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Temporal a high-tech web series [Copyright 2010. All rights reserved | WGA-E Registered]

Celia C. Peters Creator | Writer | Director



It’s one thing to embrace technology. It’s quite another to make it part of you.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Temporal is a 13-episode dramatic Web series created and written by filmmaker Celia C. Peters. Peters will direct and co-produce the series with Producer, Véronique Duombé. The premise for Temporal’s story was inspired by a February 2010 feature article in The Economist, “The Data Deluge” (2.25.10), which explores how humankind has reached a technological turning point in our ability to create data, thanks to the electronics that are integral to our everyday lives. According to The Economist, “the quantity of information in the world is soaring,” due to humans and their devices producing more and more digital data—e-mails, digitized records and archives, text messages, digital photos, digital video, scanned documents and such. Furthermore, keeping up with and storing the increasingly overwhelming volume is becoming more and more difficult. In 2010, humans are expected to have created 1,200 exabytes of data; one exabyte equals one billion gigabytes.    

STORY DESCRIPTION By 2027, our data is on the verge of overtaking us. Whole industries have been spawned from the emergence of “D.O.,” or data overflow. These industries allow society to preserve amounts of data that future generations could never sift through in their lifetimes without the help of computers. Indeed, as people realize just how much the technology they’ve created outpaces them, a kind of malaise has fallen over much of the Western world. Enter Dr. Garrett Harper and his Temporal Chip, which is designed to make the brain work better just when we need it most. The chip is implanted in the region of the brain that governs memory— specifically, the hippocampus, which lies within the temporal lobes. Cyber-technology is evolving full steam ahead and humans must catch up if there’s any hope of remaining dominant over our unbelievably sophisticated devices; the grim alternative is a world where thinking machines have the upper hand.   Garrett’s research is funded by NeuroTek Corporation, a biotech conglomerate that values profit above all. NeuroTek’s powerful but shadowy Board sees everyone and everything it touches as a potential money-maker. NeuroTek has bankrolled research for the Temporal Chip because it wants to be the first to sell the survival of human dominance in the new cyber-era—and the first step is getting under Garrett’s skin. As NeuroTek reveals how truly Machiavellian it is, Garrett realizes that his Temporal Chip may destroy everything he cares about most in the world—not the least of which is his own brilliant mind. In the meantime, Garrett sees his revolutionary invention trigger life-altering changes in everyone around him, and no one is more surprised at where they all end up than Garrett himself.        



| filmmaker + artist

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Celia C. Peters is a filmmaker and artist of the new millennium exploring the horizons of characterdriven work featuring compelling stories and authentically diverse characters. Inspired by influences that include John Cassavetes, Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg, Wong Kar-Wai, Ingmar Bergman, Charles Burnett, Maya Deren, Kasi Lemmons, Spike Lee, Steven Soderbergh, Martin Scorsese, Gordon Parks, Michael Hanecke and Catherine Breillat, Peters explores narratives rooted in the emotional complexity of the human experience and strives to create film that challenges expectations while provoking thought and feeling. Her character-driven science fiction script, Godspeed, won the 2011 Screenwriting Award presented by the African American Women in Cinema Film Festival (NYC).  The script was also a selected entry in the 2008 Beverly Hills Film Festival in Los Angeles and the 2008 San Francisco Black Film Festival, in addition to being a quarterfinalist in the 2008 Bluecat Screenplay Competition. In 2003, she was selected for the IFP Project Involve Fellowship (Narrative Group). Her psychologically inspired, character-driven screenplays have been both prize-winning [Roxë15, SFBFF 2004] and recognized in competition otherwise [Ghost, Sundance Writers Lab Finalist, 2003; IFP-Gordon Parks Finalist, 2000].   As a filmmaker, her credits include the short documentary “Rethinking Beauty,” which explores nontraditional modeling as a vehicle for youth empowerment, and the special feature “Editing Uptown,” which Peters produced, directed, shot and wrote in 2010; “Editing Uptown,” is a special feature on the DVD of independent film “Uptown,” which is currently available at major big-box retailers. Her short film “Breakthrough,” which was broadcast on BET’s The Best Shorts series, has screened in film festivals nationally. “Breakthrough” and Peters’ experimental narrative video piece “F*cking Liar,” were featured at the “Patterns, Dreams and Withdrawals” show presented by Kinetic Exhibit in Dallas in 2010, as well as the Cultures Collide Film Festival at the American Theatre of Harlem in March 2009. Her experimental narrative video pieces “Commuters” and “F*cking Liar” were featured in the multimedia exhibit entitled “Flash” at The Prospect Range in Brooklyn in 2009. These two pieces were also shown at the Russell Gallery in Detroit that same year as a video installation. In early 2007, she produced a half-hour documentary, “The State of Hip-Hop” for WHUT/ PBS in Washington, D.C. Peters’ repertoire also includes the conceptual video piece, “Emotional,” which she wrote, directed and produced in 2003. Her short films “319857” and “Commuters,” screened at the 2001 Lower East Side Film Festival in New York. As well, in 2001 she produced an industrial video for the Uniworld Group advertising agency for one of the agency’s premier clients, Burger King. Peters is creator and producer of the dramatic reading series “The Next 15 MinutesTM,” and has directed/produced staged readings at Tribeca Film Center, the National Black Theater of Harlem and South Oxford Space in Brooklyn. Peters is a member of the Writers Guild of America, New York Women in Film and Television and Women in Production. Peters has a wealth of multimedia experience. A seasoned editorial writer, she has been published in print and online. In 2010, she was freelance writer of content for the Empowerment Series of panels at the 2010 Essence Music Festival. She has worked as an editor for America Online, and was a part of the editorial team which launched the BlackVoices web site on the AOL service. Her other editorial credits include The Baltimore Sun, Trace Magazine, Honey Magazine, D.C. Modern Luxury, BET.com, and RevolutionHealth.com among others. Her visual graphic art, photography and video work have shown at galleries in Detroit, New York, and Dallas. In April 2010, she received an Individual Artist Grant for a Harlem-based multimedia photography-based project.   Peters is an honors graduate of University Michigan with a B.A. in French and Political Science, and holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. As well, she has done graduate studies in clinical psychology at New York University. Currently, Peters is in pre-production with her first feature film, an exploratory sci-fi project entitled Godspeed, as well as writing/directing/ producing the illustrated multi-media sci-fi/fantasy Web series Allevon and writing the live-action science fiction Web series Temporal.    



