06-08.12.2013 -Notification 14.12.2013 -The opening of the exhibition in Wroclaw,Poland December 2013 -The exhibitions is expected to by presented in the other cities in Poland January – Marc 2014 -The return of the non- accept works and catalog and prizes April 2014

II. ORGANIZERS: 1.ŚWIATOWE STOWARZYSZENIE ARTYSTÓW FOTOGRAFIKÓW i TWÓRCÓW AUDIOWIZUALNYCH (THE WORLD PHOTOGRAPHIC AND AUDIOVISUAL ARTISTS ASSOCIATION) 2.Works should be a send to the following address: Światowe Stowarzyszenie Artystów Fotografików i Twórców Audiowizualnych, Skr. Poczt./P. O. Box 856 ,PL 50- 000 Wroclaw- 68, Poland 3.Patronage of media: TV – Wroclaw, Editing “Obscura”-photo-magazine III. THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE PARTICIPATION AND THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE AUTHORS 1.Any photographer can take part in the competition 2.The fee for the foreigners is: 25 € or 35 US$ Bank Pocztowy S.A. Oddział we Wrocławiu, Konto/Account: 58 13201999 22950271 2000 0001 Światowe Stowarzyszenie Artystów Fotografików i Twórców Audiowizualnych.(or in letter). 3.Every author is allowed free quantity black and white and/or free quantity color photographs and/or thematic cycles. 4.Format of the photographs 20 x 30 to 30 x 40 cm, yet if conceptually justify some departure from the format is allowed but the size of the longer side should be preserved 5.Every photographs should be legibly signed including: surname, name, the name of the society, photo-club . The list of the photographs should be added and case of thematic cycles also the scheme of their arrangement. All the authors will receive the catalog.




-FIRST TO THIRD PRIZE : THE POPE JOHN PAUL II (Medals and medals- portraits of art ) - HONORABLE MENTIONS - SPECIAL PRIZES – HOLLY MEDALS and PRIZES FROM SPONSORS - ADDITIONALLY PRESIDENT AND SPECIAL PRIZES FROM OTHER SPONSORS ALSO EXPECTED. 1.The awarded and accepted works belong to the organizers. They will be included in the collection of the archives of the Association. After 10 years there will be a jubilee exhibition held and printed catalog of special edition .

V. THE EVALUATION OF THE WORKS The evaluation will be done by the jury appointed by the organizers Every author will be informed about the verdict of the jury.

VI. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE ORGANIZERS The works will be treated with the utmost care The organizers reserve themselves the right to free reproduction of works in the catalog of the exhibition and in the mass media for the propaganda purposes. Sending of works means explicitly the acceptance of the regulations of this competition and the exhibition. Chairman the competition: Zbigniew Stokłosa, Hon.Ś SAFiTA, EFIAP, Hon.D SAFiTA, Hon.FPST

CONTEST - Regulation "Religion and Religious in the world - 2013"/ Regulamin konkursu  

Światowy Konkurs Fotograficzny "Wiary i Wierni Tego Świata 2013" The Worl Competition "Religion and Religious in the world-2013" REGULAMIN K...

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