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Artist In Residence: A Cooperative Gallery, 321 M ain Street, E nosburg F alls, V T , Toby F ulwiler, E ditor

FEATURED ARTIST OPEN HOUSE. Plan to attend our next Open House on Sunday, July 7 , from 1 to 4 p.m. featuring painter & woodworker Frank Tiralla, multi-media artist Pam Krout-Voss, and photographer JoAnne Wazny will display, present, and discuss  their work at AIR, and we’ll all ask  questions and applaud as appropriate! Refreshments, good conversation, the monthly raffle, and profound insights into the creative process complete the afternoon’s agenda. Do join us! Frank Tiralla is retired and now resides in Franklin, Vermont with his wife Priscilla. Nowadays his time is spent fishing on Lake Carmi, bird hunting with their dogs, Patches and Maggie, and devoting more time to his passion for art. Frank custom frames the majority of his artwork using local hard and soft woods. Current art work includes a 34 x 24 inch oil on canvas of two Quebec Labrador Caribou. He is also working on an oil-on-canvas of a mountain caribou. And last but not least, the grizzly bear! Pam Krout-Voss: Henry D. Thoreau said: “As you simplify your life,  the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.” “I agree: Minimize, de-clutter, purge....that which is not work and at home. Thus, the appeal of the pear for recent art works. The simple, yet elegant form, the varied colors, sizes, and shapes. Each one tilts as though speaking to one, making a gesture, inviting one to hold and’s sweet, succulent juice. My comfort  lies with creating three dimensionally with media of clays, polymers, wire and fiber. However, I’ve also been inspired to play as a painter and  to look through the lens of the camera to share the voice of The Pear.” JoAnne Wazny: The natural world has always been my refuge and delight. This year I noticed myself trying to tease out simple bits and pieces, focusing intently on one thing at a time. Usually I am overwhelmed by all the immense beauty of nature around me , but I realize what I was doing was seeking balance. When the news on the radio is too intense, and the stress of daily life seems immense, quiet walks and simple sightings put all back into perspective. Some of the images on display at the gallery reflect my recent search for simplicity, and, as always, I find what I seek here in our beautiful Green Mountains.

June Open House By all accounts, the delayed June 9 Open House was a success. New member Barry Genzlinger clearly wins the prize for brightest smile! Thanks to once again to David Juaire for a great set of reception photos.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT. The membership is growing!. Welcome new members Nicole Goulette, Jill Taylor, and Deb Kiel. All 3D artists and very talented! Nicole recycles just about everything, making cool bowls, jewelry, and tiles. Jill fashions some very hip purses using fabric we haven't seen here ever, and Deb works magic in the metal she forms to adorn the body. Come take a peek, rain or shine, Thursday-Saturday 10-5; Sunday 12-5. Make the Gallery lively with your presence. I am scheduling new members for the winter months. So fellow artists, we've got most of February and all of March to staff. I bet any amount of money, the new kids on the block will want to trade days with someone. Please , please be on the lookout for requests to trade and do so whenever possible. And remember, we’re still recruiting, so if you know an artistic prospect, pass along the “call to artists” reprinted at the end of this newsletter. Karen Scheffler TREASURER’S REPORT. I’m happy to report the future outlook for the gallery is much brighter than the weather has been! May sales of $1,316.62 were our highest year-to-date and I’m hoping for the same for June. Monthly jurying by the Board has brought in 5 new, talented members. This brings us to within the 40-member range needed for AIR’s financial stability. We took in a whopping $91 in ticket sales at June’s  monthly reception with almost 50 in attendance. And finally, there has also been an outstanding amount of support from our sponsors with more than $1,500 accounted for so far. Donations exceed what I budgeted for, which leads me to believe the local community wants to see AIR succeed as much as we do. Mark your calendars now for October 5th & 6th. The gallery will be participating in the Vermont  Craft  Council’s  Open  Studio  Weekend this fall. In addition to the need for 3-4 members to participate on Saturday, the Board is also asking for a volunteer to spearhead this event for us. Because the monthly reception is scheduled for that Sunday afternoon, Sunday morning will be covered by at least one of three of the featured artists for October. There is no additional charge for member participation, but VCC will request information & photos from you for their statewide marketing campaign. Please contact one of the Board members to sign up and/or for additional information. If  you  haven’t  been  to  the  gallery  in  the  last  few  weeks,  then  you  haven’t  seen  our  new  mailbox! This is just one more creative way to reduce expenses, including mailing costs. In addition to leaving notes to other members, this also includes the monthly mailing of checks for sales made. This does not apply to all members, just those of you who reside in the local area. If you prefer to continue on an “as  is”  basis  and  have  your  check  mailed  directly  to  you,  please  email  me  at as soon as possible. Otherwise, your sales check will be available for pick up at the gallery by the 10th day of every month. Finally, a new flag has been ordered (again), the standard red, white & blue striped flag which indicates  we  are  “Open  for  Business.”    The gallery is moving one step further into the world of technology by having its own Pay-Pal account. Uses for this account may include payment for artwork sold by members (but not on gallery premises); i.e., AIR displays at Jay Peak. This account may also be used for payment of registration fees, online supply orders, and even membership dues. Stay tuned for more information. Enjoy the sunshine and do something FUN today! Jan Brosky MARKETING UPDATE. Cindy Weed, drawing on her experience in writing and public relations, has joined Susan Smolinsky to form a “marketing committee” to more broadly spread the word about our  gallery and its offerings. THE NEW MAILBOX. We’ve managed to acquire a 50-slot mailbox once used by the Stowe Post Office and have mounted it behind the counter. Barb Langevin has made labels for all members, so look for your own slot alphabetically and don’t forget to write notes to all your member friends! 