VÉRONIQUE N. DOUMBÉ, PRODUCER vero@ndolofilms.com

Véronique N. Doumbé, is a filmmaker with roots in Cameroon (Central Africa) and Martinique (West Indies). Born in France, she was raised in Cameroon, France and Ivory Coast. Doumbé serves on the Board of New York Women in Film and Television, and she lives and works in New York City. In 2002, Doumbé created Ndolo Films, LLC, a limited liability company for the purpose of producing motion pictures: Narrative, Documentary, Music Video, Television Show. Ndolo Films, LLC has produced award winning documentary and short films.

• “Denis A. Charles: An interrupted conversation,” (also edited by Doumbé), a feature-length documentary, was released in 2002. This documentary received several awards: *Best Video Documentary Production at the XVII Black International Cinema 2002 in Berlin, Germany. *2002 Audience Award/ Best Feature at the First Detroit Docs in Detroit, Michigan. *Ciny Award 2002 / Outstanding Documentary, CinewomenNY Screening Series at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City. • "Luggage," (also written and directed by Doumbé), was released in 2007. This 7-minute film had its World Premiere at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival, May 2007 and its US Premiere at the Urban World Vibe Film Festival in New York City, June 2007. The film was awarded: *The Deffie Award for Best Short HDFest 2007 (Runner Up) *Honorable Mention at the Pen and Brush “Hands, Heads, Hearts", a Juried Exhibition for Women of African Descent (2008) • "Water Slide," a music video for the pop artist Scottie Gage has been shown extensively on LOGO, (cable TV) since 2008. • "The Birthday Party," (also directed and edited by Doumbé), is based on a screenplay written by Sherry Mcguinn and won: *The Dikalo Award for Best Fiction Short at the 2009 Pan African Film Festival in Cannes (France). *The Award of Merit in the category Contemporary Issues, Ethics, Religion in the 2009 Accolade Competition. *The Micro Mini Award at the 2009 Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival.



Garrett Hendricks

Tara Boragine  (212)  564-­‐3517  (917)  664-­‐3566    tara@dieselmanagement.com    


TELEVISION (speaking  roles  only)     Lights  Out       Javier  Soto  (Co-­‐Star)       F/X,  Dir:  Norberto  Barba     White  Collar       SWAT  Team  Leader  (Co-­‐Star)     USA,  Dir:  Ken  GiroI     Nurse  Jackie       Technician  (Co-­‐Star)       ShowMme,  Dir:  ScoN  Ellis     Law  &  Order       Dennis  (Co-­‐Star)         NBC,  Dir:Gus  Makris     Hack         Travis  (Co-­‐Star)         Dir:  Kristoffer  Tabori     As  The  World  Turns     Officer  Daniels         CBS,  Dir:  Jennifer  Pepperman     Guiding  Light       Thomas           CBS,  Dir:  MaN  Lagle     One  Life  to  Live       Officer           ABC,  Dir:  Danielle  Fraldo     FILM     Café               In  Her  Shoes     Counterfeit     Wake         Manifesto    

Tommy/Addict       Dir:  Marc  Erlbaum     (scenes  with  Jennifer  Love  HewiN  and  Jamie  Kennedy)       Limo  Driver         Dir:  Chris  Hanson       Africa           Dir:  Geoff  Bailey     Neil           Dir:  Andrew  Lawton       Samuel           Dir:  Todd  Wiseman    

THEATRE   ABC  Talent  Showcase     Jonathan       Miss  Evers’  Boys       Caleb  Humphries       Two  Rooms       Walker  Harris       Six  Degrees  of  SeparaMon     Paul         The  Taking  of  Miss  Janie     Rick                       Stealin’  Home       Jackie  Robinson       IE  In  Other  Words     Nathaniel,  Mickey     The  Dutchman       Clay         King  Lear       Edmund        

Acorn  Theater;  Ted  Sluberski       Red  Fern  Theatre  Company;  Melanie  Moyer       Roust  Theater  Company;  James  Gates       Leatherstocking  Theater;  Nancy  Allen       The  New  Federal  Theater;  Shauneille  Perry     NaMonal  Black  Theater  FesMval  2007       CasMllo  Theater;  Fred  Newman       The  Flea;  Kip  Fagan       Iron  Age  Theater;  John  Doyle       McGregor  Theater;  Dennis  Macnelly    

TRAINING   University  of  the  Arts  Bachelor  of  Fine  Arts     Speech  Suzanne  Case,  Neil  Hartley,  David  Howie     Dance  Nancy  Kantra,  Robert  Bearden,  JeaneNe  Osayunde,  Keith  Hendricks     Stage  Combat  Chuck  Conwell,  Payson  Burt     BriVsh  American  Drama  Assoc.  Cert.  of  CompleMon,  William  Homewood,  RSC;  Hugh  Quarshie,  RSC;  David  Willis     William  Esper  Studio  AcMng  -­‐  Joel  Brooks     Marci  Phillips  On-­‐Camera  AudiMon     Penny  Templeton  Studio  Advanced  Film  Course/Advanced  AcMng     SPECIAL  SKILLS:  WINNER  Manha\an  Monologue  Slam  Jan  2010,  AUDELCO  NOMINEE  for  BEST  ENSEMBLE  PERFORMANCE  2007;   AUDELCO  NOMINEE  for  BEST  SUPPORTING  ACTOR  2009;  Licensed  Driver,  can  drive  sMck;  South  African  dialect,  General   Southern;  All-­‐around  athlete;  Proficient  Billiards,  Puppeteer,  Expert  Whistler,  Intermediate  Piano  (can  read  music)     REVIEWS:  Miss  Eves’  Boys  –“If  this  show  were  on  Broadway,  instead  of  the  Shell  Theater,  I  would  hands  down  put  a  bid  on  GarreN   Lee  Hendricks  being  nominated  for  a  Tony  for  his  performance  as  Caleb  Humphries.”  Review  by  Ashley  GriffinTheaterOnline   “Hendricks  is  parMcuarly  strong  as  the  passionate  Caleb  Humphries,  the  one  man  who  is  able  to  save  himself.  His  scenes  with   McClyde  are  very  moving,  as  the  two  have  wonderful  chemistry.”  Review  by  Byrne  HarrisonStageBuzz.    


