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Roxë15 is a short film project that explores new horizons in science fiction. It’s a dystopian sci-fi story that puts a futuristic spin on urban drama. At its core, Roxë15 is the story of a gifted scientist who finds herself thrown into mortal danger by her own creation. The film will be shot on high definition video and the production will feature seasoned key crew. Our strategic creative and aesthetic choices will maximize resources and filmmaking technologies to create the lo-fi futuristic world of the story.


Beware the day technology gets the upper hand. NYC of 2051 is a stark place……one where being a 'have-not' is downright criminal. Roxë Jones is a gifted virtual reality programmer barely making ends meet as a bartender. Her hopes for a better life are pinned on a corporate research project she’s working on: Mind Expansion. The project is also a last chance for Roxë’s mentor and collaborator, Dr. Elliot Robinson, to save his dying career. Roxë comes home from a hard night of bartending to learn that her mother, Tricia, is pushing her out of their apartment to make room for her new life. Then Elliot informs her that Expansion Corporation has pulled their deadline back to a few days away. Roxë rushes into her unfinished software to work on it, but finds that an eerie white clown has invaded the program. Right in front of her, the silent clown kills the human avatar she created---then comes after her. Roxë escapes but realizes the clown is a virus. With their deadline around the corner and Elliot on her back, Roxë goes back into the program to fight for what's hers. The clown comes for her again but she figures out a way to destroy it. She leaves the program and rebuilds Ambrose, her avatar. With the deadline looming, Roxë goes back into the program to finish up....but now her software won’t cooperate. When all is said and done, virtual reality changes Roxë’s life in ways she never could have imagined.

Images below are solely intended to convey character vibe. See ‘CAST” section for talent cast in this project.

ROXË. A spitfire looking for a way out. She’s a brilliant virtual reality programmer who makes her living as a bartender. Her pedigree has her on a dead-end path but the Mind Expansion project is her road to a better life. Unless it destroys her first.

Images below are solely intended to convey character vibe. See ‘CAST” section for talent cast in this project.

Tricia Roxë’s mother....often mistaken for her sister. She’s a battle-scarred beauty queen who’s scared to death of fading. Tricia loves her daughter, but she needs to go for hers while she still can.

Elliot Roxë’s mentor, now working with her on the Mind Expansion project. He’s a visionary neurobiologist who’s out of options. His career is in freefall and this project is his parachute.

Images below are solely intended to illustrate character vibe. See ‘CAST” section for talent cast in this project.

Ambrose Roxë’s creation. Ambrose is the virtual reality avatar who lives in Roxë’s software. On the outside, he’s ideal: charming, handsome, full of answers. On the inside, he’s all digital.

The White Clown Silent, lethal and single-minded, it has invaded Roxë’s virtual world. The White Clown is a computer virus in human form and like all computer viruses, it has one purpose: destruction.

Home Life

Expansion Corporation

CELIA C. PETERS: WRITER + DIRECTOR www artisticfreedomfilmart com Celia C. Peters is an avant-garde filmmaker creating compelling stories of authentically diverse characters. Peters is a member of New York Women in Film and Television and the Writers Guild of America. She was awarded a 2012 residency at Hawthornden International Retreat for Writers in Midlothian, Scotland. Her psychologically inspired, character-driven screenwriting has been both prize-winning [Godspeed, 2011 African American Women in Cinema Film Festival; Roxë15, 2004 SFBFF] and recognized in competition. Her experimental short film “FIOFY (Figure It Out For Yourself)” was featured as an installation piece in ‘Conjuration,’ an exhibit in tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat in December 2011 in New York City. This piece will appear in the FAME Film Festival in London in April 2013. Her filmmaker credits also include the experimental performance piece, “Poem in Motion (2011),” the short documentary “Rethinking Beauty (2011),” and “Editing Uptown (2010),” a featurette on the nationally distributed DVD of the indie film, “Uptown.” In 2007, Peters produced a half-hour segment, “The State of Hip-Hop” for WHUT/PBS and her short narrative film “Breakthrough (2006),” was broadcast nationally on BET’s The Best Shorts series. Peters is also the creator and producer of the dramatic reading series “The Next 15 MinutesTM,” and has produced staged readings at Tribeca Film Center and the National Black Theater of Harlem. Her visual graphic art, photography and video work have shown at galleries in Detroit, New York, and Dallas. Peters is an honors graduate of University Michigan with a B.A. in French and Political Science, and holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. As well, she has done graduate studies in clinical psychology at New York University.


