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Jonna Pedersen [ Fone ]

Cinnober Edition

Cover: Faa proj 2017 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 120 cm

Cinnober Edition

Jonna Pedersen

[ Fone ] Fahida Shlomi +972-54-7508111

Artist Statement [Fone] In the project [Fone] I work with the transformative, and examines the transfer of expressions and experience from one medium to another, to a third and fourth. In the first phase, I create small collages, made of, for example, paper, fabric, photos, loose thoughts and words. The collages act as finished but temporary works exclusively for use with the transformation process. In the second phase, I process through the head and hand and translate the temporary collage onto a sketch on canvas. I monumentalize the objects from the collage and I aim for the picturesque result to appear as a collage with an inherent experience of the expression of the temporary collage. The paintings are painted like collages without being collages. Motifs are old telephones and telephone pipes, characters from my old comics being on the phone, different shapes, patterns, numbers and phone numbers. The disconnected words that appear in the works originate from my thoughts about communication in relationships, plus twists and turns, which I find fun.

The telephones are cultural icons that express a spirit of mind that I invite to recall. In that era, we talked specifically with each other when we communicated via the phone. Serious conversations were conducted face-to-face. In our present world, filled with an overwhelming range of digital communicative remedies that will facilitate and speed up our dialogue, I find that people may have trouble using the phone in the same way. I am interested in whether we reach each other when communicating. The basis of my theme is a sense of the everyday life and the near, cultural changes, the overlooked, added with humor and seriousness.

The project's title [Fone] has deliberately double-sided references. I have twisted the word "phone" as phonetic transcription in square brackets to add a sound image to the series. In addition to the specific meaning of the word "telephone", there is also a more implicit reference in the title in the form of the imperative "Call!", but without the exclamation point.

Yawflah Yppah Z: Why can't we just be lovers? I don't want to marry, and not at all in a church. B: That's not the same! When you get married you commit yourself. To death do us part and all that... Z: I just need to be your boyfriend. B: You can still be my boyfriend. We can also get married at the town hall. Without anyone knowing. I mean only a few. Z: Ok. I can live with that compromise.

Yawflah Yppah 2018 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 120 cm

Idil It’s Sunday I loooooove Sundays all quiet and lazy I don't have to do anything but lie here and enjoy the silence maybe crack my Sudoku Doze… Silence… Sunday…

Idil 2017 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 120 cm


Why can't she just call and say she is mistaken? That she was wrong. That for once she is the one who has failed! In fact, I can't live without her. Life is completely hopeless when she's not there. Then the world is broken. Then I break. Become a jigsaw piece, which nobody comes and places in the right place. This time I don't give in! Now she has to get into the game. And sort out the threads. I can't be me who always has to do that. It would be the third time. I don't want to! Well, I don't want to think about it anymore. It makes me in a bad mood. I just want to think about her. How beautiful and amazing she is. And sexy. Oh, so sexy...

Dream 2017 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 120 cm

Faa proj But nothing happened. [No.] Then stop thinking about it. [But I was afraid - so much could happen.] You don't have to think about it now. [I can't help myself.] You must try. Do you hear me? There is no need to be afraid. It is over. [I will not be able to sleep tonight.] Do you want me to come over? [Yes, please.] See you in five, so long. [Thanks. So long.]

Faa proj 2017 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 120 cm

Before Anybody Did Anything, Elvis Did Everything 2017 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm

Bang-on Exactly right! I completely agree. [ ] Oh yes. [


Really?! I never thought about that. [


You have? [ ] We must do that some day. For sure. [


I've put it on the bucket list. It is long list now. [


No, that's not what I meant. [ ] More or less. Don't you agree?



In the Autumn? [ ] I guess. [ ] OK. Talk to you soon. [ ] Goodbye. Bye

Bang-on 2017 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 120 cm

Spy Why do we have to have secrets for each other? I simply don’t understand We are married!