April Matthis


Eyes: Brown Hair: Black

Height: 5’4” Weight: 125

Theater On the  Levee  

Puddin Birdsong



The Sound  &  The  Fury


Water Good Heif Rust

Katrina VicMm Ol’  Heif Jeannie/Olivia

Dead City Crippled  Sisters   (Staged  Reading) Sans-­‐Culo\es  in  the  Promised   Land Black  Idiot  Box   (Staged  Reading) Anna  Bella  Eema Home

Jewel Princess

I Bought  a  Bunker,  B****


Bird Eye  Blue  Print

Red Dress  Girl

100 Aspects  of  the  Moon The  Basset  Table

Old Mother Lord  Worthy

The America  Play





Lincoln Center  Theater  3 Young  Jean  Lee  Theater  Co./Soho  Rep New  York  Theater  Workshop  

(Lortel, Drama  Desk  Nom.  Best  Play)

HERE Arts  Center/Sheila  Callaghan New  Georges The  Magic  Theatre   (San  Francisco,  CA)

New Georges/Daniella  Topol New  York  Stage  &  Film/   Carolyn  Cantor   Humana  FesVval   (Louisville,  KY)

Felicia Title Character PaIe  Mae

The Public  Theater New  Georges North  Carolina  Stage  Company   (Asheville,  NC)

Ensemble Studio  Theater     Asking  For  Trouble     Word  of  Mouth  FesVval Clubbed  Thumb/Emma  Griffin HERE  Arts  Center Zachary  Sco\  Theater  

(AusVn, TX)

Rude Mechs  

(AusVn, TX)

Film/TV/Commercials Breakdown Breakthrough K-­‐Y Kissable  SensaMons  For  the   Body:  “Oblivious”

Alice (Principle) Sapphire  (Principle) Mrs.  Hunter

Hip Rep  ProducMons/Dave  Simonds BET-­‐J  “ The  Best  Shorts”/Celia  C.  Peters,  Dir. Epoch  Films/Phil  Morrison,  Dir.

Training/Skills ImprovisaVon/Movement Other  Skills

Laurie Carlos,  Terry  Galloway,  Deborah  Hay   Accents,  Singing,  Flute,  French,  Spanish,  WriVng

Recognition: “Memorable”  –The  New  York  Times  2003   New  DramaMsts’  Charles  Bowden  Actor  Award  2007   “Fave  Thespian”  –Time  Out  New  York  2009  


Rob Morgan


(646) 295-­‐3002   Height:  6                                                                                        Hair:  Black   Weight:  175                                                                                Eyes:  Brown   FILM   • Pariah             Sock     • Red  Heeled         Shadow       • Shades  of  Brooklyn         Gus         (on  HBO  and  Cinemax,  2009  Winner  IFNY  Best  Short)   • Pro  Black  Sheep         Alex       • Romance  is  Served         Self         (Best  Short  Documentary  Film,  2009  Belize  InternaPonal  Film  FesPval)   • Myth  of  Time         Dragon       • Inez  ScoN  Project         Flare       • As  It  Is             Lord  Coyote   • Conspiracy  Ex         Gee  Pa       • BeauMful  Jones         Chester           TV/RADIO/VOICE   • 30  Rock  “AudiMon  Day”       African  Cab  Driver     • Tassimo  “ Together”         Person  in  Line     THEATRE               • Story  in  Harlem  Slang  (Zora  N.  Hurston)       Sweetback     • The  Test  (Paula  Kaplan)       Cleveland       (Shakespeare  in  the  Park  2005/Riante  Theater  One  Act  Finalist  2005)   • Colored  Museum    (George  C.  Wolf)     Guy     • Reading  Zimbabwe  (Melody  Spears)     Miles     • The  Mighty  Gents  (Richard  Wesley)     Zeeke     • The  Bow  Wow  Club  (Levy  Lee  Simon)     Alex     • Caseload  (Levy  Lee  Simon)       Tyrone     • Felons  &  Family  (Gerry  Sheridan)     William       (Midtown  InternaPonal  Theatre  FesPvala/OOBR.com  favorable  review)   TRAINING   • American  Theater  of  Harlem  (member)     • Black  Nexxus,  Inc.  (DYOM)       • Black  Nexxus,  Inc.  (Ex-­‐er  Actor)       • Terry  Schreiber  Studios  (Advanced  Actors)     • AcMons  &  ObjecMves      



Northstar  Pictures/Focus  Features   BET/Black  BuNafly  Prod.   Sun  Showah  Films   June  Bug  Films   Cynosure  Films   LaRaw  Ent.   Red  Wall  ProducMons     Black  Op  Films   Lock  City  Films   BlackSpagheI  Prod  

NBC Television   Park  Pictures/Soup.FILM  GMBH  


DIRECTOR Keith  Johnston  (ATH)   Keith  Johnston  (ATH)  


Keith Johnston  (DR2  Theater)   Keith  Johnston  (Center  Stage)   Keith  Johnston  (BRIC  Studios)   Keith  Greer  (Main  Stage)   Mary-­‐Beth  Easly  (Main  Stage)   Kevin  Horne  

Keith Johnston,  NYC   Susan  Batson,  NYC   Marishka  Phillips,  NYC   Bruce  Jensen,  NYC   Daniel  Banks,  NYC  

SKILLS Radio  Personality,  HosMng,  Very  Street  Savvy,  Drawing,  PainMng  (Oil  &  Acrylic),  WriMng,  Sewing,  Public  Speaking,  MarkeMng,  Cooking,  Designing   Clothes,  Modeling,  Dancing,  Roller  SkaMng,  MarMal  Arts,  Auto  Mechanics,  Barber,  Dog  Training,  Avian  Handling,  AthleMc,  Basketball,  Football,  Team   Player,  Great  with  Children,  Computer  Literate,  Typing  and  Drivers  License  (manual  or  automaMc),  African  Dialects.      


