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The Collection from ArtistAngle Gallery



Arrabers, Bruce Bowersock

welcome Welcome to a unique opportunity to bring affordable fine art into homes and businesses. The remarkable paintings and photography in our catalog represent exciting talent, both established and emerging by local and regional artists. The ArtistAngle Gallery is beautifully situated in a former grist mill in historic Frederick, Maryland, a city that counts itself among the best small arts towns in the United States. A stunning cross-section of works from local artists and from those throughout the MidAtlantic region enters our doors, for framing as well as for monthly exhibits. The work featured in The Collection is a finely curated selection of this vast bounty. If you find yourself visualizing a few pieces in your space or your clients’ space, we can offer you professional, high-quality prints at a fraction of the cost of the original art. We are ready to work with you on framing the pieces so that you receive them ready to hang. We can also facilitate your purchase of the original art, if still available. The Collection will be published twice a year in the spring and autumn. I am delighted to introduce you to the inaugural issue, and to this group of exciting artists! Jennifer Finley

Owner, ArtistAngle Gallery

The Collection from ArtistAngle Gallery

Spring 2018 Issue 1 Jennifer Finley Editor & Publisher Kayleigh Montgomery Graphic Designer Braughan Morrison Graphic Designer Bill Watson Design Consultant Dan Scenna Curator Sheryl Massaro Editoral

The Collection is published semiannually and distributed online. Available at:

On the Cover Sunlight On Aspen,Tim Stephens

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Nature and Botanicals In the Spotlight John Nelson


Highlighted Artists Remembering Bruce Bowersock

Abstract The Charm of Small Pieces

Butterflies, Tracey Ellis-Guss

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Hammers, Johnny Martyr

1320, Johnny Martyr

Tree Study, Dan Scenna


Into the Weeds, Betta Fraize


nature and botanicals

Snug Bug, Geraldine Wilson

Ernie Lane 1, Ron Baviello

Ernie Lane 2, Ron Baviello


Giraffe, Michael Gouker

Baltimore Colts, Rebecca Pearl


Luke 2, Michael Gouker

Luke 1, Michael Gouker


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Featured image: Tree Study 2, Dan Scenna

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Bouquet, Beamie Young

as vibrant as you 11

Les Fleurs Upside Down, Photograph

in the spotlight John Nelson Portrait by Brady Wilks

The Italians have, as usual, a beautiful word to describe the impact and play of contrasting what is light with what is dark—chiaroscuro. Since the Renaissance, it has been used generally to describe a painting technique. If photography had existed during the Renaissance, the term would have been used to describe John Nelson’s photography as well. In talking

Absinthe, Photograph

about his present-day fine art photography, Nelson freely acknowledges intense gratitude for a couple of things. The first is his amazing wife who supports him and his work in countless ways. (There’s also the long-suffering daughter often coerced into modeling.) The second is the influence of certain Italian and Dutch chiaroscuro painters. Their perspective is clear in his


Still Life with Flowers and Apples, Wet Plate Photograph

“Frequently, the creation of ambiguity is part of my process.”

juxtaposition of values as well as objects, often in still life. Again, the Italian term for still life, natura morta (dead nature), seems to be apt in considering Nelson’s photography. In addition to the play of light and dark, he also deftly poses beauty with decay. Tulips, for example, drooping. But light/dark and beauty/decay are more to Nelson than elements in his photography. They are vital tools toward establishing ambiguity, and ambiguity is a lure critical to attracting viewers and inspiring them to go deeper. Look at me, Nelson’s works communicate, and do come


in. One sees ordinary objects, many of fading loveliness, arranged along Nelson’s lines of perception. I used to be new, but now I have a tale to tell. What is fascinating about Nelson’s work is that it is not all produced by the same technique. Among these two pages, for example, one photograph has been made by using a technique from the 1800s, and the rest are digital. Some mesmerizingly beautiful effects can result from the older technique, wet plate tintype photography. Nothing about it is easy, though, or inexpensive, or even safe. The chemicals