Should be able to share everything‌

Spy 2018 Acrylic on canvas 115 x 82 cm


"I just called to say I love you" the melody sticks to my brain now it has been stuck there for two days non-stop maybe that's what I should do CALL call and explain explain why I have not called before and TELL yes tell him that I'm totally crazy about him cannot let him go, we must meet I see his smile for me all the time how he lights up when he sees me Stewie Wonder knows what it's all about I have to listen

Orny 2017 Acrylic on canvas 140 x 110 cm

Ping pick up the phone! the ringtone ends he doesn't even have an answering machine where I can leave a long and excited message! I slam down the tube he is SO annoying! cannot free me from my thoughts I am murking he makes me so angry I am growling like a little arid terrier, the cat has long been under the couch he doesn't get of the hook so easily! after 30 minutes I dial his number again after four rings, the answering machine starts "Hi, you've reached Thomas, I'm not home right now but leave a message and I'll get back to you" BIP BIP BIP

Ping 2017 Acrylic on canvas 140 x 110 cm

Without The Cow Maybe he should just surrender to the situation ... keep the mistress and skip the wife. She had been so grumpy lately. The wife. Always after him: "Did you remember to wash the car, honey?" "Make sure to buy the wine for Saturday!" It was really so annoying. Brrrr! They had known each other since 78. Know each other in and out. It was quite practical in many contexts. Like when they were going on vacation. Then she knew precisely how he would want his suitcase packed. And she always cooked his favorite food. But also so damn boring. That's why he had flirted with the new girl at work. She was exciting and he couldn't grasp her. She was completely unpredictable. And absolutely fun. The others said she had husband and children in another country. That she only worked here to send the money home. But he didn't believe that. Not her.

Without The Cow 2017 Acrylic on canvas 120 x 100 cm

CV Jonna Pedersen (born 1971) Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Member of Danish Visual Artists and Female Artists Society. See full CV at Exhibited at Den Frie, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Gammelgaard, Heerup Museum, Frederikshavn Art Museum, Kirsten Kjær’s Museum, Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum in Germany, Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice and Freshpaint Contemporary Art Fair in Tel Aviv. Also exhibited in galleries in New York, London, Berlin, Boston, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cape Town, Jerusalem, Avignon, China among others. Debuted at Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling in 2005. Works admitted to all juried exhibitions in Denmark in 2006. Selected to represent Denmark as the only female artist at FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Represented by Mika Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel. Education 2017 / Performance education, actress and singer Isabella Kragerup 2004/3 / Visual Art School 2000-2003 / Painter Håkan Nyström 1999 / Ealing Art College, London 1996 / Cand. Negot, University of Southern Denmark Upcoming exhibition 2018 / Overgang, Museum Ovartaci, Risskov 2018 / International Sculpture Exhibition, Agger Exhibitions – selected 2018 / Table for Two, Bredgade Kunsthandel, Copenhagen with Külli Suitso. Curator Inge Schjødt 2017 / Freshpaint Contemporary Art Fair, The Steinhardt Museum, Tel Aviv 2017 / Velbekomme! Kunstforeningen Det Ny Kastet, Thisted with Lars Heiberg and Jesper Aabille 2016 / Kirsten Kjær’s Museum, Frøstrup 2016 / En Hyldest til Anna Ancher, Skagen Odde Naturcenter 2016 / Buket, Kvindelige Kunstneres Samfund 100 års Jubilæum, Gammelgaard 2016 / Freshpaint Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv 2015 / Mika Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv 2015 / Bozar de Schuurman, Koel310, Holland 2015 / Map of the New Art, Imago Mundi, Fondazione Giorgio CINI, Venedig. Curator Sophus Gether 2015 / Voyage, Voyage, Enschede, Holland. Curator Jeroen van Paassen 2015 / AAF Art Fair New York 2014 / De Kunst 10 Daagse, Bergen, Holland 2014 / Are We Already Gone?, FlickerLab, New York. Curator Negin Sharifzadeh 2014 / Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival 2014 / Global Village, Landshut, Germany. Curator Jeroen van Paassen 2014 / Mit Sted, Heerup Museum. Curator Anni Lave 2014 / Byens Ansigt, Augustiana Kunstcenter, Augustenborg / Du Søde Liv, Galleri North, Copenhagen 2013 / Global Village, ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam. Curator Jeroen van Paassen 2013 / BLIKFANG, Galleri Hegnhøj & Blyme, Copenhagen 2013 / Verden findes et sted, Frederikshavn Art Museum 2012 / FootAction, GX Gallery, London 2012 / The Big Show 7, Silas Marder Gallery, New York. Curator Silas Marder 2012 / Æglageret, Holbæk 2012 / New York City Blues, Kunstpakhuset Ikast, with Grace Pillard, Robin Tewes, Bjørn Eriksen. Curator Bente Jensen 2011 / Chain Letter, Samsøn Projects, Boston 2011 / New York Art Marathon, Alexandre Gertsman Gallery, New York 2011 / Parcours de l'Art, Avignon / DadaPost, Berlin