Renee Monique Brown


AEA (212)  414-­‐5269  (service)       reneemoniquebrown@gmail.com   Height:  5'71/2”         Weight:  130         Voice:  Mezzo  Soprano   B’WAY/TOURS   The  Color  Purple  (1st  naMonal)             All  Shook  Up  (B’way)       Thoroughly  Modern  Millie  (1st  ntl.)     Cinderella  2  (2nd  naMonal)           Samson  and  Dalilah     Joseph…Dreamcoat           NEW  YORK   Harlem  Song       Samson  and  Dalilah     Radio  City  Xmas  Show    




Hair: Auburn   Eyes:  Ebony  


u/s Shug  (perf.)  &  Jarene           Lorraine  u/s       u/s  Muzzy  (perf.),  Meers     &  Flannery  (perf.)     u/s  Fairy  Godmother  &     Grace  (performed)       Principle  couple  u/s     Mrs.  PoMphar            

First NaMonal  (starring  JeanneNe  Baynardelle     &  Michelle  Williams)   K.  Roberson/S.  Trujillo  choreo.   First  NaMonal  (starring  Darcie    Roberts  &  Stephanie  Pope)   Starring  Eartha  KiN  as  Fairy…   Networks  ProducMons   Metropolitan  Opera  Japan  Tour   Starring:  Jodie  Benson  and     2nd  GeneraMon  Osmonds    


Performer   Corps  De  Ballet     Ensemble    

Apollo/ George  C.  Wolfe  dir.   The  Metropolitan  Opera   Radio  City  Music  Hall  


REGIONAL STAGE   Cabaret           Aida           The  Music  Man         West  Side  Story         Death  and  The  King’s  Horseman     Stop  on  a  Dime…Change      

Kit Kat  Girl       Dance  Captain       Singer/Chorus       Rosalia         Villager/D.  Captain       Sandy/D.  Captain      

A Funny  thing  Happened…Forum    


PiNsburgh Public  Theater   Sacramento  Music  Circus   Sacramento  Music  Circus   BalMmore  Lyric  Opera   Syracuse  Stage/Marion  McClinton  dir.   Center  Stage,  BalMmore/Cleveland  Playhouse   Dianne  McIntyre  dir./choreo.   Pioneer  Theatre  Co.  

CONCERT/BENEFITS Broadway  Bares  16       Law&Order:  Sexual  Intent     Roseland  Ballroom/  Denis  Jones   36th  Anniv.  (Kennedy  Center)     Mardi  Gras  Number     Baayork  Lee  Choreo   Rainforest  Benefit         Featured  Dancer       Kenneth  Roberson  Choreo   Dayton  Contemporary  Dance  Co.     Company  Member       Ulysesse  Dove,  Donald  McKayle,   Talley  BeaNy,  Dwight  Rhoden…   FILM   Beloved           Dancer/  Actress       Starring:  Oprah  Whinfrey   Enough  Of  That        Featured  Actress       Independent  Short   One  Third         Voice  Over  ArMst       Independent  Feature  Film   Sexina  -­‐  Popstar  P.I.  (Title  Song)     Back-­‐up  Vocalist       Title  Song  featuring  Davy  Jones   TRAINING   B.F.A.  –  Dance  Performance  –  Ohio  State  University  (scholarship)   Dance  –  School  of  the  Arts  (CincinnaM,  OH),  Dance  Theater  of  Harlem  (scholarship),  Cleveland  School  of  Ballet   (scholarship),  CincinnaM  Conservatory  of  Music  (scholarship),   Voice  –  Jerry  Dueffenbach   ACTING   Alice  Spivak  –  Woodie  King  Jr.’s  New  Federal  Theater   Harris  Doran  –  Classical  Coaching  


Tamara Torres

TAMARA TORRES                          SAG  |  AFTRA  |  AEA   646-­‐825-­‐0685  


Film &  Television     Blue  ValenMne                                                                                                               Maria  Guevara                                  Weinstein  &  Co.,  Derek  Cianfrance   All  Good  Things                                                                                                           Lucy’s  Mom                                        Andrew  Jarecki   TV  Pilot  (Episode:  Stage  Mom  Psychosis)       Mrs.  Miranda  Guerra      Sony  Pictures  /  Television     Law  and  Order:  Criminal  Intent         Mrs.  Damaso        NBC  /  Wolf  Films,  Dir.  Norberto  Barba                                                                         Third  Watch           Mrs.  Knapp        NBC  /  Warner  Bros.,  Dir.  Felix  Alcala   The  Good,  The  Bad  and  the  Ugly  (Music  Video.)     The  Maid  (Featured)       Good  Prod.  /  Dir.  Kanye  West,  Susan  Liss     The  War  of  The  Worlds                                                                                                   The  Insurance  Broker                     Paramount  Pictures  ProducMons:  Dir:  Steven  Spielberg     Anne  B.  Real           Mrs.  Dominguez       Urban  Dream  ProducMons,  Dir.  Lisa  France                                                               Parallel  Passage           Mira         Two  Headed  Monster  Films,  Dir.  Mandi  Riggi     Law  and  Order  (2  Episodes)         The  Woman        NBC/Wolf  Films,  Dir.  Richard  Dobbs             Court  Reporter        NBC/  Wolf  Films,  Dir.  Adam  Davidson               (Both  principal  roles;  scenes  with  Jerry  Orbach  and  Jesse  L.  MarVn)     100  Centre  Street          Interpreter       A&E  /  Sidney  Lumet;  Dir.  Suzanna  Styron   The  Value  Of  Dust             Anna  –  Lead        Danny  Perez  Films     The  Siege              CNN  Reporter        20th  Century  Fox  /  Paramount,  Dir.  Ed  Zwick     Art  Film  For  the  ArMst          Female  Lead        Juan  Sanchez  ProducMons         RECORDINGS  AND  VOICE  OVERS     Tu  Escencia         Vocalist         Self  –  ProducMons                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                List  Available  Upon  Request   COMMERICAL  -­‐  INDUSTRIALS       List  Available  Upon  Request     PRINT  MODEL         List  Available  Upon  Request   THEATER   Dinner  at  Mom’s         Momma       Pax  Theater   My  Life  As  An  Island  –  A  Musical  Play       Graciela         MITF  /  by  Lisa  Bleviss   The  Language  Of  Stars         Carmen  (The  Trickster)     Spanish  Repertory  Theater     Big  Blonde  and  Other  Stories         Ms.  PrescoN  /  Mrs.  Ewing     IFP  /  Tribeca,  Dir.  Celia  Peters   DaMng  Irene           TiM  Olga         Big  Top  Theater     West  Pier             Cecile         Ohio  Theater  &  The  Point  CDC     Life’s  A  Drag           Dolores         Milagro  Theater  @  CSV  Cultural  Center   Sweeney  Agonistes           Dusty         New  Music  Theater  Works     Icarus  and  Aria           Luce         Nuyorican  Poets  Café     The  Rock  Opera           The  Mother       Theater  for  The  New  City     Madre  Selva:  From  Life  to  Spirit         Ensemble         Performance  Space  122   By  Reason  Of  …           Diva  Ghost  /  Singer       INTAR  Director  Michael  Garces     The  Sum  Of  Us           The  Woman       Riant  Theater     Macbeth              Hecate         HERE  Arts  Center     Marisol             Marisol  (Title  Role)       Muse  Theater         TRAINING     AcVng       George  DeCenzo,  Lee  Strasberg,  Arthur  Sherman,  Jeffrey  Horn             Commercials   Ruth  Franklin  Voice:  Dr.  David  Fairchild   Dance     Alvin  Ailey,  American  Dance  Center,  Jo  Jo  Smith  Dance  Stuidio       Julie  Arenal,  Laura  Dean,  P.R  Traveling  Theater,  The  Movement       Salon,  Djoniba  Dance  Center   EducaVon   BFA  Pra\  InsVtute,  HS  of  Music  and  Art,  NYU           SPECIAL  SKILLS   COLORATURA  –  4  Octave  Voice  /  Mezzo  Soprano  /  Belt     Fluent  Spanish,  Lyricist,  Dance  (belly  dance,  tango,  flamenco,  jazz/pop  and  salsa),  Character  Voices,  Yoga,  Spanish  /  English     Medical  Interpreter,  Dialects-­‐  Accents  (NYC,  American,  Standard  BriMsh,  French,  Southern  US,  Spanish),  Spanglish   Memberships:  The  Neighborhood  Playhouse  Lab.    