Still Life Tableau, Photograph

used are among the most deadly. So, there’s that, and then there is digital photography. Not exactly the same effect, but a mesmerizing one of its own when adjusted to look akin to that of wet plate. What matters more to Nelson than the hardware used is that the result embodies his intended visual depth of meaning. Do you stop after walking by and return for a longer look? What exactly am I seeing, you might think, and why can I not turn away? Mission accomplished. As a palate cleanser, and also because humor can be very insightful, I asked John if he would share a favorite joke and, here, I paraphrase. An American fellow went to visit his great good British friend at his estate in the English countryside. Game for anything, the American agreed to go on the morning fox hunt. This was a first for him! It was a

delight to ride through the lifting morning mist as the horn sounded and hounds bayed and hooves flew over the green earth. Later, the riders retired to his friend’s manor house for rest and food and a good visit. The American, however, noticed that his new acquaintances were a bit standoffish. One by one they would introduce themselves with the obvious intention of beginning a great conversation, but then would falter, gaze at him with a kind of helplessness, and drift away. Finally, the American pulled his good friend aside and asked him if there was some reason for this strange reaction. “Well,” said his friend, “here we shout, ‘Tally-ho, the fox!’ not, ‘There goes the son of a bitch!’” It’s all a matter of perception. By Sheryl Massaro


The Reef, Bruce Bowersock

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The Collection from ArtistAngle Gallery

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Lismore, Beamie Young

as awe-inspiring as you

Sea of Abaco, Sheryl Massaro



Glendale Pond, Cecelia M. Laurendeau

Butterflies, Catherine Barnstone Szafran


Lodestar, Beamie Young

Palouse, Peter Foiles


Rain Field, Sheryl Massaro

as adventurous as you

These Boots, Catherine Barnstone-Szafran


highlighted artists Annie Quinlan Quiet End

“Art is a way for me to process being human, how to make it all work.”

Peter Foiles Black Butte

“What do I love about photography? I see compositions everywhere, and it lets me share them.”

Johnny Carrera

Little Prince with the Big Lever

“New ideas don’t spontaneously generate themselves, but come from new combinations of old ones.”


Crows This is not a day to study the complexities of crows — not with the leaves going hard, the sun barely sustaining its pull, the pond dying. Fertility seems exhausted after its amazing climb to autumn. This is a day just to rest on that plateau and wonder how a crown absorbs the spectrum and finds the plumpest worm and lifts the weight of both. Sheryl Massaro

Song of the Blackbird, Annie Quinlan


Reclamation, Stephen Dobbin


Bring s

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Evening Flight, collaboration by Lilliane Bowersock and Bruce Bowersock


remembering Bruce Bowersock

July 16,1938–July 20, 2017

A man of far-ranging interests, Bruce Bowersock studied and mastered every art medium that ever appealed to him. Artists have a reputation for being loners, but when Bruce married me, a fellow artist, we saw an opportunity to collaborate, critique, encourage and keep each other from overworking our paintings. His loving, kind, gentle manner combined with his consummate ability to observe, dissect, identify with and speak about his subject matter made him a highly sought after instructor. His awareness of the talent in every age of student instilled in his pupils, even after his passing, an awareness of their individual gifts. This painting, Evening Flight, began as my endeavor, and as I finished, he taught me several techniques to make this painting an instant seller, techniques that I use to this day! He often said, “A painting should take the viewer to a place he or she cannot go on an ordinary day.” That artist’s statement sums up his life. He translated our daily lives into extraordinary images that will last forever. By his loving wife Lilliane Bowersock