OPEN-HOUSE FOOD COORDINATORS. Be sure to note the date you are scheduled to assist in setting up food and drink for the Sunday Open Houses. Assignments for rest of the year: July 7 Jo Anne Wazny, Pam Krout-Voss August 4 Larry Langlais, Barbara Langevin September Eugene Garron, Wayne Tarr October 6 Martha Ohliger, Nancy Jacobus November 3 Natalie Laroque-Bouchard December 1 Sharon Fiske, Jan Brosky January 6 Becky Wright, Barbara Colgrove February 2 David Juaire, Kristan Doolan MY TWO CENTS. As a new member of the Artist in Residence gallery, I have been really excited about meeting fellow members at the gallery and/or at the receptions. In addition, I enjoy entertaining at the receptions with my band mates and hearing the artists’ unique stories and seeing their presentations. As a new volunteer on the publicity committee, the only one I understand, I am offering my public relations experience as Executive Director of the Vermont Hand Crafters for seven years and in my own business - Weed Public Relations –to help tell stories about the gallery members to the media and other interested parties. I believe that too many businesses overlook public relations! In this economy, and with limited advertising resources, it is more important than ever for small businesses, artists and galleries like Artist in Residence to do what they can to promote themselves. Please feel free to let me know if there is anything new or special in your world or if you simply want information on how to write your own press releases or need media contact information, please contact me Thank you. CINDY WEED PRESIDENT’S THOUGHTS: We seem to have done it again, recovered from a severe drop in membership a the end of March for all sorts of reasons and recovered to a respectable and solvent number by July. Which suggests to me that the talented artist community that resides in this corner of Vermont—or at least, within an hour driving distance from Enosburg Falls—continues to be alive and well. The same can be said for the AIR members who volunteer to serve on our board of directors; when someone has to step down for one reason or another, recently, Alison Dezotelle, Sharon Fiske, and Jim Foote, other committed members such as Susan Smolinsky, Barb Langevin, and Gene Garron, step forward to take their place. I doubt it’s preordained or fated to happen this way, but it always seems to work out. I said last year that I’d never  served with a better board and now I say it again,” never served with a better board!” Toby W A L L T A GS A request from new ‘wall tags” creator, Eugene Garron: When you know you are featured  artist or wish to hang new items, please send your wall tag information to Gene who cuts and pastes from what you send, so please check your spelling and capitalization. Title length is limited by the card size to 20 characters including spaces . We are limited to these 4 lines (card size again). Questions and concerns, contact Gene at

Artist in Residence: A Cooperative Gallery, 349 M ain Street, E nosburg F alls, V T , 802-933-6403 Call to Vermont Artists and Artisans: The Artist in Residence gallery in Enosburg Falls has a limited number of memberships available for both 2- and 3-dimensional artists for the 2013-14 year. The jury date for prospective new members will be the 3rd Thursday each month, May through September. To be considered for membership, an applicant needs to provide an artist statement as well as at least 5 items that represent a comprehensive review of their work. About the Co-operative and the Gallery: Now in its sixth year, Artist in Residence is a member owned and operated cooperative gallery serving northern Vermont and southern Quebec, located on Main St. in Enosburg Falls. The gallery is truly a co-operative venture with no paid employees and all aspects of running and maintaining the gallery depend wholly on the active participation of coop members. Membership Details: Annual dues are $325, and members keep 100% of their sales (less modest fees for credit card purchases). Each member is expected to work in the gallery 5 days per year, as well as volunteer to help with miscellaneous needs of the co-op and the gallery. Members arrange and maintain their own display space (for 2-dimensional artists the space is 6’ by  6’,  and  for  3-dimensional artisans a free-standing 4-shelf unit). All display spaces are periodically moved to refresh the viewing and visitor experience. Each artist and artisan will be ‘Featured’ for  one  month  during  the  year,  when  a  reception  is  held on the first Sunday, 1-4 p.m. and refreshments are served. During that month, in addition to their normal display space, featured artists will have additional display space, including the gallery window. More Information: If you have questions about membership, or wish to request an application form, contact membership chair Karen Scheffler (, or 326-4058), or president Toby Fulwiler (, or 827-3779).

AIR Newsletter July 7  
AIR Newsletter July 7  

Monthly Newsletter of Artist In Residence Co-operative Gallery Main St Enosburg Falls, VT