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Artist Block

September 2011

Issue 2

New Designers Everywhere

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Graphic Designers


Fine artists


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This magazine was created by Justin Bautista and Amanda Breach as a collaborative effort to showcase some of the new talent that will be venturing out from University into the working world. As a Graphic Design graduate and an Illustration graduate from Middlesex University we know how going from the world of education to the working world can be scary and as well as a very hard transition. We hope to show various works from as many people as we can allowing each person to express who they are through their work. Our intentions are to help, inform and potentially advertise people and the work they do. Each person is talented in their own way and should have every opportunity to show that to as many people as possible. Creativity Never Stops. In collaboration with: To be in the next issue contact:


Justin Bautista


Ashley Goldhawk

Graphic Designers.


Nikki Thompson


Jamie Scott- Gobin

Justin Bautista

W: E: Justin graduated from Middlesex University where he completed a Ba (hons) in Graphic Design. Justin’s main joy is Advertising and Branding but has completed various successful print projects which can all be found on his website. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact him, for further information please see his website.

Ashley Goldhawk

Ashley Goldhawk E: T: +44 (0) 788 164 6763 Skype: ashley.goldhawk Twitter: @ashleygoldhawk Middelsex Graduate Ashley Goldhawk has a mixture of both photography and digital illustration within her work. Ashley’s final year major project consisted of creating her own brand, for which she created an all female tattoo parlor. Shown are some of the promotional posters to go with her brand, exhibiting her identity, slogans and ladies. Alongside these are Posters and stamps designed for past D&AD briefs Design Museum Shad Thames London SE1 2YD 0870 909 9009

Nikki Thompson

T: +44 (0) 796 911 3250 E: W: Nikki Thompson is a Middelsex Graduate with a Ba (hons) Graphic Design. Shown are some pieces of work she has produced through her years of study. More of her wok can be seen on her website. Designers republic - celebrate your favourite designers with an exhibition poster for the design museum. Open house - Get people interested in the London event Open House, where you can see all different houses from around the capital - the keys to the city. Web project - music page from designs of creating a Website about myself and my interests.

September 2010 Based in London. Your chance to explore hundreds of inspiring buildings of all types and periods, in London for free. Event organised by Open-City. Visit the website to find out what houses are opening.


Jamie Scott-Gobin groups/136051413097519/ E: T: +44 (0) 781 562 4422 Jamie graduated from Northumbria University successfully worked on various projects in the past. His areas work vary from Digital to photography, branding and advertising as well as conceptual work. If you have any questions feel free to get in contact with him as he would be delighted to answer.

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Amanda Breach

2 Holly Edlin


Sophie Piper


Anne-Marie Sedar

Amanda Breach T: +44 (0) 781 176 2510 E: W: Amanda Breach Middlesex Graduate in BA (hons) Illustration has mastered various drawing styles, her works consist of Cartoon drawing, Animation, Book cover designs, Creating entire books, characters and Story lines and Digital art. Amanda has successfully completed several commissions whilst and since finishing university. Middlesex Graduate Holly Edlin displays her Wood Engravings. Her Engravings form part of her University portfolio alongside many other designs and hand cut and crafted patterns.

Holly Edlin

E: What inspires her? “Skinny Japanese men who look like women. An awful lot of Japanese culture such as music, manga, anime, and other Asian artists like Benjamin Zhang and Stanley Lau. I frequently buy Imagine FX to look for good tips but find I can never do it how the artist tells me to. I work with a Wacom bamboo and use Photoshop elements and Manga Studio for line art. I really want to improve on my digital painting as it takes me a massive deal of time to finish a piece. Am self taught and would appreciate taking lessons.�

Sophie Piper

Ann Marie Sedar

T: +44Â (0) 752 786 4980 E: Ann-marie has been studying art and design for the past 5 years, she recently graduated from Northbrook College with a HND in Illustration.

1 Alison Breach

Fine Artists

2 Michael McManus

Alison Breach W: E: Alison’s main focus is drawing animals for this reason she is completing a Pet Portrait course and London Art College. Her soft warm and styled approach captures the emotion and identity of each animal and can be seen in pastel, acrylics, pencil, colouring pencils an oils.

Mikey McManu found imagery

He combines va alongside bold, through exposin

His experimenta both allure and within an entire like blanket gro such a vast, rom

w: www.mikeym E: mcmanusm9

Michael McManus

us creates works from memories of situations and imagined, alternate scenarios. Reconstructing visual space with and fictional references.

arious processes of painting and collage within each piece, using labour intensive and intricately depicted forms , material marks. Historical methods of constructing an image are contrasted with unique manufactured ones and it is ng these multiple applications of paint that McManus presents the physical components of his work.

ation is depicted through a combination of fractured spaces and multiple viewpoints, a visual parody that proves to d unsettle the viewer. There is an intensity in the way his references are reinvented and placed alongside each other ely new context; where images often appear lost within a network of dreamlike scenarios. It is in this sense that pieces ound contain a degree of nostalgia, where historical references seem too personal and intimate to be situated within manticised composition.


1 Zishan Khan

Zishan Khan

Creative, distinctive and passionate is what I envision for my images. I was given my first camera when I was 10 it was a film camera so most of the time I had no film in it but I was still taking photos with it. Due to lots of travelling & relocating in my teens I had less resources to carry on. A few years ago I picked my camera one day and started shooting. I decided to make time to do what I always wanted to do. I started my own Photography called Aurell Photography in Jan 2007,Taking live gig photos for bands Also doing various other side projects. I also worked for, Taking amazing photos at clubs & events. I am a freelance photographer based in Luton and will accept clients and projects in England. My aim is to provide you with the images you want in a fun and friendly way,it’s as simple as that. facebook : Zishan_k Twitter : @Zishan_K E: W:

Artist Block Issue 2  
Artist Block Issue 2  

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