Midnight Carnival, Bruce Bowersock



The Red Door, Dan Scenna


Petals and Pomegranates, Elizabeth Steel

Winter Bird’s Eye, Rebecca Carpenter


Shell Still Life, Joan Plato

Columbia, Livia New York, Julie Maynard

Reflections, Joy Boudreaux


Power, Sumner Crenshaw Power, Sumnner Crenshaw

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the charm of small pieces

We’ll Have to Muddle Through, Johnny Carrera

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Pegasus, Goodloe Byron

as playful as you

Morty, Goodloe Byron

Morty, Goodloe Byron


Seasons, OBX, Tim Stephens

Winter Shadows, Rebecca Ca

Rudy on the Wall, Tracey Ellis-Guss

Deep in the Shrine, Marion Griffin


Muse, Bette Brody



The Collection from ArtistAngle Gallery

At the ArtistAngle Gallery our passion is in the details. Great printing, mounting, and framing options can make all the difference in creating the perfect piece of art for your space. Each piece in our catalog has been hand-selected and most are available in multiple sizes and presentations. Our relationship with Digital Silver Imaging assures you the highest quality Hahnemuhle papers and archival inks. Photo paper choices include photo gloss, photo pearl, enhanced matte, and Ilford metallic paper. Fine Art paper selection includes elegant velvet watercolor, silk baryta, and photo rag. Additional printing options include canvas, aluminum prints, and facemount acrylic. Note: pieces are not offered in all papers and presentations. Please feel free to call the gallery for additional options and pricing.

Reflection, Braughan Morrison


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The Collection from ArtistAngle Gallery

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At the ArtistAngle Gallery, we believe what you hang on your walls is a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been and what you love. Whether you are framing a jersey, a diploma or purchasing a piece of art for your home or business, our creative gallery staff can help guide you through all the details. All work is handled with personal attention and completed in-house. We offer both in-home and in-office consultations as well and free local delivery is always included. High quality, personalized, artistic framing experience for all your artwork needs at a competitive price. Conservation and museum framing options ensure that your pieces will last for years to come. Our everyday competitive pricing means you never have to worry that you are spending MORE money for quality and service.


Dream, Bette Brody


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Blooming Ginger, Patricia Durjava

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The Collection from ArtistAngle Gallery


I want to extend my sincere gratitude to our team for their dedication to the creation and development of this publication. Your knowledge, professionalism and creativity have made it possible for our gallery to design and launch a publication that will bring visibility to our gallery and enable artists to share their work more globally. Thank you for sharing my vision. Jennifer Finley Gallery Owner & Operator

Kayleigh is a Frederick, Maryland based artist and designer. Her interests include analog and digital photography, graphic design, collage, and bookmaking. Kayleigh is a founding member of the Mid-Atlantic Analog Photographers, an exhibiting photography group that focuses on vintage and historical photography methods. Her inspirations include road trips, vintage magazines, and photographers Sally Mann and William Eggleston. Kayleigh Montgomery Graphic Designer

Braughan is an award-winning photographer, artist, and graphic designer based in Frederick, Maryland. She earned an associates degree in Fine Art from Cottey College in Nevada and currently studies Graphic Design at Towson University. She uses many different mediums including photography, film-making, screen printing, illustration, and sculpture to express her belief that art can impact cultural mindsets and drive social change. Braughan Morrison Graphic Designer


our team Bill (aka Watson), is an urban contemporary painter, muralist, and accomplished illustrator who spent many years creating motion graphics in the video/television industry before pursuing artwork full-time. His work combines disparate imagery and artistic styles, reminiscent of the visual chaotic urban landscape.

Bill Watson Design Consultant

Dan is an award-winning photographer and educator based in Frederick, Maryland. His specialties include portraiture, figure fine art, and digital illustration. Dan loves teaching and offers private tutoring as well as various group workshops. He is also an experienced judge for competitions and provides private portfolio critiques and advice. Dan Scenna Curator

Sheryl is an oil painter, photographer, poet, potter, Master Gardener, and consultant on health communications related to drug abuse and addiction. In her work, she endeavors to tap into and convey life’s undertows—the unspoken things that ultimately bring close and bind artists and their readers or viewers.

Sheryl Massaro Editorial



The Collection from ArtistAngle Gallery

The ArtistAngle Gallery invites both established and emerging artists to submit two-dimensional works including photography, painting, collage, and mixed media to be considered for upcoming issues of The Collection. All submissions are thoroughly reviewed by our publication team. All submitting artists will receive a confirmation response. Visit for details.


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New Market Day, Dan Scenna

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