Graham Powell

Graham Powell AEA, SAG Elidgible

www.grahamwpowell.com Phone Number (NYC): (703) 597-1710 Email: grahamwpowell@yahoo.com

Height: 5' 8� Weight: 140 lbs Eyes: Blue/Green Hair: Dirty Blonde

ACTING EXPERIENCE Film & Television: Law & Order Bottled Up Confessional The Revenant All Hallows Eve Guilt Dutchess The Fire and the Wood Manifesto 100 Greatest Discoveries

Officer Ty Carson (Principal) Skeet (Lead) The Killer (Lead) Neil (Lead) Ben (Lead) Ryan (Lead) Oliver (Supporting) Emmet (Supporting) Pvt. Eddie Maddox (Supporting) Recurring

NBC Barry Scott John Suits Christopher Analoro Megan Paulus Ben Rodriguez, Jr. Nik Galanski Keith Miller Todd Wiseman Discovery Networks

NYC Theatre: Fiction The Apple Tree** The Treatment Afterthought Antigone

Michael Waterman (Lead) John Smith (Lead) Doctor (Lead & Playwright) Walter (Supporting) Haemon ( Supporting)

Gene Frankel Underground Theatre The Looking Glass Theatre The Producers Club The Players Theatre Hudson Guild Theatre

Regional Theatre: Up Pig Farm The Overwhelming Of Mice And Men The Shape of Things Much Ado About Nothing The Cripple of Inishmaan Run For Your Wife*

Mikey Griffin (Lead) Tim (Lead) Geoffery (Supporting) George Milton (Lead) Adam (Lead) Benedick (Lead) Dr. McSharry (Supporting) Stanley Gardner (Supporting)

Syracuse Stage Contemporary Amer. Theatre Fest. Contemporary Amer. Theatre Fest. Stratford Players Stratford Players Stratford Players Masterpiece Theatre Little Theatre of Alexandria

TRAINING James Madison University - Harrisonburg, VA Acting classes with David Shuman at Weist Barron, New York, NY Acting I and Acting II classes at The Little Theatre of Alexandria - Studied under Roland Gomez Stage combat & fight training with Aaron Anderson, Ph.D, of the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat Urban combat, firearms, and tactical movement training with Capt. Luis Montalvan (U.S. Army Retired) Special Skills Director, Playwright, Good at Voice Mimicry. Guitar Playing & Singing. Impressions. Beatboxing. Rapid Typing. Accents & Voices: British (Standard English & Cockney), Southern, Texas, Midwestern Farm, German, Russian, Irish, New York, Scottish, Urban, French, Boston, Radio DJ. AWARDS & NOMINATIONS ** Winner: Best Actor - Spring 2007 Looking Glass Forum Judges Award *Nomination: Best Supporting Actor - 2005 LTA Council Award

Edgy Man

Ted Caine


Hair: Strawberry  Blond                                             Height:  5’11”                                              







 Eyes:  Grey                                                        Weight:  155  lbs  

413-­‐320-­‐3701 tedcaine@gmail.com  

Theater The  Argument  by  Gregory  S.  Moss     Henry          DCTV  (dir.  Kerry  Whigham)   Carnival  Round  the  Central  Figure     Central    Figure          IRT  (dir.  Karen  Kohlhaas)   Ideal  by  Ayn  Rand         Perkins,  Ezry        59e59th  Street     Dark  Rapture         Vegas          The  Connolly  Theater  (dir.  Laura  Braza)   The  Hollow         Gudgeon          Dorset  Theatre  FesMval  (dir.  Carl  Forsman)   Merton  of  the  Movies       Walberg        Dorset  Theatre  Fest.  (dir.  Jonathan  Silverstein)   Alice  in  Wonderland       March  Hare,  Ensemble      Dorset  Theatre  FesMval  (dir.  Tracy  Bersley)   Moonchildren         Dick          The  Wings  Theatre  (dir.  Laura  Braza)   David  Byrne  Concert       Dancer  in  White        Radio  City  Music  Hall   Stella  in  the  Bios  de  Boulogne       Waiter,  Bellboy        Center  for  Jewish  History           Dance  Dance  RevoluPon       Mmm  Baby        Ohio  Theater/Les  Freres  Corbusier  (dir.  Alex  Timbers)   The  Falcon  Project         Dancer          Tribeca  Perf.  Arts  Center/Ellis  Wood  Dance     Vanishing  Point         Young  Dancer        Merce  Cunningham  Studios   I  Have  Loved  Strangers       Baruch          NYU  Burrows  Theater  (dir.  Paul  Lazar)     Oh  Dad,  Poor  Dad…         Jonathan          DUO  Theater/The  AIc  Theater  Company   The  Revenge  of  the  Space  Pandas     The  ExecuMoner        Linda  Gross  Theater  (dir.  Paul  Urcioli)   Peggy  Guggenheim  Stripped  Bare…   Capote,  Laurence  Vail…      Florence  Gould  Hall/Ensemble  for  the  RomanMc   Century                     (dir.  Don  Sanders)   365  Days/365  Plays                 Man                                                      The  Public  Theater   Too  Clever  By  Half         Gorodoulin        AtlanMc  Stage  2   The  Oresteia         Harold          Samuel  BeckeN  Theatre  (dir.  Rachel  West)   *To  Whom  It  May  Concern       Lorenzo          Abington  Theater/Fresh  Fruit  FesMval                        (dir.  Erick  Herrscher)   Our  Country’s  Good         Jemmy  Campbell        Barrow  Group  Theater  (dir.  Anya  Saffir)   The  Pied  Piper         Pied  Piper        Pioneer  Valley  Summer  Theatre       *DisMnguished  Actor  Award,  FesMval  2006   Film   It’s  a  Nice  Building         Andy          Dir.  Andrew  Raab   Buzz  Kill           Secretary          Dir.  Margaret  Laney   The  Woyzeck  Project       Drum  Major        MFA  York  University   You  Can  Make  Me  Dance       Dancing  Lover        Dir.  Tommy  BuNon       Training   New  York  University:  Tisch  School  of  the  Arts            BFA  AcMng    AtlanMc  Theater  Company  AcMng  School      Stonestreet  Studios  Film  and  Television      The  Experimental  Theater  Wing      InternaMonal  Theater  Workshop  in  Amsterdam   American  Dance  FesMval                  Dance       Special  Skills   OM  CerMfied  Yoga  Instructor,  Standardized  PaMent  for  Cornell  Medical  College,  IPA,  ImprovisaMon,  Puppet  Work,   Choreographer,  Light  and  Sound  Board  Operator,  Can  Cross  One  Eye,  The  Splits,  Drive  Standard  Transmission.   Dance  Experience:  Fluid  Systems,  Modern,  Ballet,  Jazz,  Tap,  Hip-­‐hop  and  Flamenco  