Nicole Sylvester began her career as a local cable Producer/Director where her responsibilities included developing, producing, and booking guests for in-studio talk shows, live broadcasts and music specials. She made the transition to film production by producing and directing the short films The Stop and minor blues before making her feature film directorial debut with Layla’s Girl, co-starring Richard Gant (Men of A Certain Age, The Big Lebowski). Since that time, she produced the independent feature films: The Owner (an international production) and 17000 Block (distributed by First Look Home Entertainment). Other projects that Nicole has produced include the short, County of Kings, currently in post-production, the web series Queen Hussy, a raunchy mock reality show comedy based in 1974, the music video “Good To Me” for LeToya Luckett (Destiny’s Child) and numerous short films and music videos. She recently wrapped production on the pilot for the web series Brothers on the Phone and she is currently producing the sci-fi short film Roxë 15.

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Shilpi Agrawal Shilpi Agrawal is a New York-based cinematographer. She began exploring the possibilities of the visual medium in college, immersed in courses in art history and still photography. She studied at both the University of Texas at Austin and Full Sail University, receiving a B.S. in Film from the latter. During her time there, she began honing her skills in cinematography, experimenting with lighting and gaining experience shooting with a variety of mediums, from 35mm to HD Video. Shilpi has continued training in her craft by working as a camera assistant and a lighting technician on short films and several features. She has spent 2 summers in the camera department at the Sundance Institute Directors' Labs, where she has had the honor of learning under the guidance of ASC cinematographers such as Robert Elswit and Caleb Deschanel.  Working with a director to find the precise visual language that will give a unique life to the script--this is a thrilling endeavor and always her ambition with any project. She lives in Brooklyn and is currently prepping to shoot several short films in the Spring of 2013.

Elaina Barclift ! Production Designer | Art Director! I'm a multidisciplinary creative transplanted in NYC to make my way in the wonderful world of film. Originally from Portland, Oregon, I graduated with honors from Portland State University receiving my B.S. in International Studies with minors in both Music and Biology. Following my undergrad studies I joined the forces at Northwest Film Center where I was able to both work and study. As a film festival coordinator and judge, I was given the opportunity to view and evaluate many hundreds of independent film entries. This time was crucial to my film pursuit as it acquainted me with the great minds behind these productions and showcased the diversity and possibility harbored within the film medium.   As a student of the Northwest Film Center, I focused my studies on production design and art direction as a way to channel my creativity into every visual aspect of bringing a story to life. My career background includes experience in both interior and exterior sets including theater and studio settings. I have worked with award winning film production companies, commercial companies, independent filmmakers, theater/music venues, and more. In addition to film I work as the creative director for North Atlantic Design, a graphic design company based in NYC, and produce music and photography as my main hobbies.

SARAH WILLIAMS: COSTUME DESIGNER Sarah Williams is a Costume Designer, Wardrobe Stylist, and Jewelry Designer based out of New York. She received her degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management from Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) and has studied costume design and fashion styling at F.I.T. as well. Her work has been printed in both national and international magazines. Sarah believes that a piece of clothing does more than cover the body, it tells a story. Each choice of fabric, color, and fit has meaning and provides insight on each character. As a costume designer, Sarah recognizes the meaning in clothing elements and projects this to the audience. Sarah has been fortunate to align herself with talented young film directors. Her credits include Black Swan Theory by Nikyatu Jusu, HBO acquired Busted on Brigham Lane by Talibah Newman, and Frances Bodomo’s Bone Shaker starring Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild). Sarah also has had the pleasure of working with Fader Fashion Editor at Large, Mobolaji Dawodu and Bradford Young on Andrew Dosunmu’s feature film, Ma’ George.

