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Dotti magazine: stories of limerence

Music for Limerence: A compilation of songs about romantic desire by various artists (CD package and booklet)

Promotional card for an awareness campaign about limerence

Identity Visual identity design for Mermaid Inn, a charming seafood restaurant in the East Village of New York City. The visual identity is inspired by a folded paper boat.

Business card, in standing position

Paper boat menu, in folded form

detail of paper boat menu, unfolded

Bottle of matches

Presentation of customer receipt


Sweet Botanicals’ package design for organic fruit flavored hard candy. Each box is fruit shaped with a candy inside.

Modern Muse A product line based on fairytales includes a travel bag with a fairytale T-shirt for each day of the week, and a mood for the day.

Modern Muse [mod-ern myooz]

-noun Modern muse is a is quiet yet dramatic, emotive and profound, complex in its apparent stillness and simplicity.

Early sketches of logo design

Business card design inspired by the ace in a deck of playing cards

Travel case is packed with t-shirts for each day of the week.



T-shirt designs are inspired by fairytales.





Hang tag system includes: 1) Modern Muse logo 2) day of the week & mood 3) quote from the fairy tale 4) envelope with special gifts

Self promo stamps & a card

Self Promotional Animation

Self-portrait stamps, made with objects from my personal collection of small & cute things

Cinderella’s Wedding Invitation

Graphic portfolio  
Graphic portfolio  

Graphic Design portfolio