Nervous Man

Richard Kirkwood

Richard Kirkwood 131 Mercer St. Apt 3 Jersey City, NJ 07302 (540) 520-9306 milocrispin@yahoo.com Height: 5' 10" Weight: 200 lbs.

Stage Experience: (EMC) NEW YORK AREA Moby-Dick: the Sermon Richard III Othello Camino Real The Constant Never Murder on Ice King Lear Existentialism: the Ride Come to Me REGIONAL Hamlet The New Earth J.B Terra Nova Love's Labour's Lost House of Blue Leaves The Children's Hour A Midsummer Night's Dream Twelfth Night Someone Else's Wife and the Husband Under the Bed Don't Dress For Dinner How He Lied To Her Husband Overruled Scapism Under Achievement Androcles and The Lion (children's) The Madwoman of Chaillot *as paid guest artist Film/Video/Television: War (entry-- Sundance Festival 2004) Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 The Quest for Captain Kidd (Discovery) Great Books: Metamorphosis (TLC) Great Books: The Wizard of Oz (TLC) Great Books: 2001: A Space Odyssey (TLC) Great Books: Genesis (TLC) Great Books: Exodus (TLC) English Explorers Remind Me

Hair: Blond Eyes: Gray

Father Mapple King Richard III Brabantio Lord Byron Winston Thaddeus Michaels France/Doctor Announcer/Jensen Silas

Brooklyn Lyceum Brooklyn Repertory Shakespeare Co. Classics on Tour Art House Productions Art House Productions Art House Productions Boomerang Theatre NY International Fringe Festival Art House Productions

Player Queen/Bernardo Zeus Mr. Zuss Wilson Moth Artie Shaughnessy Joseph Cardin Demetrius/Quince Fabian The Old Man

Mill Mountain Theater Circle of Stones Ritual Theater Rorschach Theater Project Y Washington Shakespeare Company Hollins University* Hollins University* Richmond Shakespeare Festival Baltimore Shakespeare Festival Classika Theater

Bernard Mr. Upjohn Mr. Juno Tragic Dan Rufus Lelio The Ragpicker

Vanguard Theater Vanguard Theater Vanguard Theater Project Y VSA at the Kennedy Center Mill Mountain Theater Hollins University*

Rev. Hiram Hill Teenager #2 Palmer voice-overs v-o v-o v-o v-o Sir Walter Raleigh The Old Man

Handcranked Film Blair Redux Productions Vanderpool Films Cronkite Ward Productions Cronkite Ward Productions Cronkite Ward Productions Cronkite Ward Productions Cronkite Ward Productions Issembert Productions Art House Productions

Education/Other Experience/Skills: Dialects (British, Irish, Russian, Various American), Improvisation, Voice-over, Library Work, Videography, Driver’s License Dramatic education at University of Virginia (Bob Chapel) and Hollins University (David Dvorscak, Ernie Zulia) As writer: short film Remind Me, play Sea Story (co-author) for Art House Prods.; text for “Dedicated” for ShaLeigh Dance Works (also performed) Understudy: Fool in King Lear (Boomerang Theatre, appeared), Bluntschli in Arms and the Man and Alain in School for Wives (Pearl Theatre), Horatio in Hamlet (Mill Mountain Theatre), Feste in Twelfth Night (Baltimore Shakespeare Fest.)


CINEMATOGRAPHER SERGEI FRANKLIN: director of photography www.sergeifranklin.com   212-­‐228-­‐4254   646-­‐247-­‐7871  




Sergei Franklin   started   photography   at   14   and   spent   much   of   his   teenage   years   taking   pictures,   reading   books  on  photography  and  watching  movies.  In  the  early  80’s  he  made  a  documentary  on  the  New  York   subway   which   screened   at   several   fesMvals   and   on   a   few   European   TV   staMons.   He   co-­‐produced   and   shot  “Solar  cars”,  a  short  documentary  about  a  solar  car  race  across  Switzerland.  Sergei  started  working   as  a  cameraman  and  video  engineer  for  news  and  corporate  producMons.  He  was  making  a  living  but   was  unfulfilled.     In  the  spring  of  1990  he  took  a  steadicam  workshop  with  GarreN  Brown  and  found  his  passion.  He   bought  a  steadicam  and  has  been  operaMng  for  features,  music  videos  and  commercials  ever  since.   In  2005  Eve  Sussman  asked  Sergei  to  be  the  Director  of  Photography  for  her  feature  "The  Rape  of   the  Sabine  Women."  Some  of  the  locaMons  were  the  Herodion  Theater  at  the  Acropolis  in  Athens  with   700  extras,  a  summer  house  designed  by  architect  Nikos  Valsamakis,  the  Pergamon  Museum  in  Berlin   and  Tempelhof  Airport.  Sergei  found  his  calling.  Working  as  a  Director  of  Photography  brings  all  his   talents  together.  Azer  the  release  of  "The  Rape  of  the  Sabine  Women"  in  2007  Sergei  started  receiving   calls  for  more  cinematography  work.  In  2008  he  lensed  the  TV  show  "We  Are  New  York"  for  which  he   won  an  Emmy.   Some  of  Sergei's  other  work  as  a  Director  of  Photography  includes  the  features  “ Tragic  Fairytale”   and  “Regret”,  music  videos  for  50  Cent  and  The  Roots,  numerous  award  winning  short  films,  two  more   projects  with  Eve  Sussman,  second  unit  work  on  "The  Reader"  and  "For  Colored  Girls"  and  several   commercials.  