Working grants Danish Arts Foundation 2011 / Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Foundation 2010, 2006Travel grants Danish Arts Foundation 2008 / The Danish Art Council 2009 / Oticon Foundation 2006 / Toyota Foundation 2006 Bibliography – selected Brændende Kærlighed. Dansk madkultur ifølge Jonna Pedersen. Book by Inge Schjødt, Cinnober Edition 2017, 60 pages En blues om New York. Catalogue by Ole Lindboe and Bente Jensen, Cinnober Edition, 2012 Documentary. Book by Trine Ross, Bente Jensen, Ed McCormack. Cinnober Edition, 2011, 160 pages Global Village - a catalogue. By Jeroen van Paassen, Gigaboek, 2010, 140 pages Urbane Fortællinger. Catalogue Ole Lindboe, 2007 Virkelighedens Fylde. Jonna Pedersen og Maleriet. Book by Ole Lindboe. ArtPage, 2005, 48 pages Press – selected 2017 / Interviewartikel Kunstavisen / 2016 / North Art Magazine 2014 / Alwan For the Arts, New York 2013 / Nordjyske Stiftstidende / North Art Magazine 2012 / DR Kunstklub 2011 / Magasinet Kunst 2010 / Børsen portrætartikel / Jyllands-Posten / Politiken / Berlingske Tidende 2009 / TV: DK4, portrætudsendelse ”Kunst-i-øjet” 2008 / Review Ed McCormack, Gallery & Studio, New York 2007 / Politiken / Fyens Stiftstidende / Dansk Kunst 2007 2006 / Berlingske Tidende / TV2, Go' Morgen Danmark Commissions Finansforbundet / Danmarksindsamlingen / Happy Xmas Tree / Headspace Collections Luciano Benetton Collection Viborg International Billboard Painting Foundation / Gladsaxe Kommunes kunstsamling / Rødovre Kommune Alexandre Gertsman Contemporary Art Collection, New York Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Zaanstad, Holland Private art collections in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Norway Travels and recidencies New York 2008, 2007, 2006 / London 2012, 2011 / Amsterdam 2013, 2010 / Berlin 2006, 2005 / Barcelona 2006 / Kunstnerbolig ART 56 2018 / Malerhuset i Sønderho 2010

Jonna Pedersen

[ Fone ] Fahida Shlomi +972-54-7508111

Profile for Jonna Pedersen

Jonna Pedersen Fone (in English)  

In this art project [Fone], the artist Jonna Pedersen is working with the transformative, and examines the transfer of expression and experi...

Jonna Pedersen Fone (in English)  

In this art project [Fone], the artist Jonna Pedersen is working with the transformative, and examines the transfer of expression and experi...