CHRISTOPHER SCOTT CHEROT, EDITOR Christopher Cherot wrote and directed Sundance favorite "Hav Plenty," which was distributed worldwide by Miramax. In 2005 he directed "G," a hip-hop re-telling of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Gatsby." Cherot collaborated with Tracey Edmonds/BET on reality series "College Hill" and directed two successful shorts: "Andre Royo's Big Scene" and "The Male Groupie," an ABFF-HBO Short Film Competition finalist broadcast on HBO. Cherot edited season one of MTV/Logo's "Noah's Arc," Gillette's Fusion ProGlide Razor campaign starring JB Smoove (Robert Townsend, dir.) and "Moozlum", 2011 NAACP Image Award nominee. Currently, Cherot is editing "Be Known", a documentary on jazz musician Kahil El'Zabar.

KIP STURM 646 479 8791 EDUCATION Institute of Audio Research New York, NY Audio Recording & Production Program GPA 3.9 11/07 – 08/08

Production Sound Mixer / Sound Designer Freelance production and post-production audio engineer. Projects include independent films and web series.

Coursework: Recording Workshop Mixing Music 1 & 2 Post Production Audio Digital Music Production Audio Electronics The Business of Music Ear Training & Acoustics MIDI Applications Audio Processing & Storage Mics, Amps & Speakers

School of Visual Arts Coursework: New York, NY Advanced Final Cut Pro Continuing Studies Program 10/09 – 11/09 New York Film Academy New York, NY Digital Editing Intensive 10/08

Coursework: Editing with Final Cut Pro Movie Editing Theory After Effects DVD Studio Pro



Sound Device 552 Mixer Zoom H4N Recorder K-Tek K102CCR 8’9” Carbon Fiber Boom Pole Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Microphone Rode Zeppelin & Suspension System Oktava MK-012 Hypercardioid Microphone Pro Tools LE Pro Tools DV Tool Kit Final Cut Pro ProTools/ Reason Adobe After-Effects DVD Studio Pro 4 Sony DMX r100 Roland JV1010 Read Music Basic Piano, Violin, Flute Wiring & Soldering Ability

Daniel Moser (known to most of his friends and family as “Danny”) grew up in Turlock, California. Curiously creative at an early age, he explored all sorts of expression, excelling in artistic achievements in and out of his schooling. He attended The California Institute Of The Arts, School of Theatre, where he earned his BFA in Theatre Production and Design. There he created a wide variety of works that crossed and bridged many disciplines such as costume design, photography, and videomaking. He was also the first undergraduate student to write and direct a mainstage production (Narrow Escape) and was also the first student to graduate from an Independent Track Curriculum (studying in the School of Music, Visual Art, and Film and Video, as well as the School of Theater). He then went on to receive the Cameron Mackintosh Scholarship from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Glasgow, Scotland) where he earned Masters Degree in Musical Theater Performance. There, he performed (singing and acting) in venues ranging from concerts at The Prince Edward Theatre, to self-conceived cabarets under train stations, and obscure musicals in churches during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. After a brief time of living in London, he toured Nationally and Internationally performing in productions such as CURIOUS GEORGE LIVE!, playing ‘The Man With The Yellow Hat.’ and THE ALUMINUM SHOW where he created and developed the main character in the production that is still performed today. He currently works, performs and creates in New York City.

Michael Jay Kaplan is a graduate of Anthony Abeson Studio and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Â He has performed in shorts, indies, and student films as well as various off-off Broadway shows, festivals and showcases. He recently spent 40 days on a plane as a passenger in the movie Non Stop.


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