Cell: (646)  249-­‐2393   Email:  tameekab@gmail.com   hNp://tameekaballance.tumblr.com   PROFESSIONAL  EXPERIENCE   Producer  -­‐  06/10  -­‐  Current  -­‐  Homestead  Editorial  -­‐  New  York,  NY   Create  invoices.  Liaison  between  clients  and  editors.  Liaison  between  vendors   and  our  execuMve  producer.  Maintain  our  billing  system.  Maintain  and  book  schedules   for  editors  as  well  as  assistants.  Perform  numerous  tasks.   Assistant  Editor  -­‐  08/07  -­‐  06/10  -­‐  Homestead  Editorial  -­‐  New  York,  NY   Performed  numerous  tasks  such  as  handling  and  shipping  orders  for  clients.   Worked  as  liaison  between  editor  and  clients.  Prepped  for  color  correct/mix/conform  sessions.   Encoded  and  uploaded  videos  for  client  approval.  Authored  DVDs  for  clients.  Created  selects.   Logging/capturing  dailies,  creaMng  dailies  from  RED  files,  and  Cannon  5D/7D  files.   RecepVonist/Client  Service  RepresentaVve  -­‐  05/07  -­‐  08/07  -­‐  Homestead  Editorial  -­‐  New  York,  NY   Performed  numerous  tasks  such  as  organize  office  (files,  tape  vault,  supplies,  etc.).   Answered  mulM-­‐line  telephone  system,  assisted  clients  w/  food  orders  and  transportaMon,  ran  errands,   handled  mail/packages  (incoming  and  outgoing).  Ordered  office  supplies.  Maintained  tape  library.   ProducVon  Assistant/EdiVng  Intern  -­‐  09/06  -­‐  12/06  -­‐  Lenfield  Pictures  -­‐  New  York,  NY   Performed  basic  ediMng  duMes  such  as  logging,  capturing,  and  transcribing.   Organized  and  executed  set  ups  for  producMon  sets,  collected  perMnent  media  informaMon  for  broadband   series.  Obtained  film  permits  from  the  NY  Film  and  Mayor’s  Office,  operated  basic  office  duMes.   ExecuVve  Assistant  Intern  -­‐  09/05  -­‐  12/05  -­‐  The  Montel  Williams  Show  -­‐  New  York,  NY   Created  Mr.  William’s  press  kits.  Updated  files  for  Mr.  Williams  MS  Fund,  transcribed  daily  show  tape   logs,  andperformed  basic  office  duMes  and  running  errands.   FILM  AND  VIDEO  CREDITS   Behind  The  Scenes  Editor  -­‐  2010  -­‐  Uptown  (Film)  -­‐  One  Way  or  Another  ProducVons,  LLC   "EdiMng  Uptown“    Editor  for  the  DVD  behind  the  scenes  special.   Art  Video  Editor  -­‐  2007  -­‐  Current  -­‐  Cortes  Creates   I  currently  shoot  and  edit  videos  for  visual  arMst  ChrisMan  Cortes'  website.   Art  videos  can  be  seen  at:  hNp://www.cortescreates.com/main.html   "Shoot  First  And  Pray  You  Live"  -­‐  2008  -­‐  2009  -­‐  A  Wounded  Knee  Independent  Films   Credited  as  an  assistant  editor  for  independent  feature  film.   Video  Editor  -­‐  "Nu  Kidz  Promo  Video"  -­‐  09/09  -­‐  THE  NU  METHOD  Inc  /  NU  KIDZ   Edited  promoMonal  video  for  a  children's  fitness  and  lifestyle  program.   Promo  Video  can  be  seen  at:  hNp://www.youtube.com/user/thenumethod#p/a/u/1/Vy-­‐liAOSOLg   EDUCATION   Saint  Francis  College,  Brooklyn  Heights,  NYC   Bachelor  of  Arts,  January  2007   Major:  CommunicaMons;  ConcentraMon:  Film  &  BroadcasMng   SKILLS   Mac  OS  X,  Final  Cut  Pro/Express,  MS  Office  (Word,  Excel,  PowerPoint),  MS  Outlook,  DataNet,   Compressor,  Mpeg  Streamclip,  DVD  Studio  Pro,  Clipfinder,  Monkey  Extract,  File  Maker  Pro,   Fetch,  Cyberuck,  Red  Rushes/Red  Alert,  Mac  the  Ripper,  HandBreak   REFERENCES   Available  Upon  Request.  

SOUND RECORDIST | SOUND EDITOR KIP STURM 134 Fort Greene Place no.3 Brooklyn, New York 11217 646 479 8791 KipSturm@aol.com PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Production Sound Mixer / Sound Designer 10/08 – present

Freelance production and post-production audio engineer. Projects include independent films and web series.

EQUIPMENT KIT Sound Device 552 Mixer Zoom H4N Recorder K-Tek K102CCR 8’9” Carbon Fiber Boom Pole Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Microphone Rode Zeppelin & Suspension System Oktava MK-012 Hypercardioid Microphone Pro Tools LE Pro Tools DV Tool Kit EDUCATION Institute of Audio Research New York, NY Audio Recording & Production Program GPA 3.9 11/07 – 08/08

CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT School of Visual Arts New York, NY Continuing Studies Program 10/09 – 11/09

Coursework: Recording Workshop Mixing Music 1 & 2 Post Production Audio Digital Music Production Audio Electronics The Business of Music Ear Training & Acoustics MIDI Applications Audio Processing & Storage Mics, Amps & Speakers

Coursework: Advanced Final Cut Pro

New York Film Academy New York, NY Digital Editing Intensive 10/08

Coursework: Editing with Final Cut Pro Movie Editing Theory After Effects DVD Studio Pro


Final Cut Pro ProTools/ Reason Adobe After-Effects DVD Studio Pro 4 Sony DMX r100 Roland JV1010 Read Music Basic Piano, Violin, Flute Wiring & Soldering Ability


High DefiniMon  make-­‐up  arMst  with  16  years  experience  in  film,    television    and  theater   First  worked  on  HD  shoot  in  1994  with  David  Niles  (developed  HD  for  Sony)   Currently  working  on  RED   FILM   • Slider                                                                                                               Patrick  McCullough                                                       Darien,  CT   • The  Shells                                                                                                     Max  Finneran                                                                           Rochester,  NY   • The  Regular                                                                                              Jamie  Kirkpatrick                                                           New  York,  NY   • Naked  As  We  Came  In                                                             Richard  Lemay                                                                     New  York,  NY   • Gun  Hill  Rd                                                                                           Rashaad  Ernesto  Green                                                           New  York,  NY   • Found  Art                                                                                                     Yvete  Morales                                                                                         New  York,  NY   • Touched  by  Duse                                                                           Tyler  Chase                                                                                                 New  York,  NY   • ——                                                                                                                      (Makeup  for  Ellen  Burstyn)   • Split  Ends                                                                                                       Dorothy  Lyman                                                                                   Clizon,  NJ   • Lay  me  down                                                                                            Shinako  Sudo                                                                                       New  York,  NY   • Racing  Daylight                                                                                     Nicole  Quinn                                                                                          Kerhonkson,  NY   • Mo                                                                                                                             Brian  Ledermen                                                                                   Long  Island,  NY   • The  Northern  Kingdom                                                             Dorothy  Lyman                                                                                   Andes,  NY   • A  Chubby  Kid                                                                                        A  Dessert  First  ProducMon                                                   Greenwich,  CT   • American  Exquisite                                                                           Squisite  ProducMons                                                                    New  York,  NY   • BeauMful  Kid                                                                                              Frank  and  Malachi  McCourt                                           New  York,  NY   • ——                                                                                                                         (Mike  Carty/Colum  McCann)   • Tommy  Hobson                                                                                     April  Fools  Films                                                                             NY/CT   • Missing  Girl                                                                                                RPM  Entertainment                                                                       New  York,  NY   • The  Rapture  of  Being                                                                    Rhombus  Media                                                                            Toronto,  Canada   • 3  Days  in  the  Life  of  Kenneth  G.  Mills      (Rolland  Smith  Interviews    Kenneth  G.  Mills)   • (HD  Camera  being  developed  for  Sony  1994)  David  Niles                                                                                   New  York,  NY       TV/WEBISODES/COMMERCIALS   • Webisode-­‐Vanity  Fair  Products                                        Plywood  Pictures                                                                             Brooklyn,  NY   • HD  Infomercial-­‐Touchup&Go                                          ManhaNan  Pacific  Comm.                                                   Westport,  CT   • HD  PSA  for  Hudson  River-­‐400years                            Aronson  Film  Assoc.     New  York,  NY   • —-­‐                                                                                                                                (with  Natalie  Merchant)   • HD  Commercials-­‐Seniors                                                         Phillips  Media  RelaMons                                                        Washington,  DC   • Quest  USA-­‐  Da  Tiao  Zhan                                                       House  Films  Reality  Show                                                New  York,  NY   • ESPN-­‐Sportcasters-­‐NBA  Draz                                     ESPN-­‐Madison  Sq.  Garden                                             New  York,  NY   • Outdoor  Life  Network  Sportcasters                             OLN                                                                                                                     Norwalk,  CT   • Mohegan  Sun  commercial                                                       House  Films                                                                                             Uncasville,  CT   • Eye  Witness  News  Commercial                                         WABC-­‐TV                                                                                                   New  York,  NY   • Danbury  Mint  Infomercial                                                         E  &  M  AdverMsing                                                                         New  York,  NY       •     


High DefiniMon  make-­‐up  arMst  with  16  years  experience  in  film,    television    and  theater   First  worked  on  HD  shoot  in  1994  with  David  Niles  (developed  HD  for  Sony)   Currently  working  on  RED  

THEATER/LIVE PERFORMANCES   • The  Man  in  Room  306                                                                     59E59  Theater                                                                                         • The  Man  in  Room  306                                                                     Luna  Stage                                                                                                   • King  Alive                                                                                                        Alabama  University                                                                           • WaiMng  for  my  Man                                                                           Cap  21  ProducMons                                                                         • Steel  Magnolias                                                                                         Curtain  Call  Theater                                                                         • Death  of  an  Angel                                                                                   Eden’s  Gate  Theater                                                                       • Who’s  Afraid  of  Virginia  Woolf                                     Curtain  Call  Theater                                                                       • A  Fool’s  UNerance                                                                                 Earth  Stage  Actors                                                                                 CORPORATE   • Richmond  U  Medical  Center                                                   Lucky  Airlines                                                                                         • Corporate  Media  Training                                                           Layton  CommunicaMons                                                           • Inhouse  films,  training  videos                                                 Starwood  Hotels                                                                                   • Corporate  video  newsleNer                                                          ca                                                                                                                                 • Corporate  video                                                                                           Dannon                                                                                                               • Sheraton  Hotel-­‐in-­‐house  film                                                 Starwood  Hotels                                                                                   • In-­‐house  training  video                                                                     McKinsey  &  Co.           • On-­‐Line  PR  piece  for  own  site                                             TenSecondWorld                                                                                     CELEBRITIES   • Karmine  Alers                                                                                            Dorothy  Lyman   • Will  ArneN                                                                                                        Lue  McWilliams   • Ellen  Burstyn                                                                                              Peter  McRobbie   • Tyne  Daly                                                                                                          Natalie  Merchant   • Ossie  Davis                                                                                                    Esai  Morales   • Sandy  Duncan                                                                                          David  Straithorn   • Giancarlo  Esposito                                                                          Vincent  Pastore   • Barbara  Feldon                                                                                      Amy  Poehler   • Melanie  Griffith                                                                                      Kate  Walsh   • Mellissa  Leo                                                                                                  Isiah  Whitlock  Jr.   • Judith  Light                                                                                                    Lee  Wilkoff  

New York,  NY   Montclair,  NJ   Tuscaloosa,  AL   New  York,  NY   Stamford,  CT   New  York,  NY    Stamford,  CT   Toronto,  Canada  

Staten Island,  NY   New  York,  NY   White  Plains,  NY   New  York,  NY   White  Plains,  NY   New  York,  NY   New  York,  NY   New  York,  NY  


Contact:# Celia C. Peters# artisticfreedom2k5@gmail.com

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TEMPORAL: a high-tech web series  

This is the creative package for the science fiction Web series entitled TEMPORAL. Celia C. Peters: creator/writer/director/producer; Veroni...

TEMPORAL: a high-tech web series  

This is the creative package for the science fiction Web series entitled TEMPORAL. Celia C. Peters: creator/writer/director/producer; Veroni...