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Caldmore People

David Green New artist to Caldmore David Green has recently taken up a studio at Chameleon Gallery in Sandwell Street. After graduating in 1985 David spent many years working as a Technician and teaching in various UK Art Schools including Stourbridge, Wolverhampton and Stoke but he is now ready to start making his own work again. His glass installations look at questioning the alternative interpretation of objects. By taking everyday and sometimes not so everyday objects and remaking them in glass, using them for their aesthetic qualities he subverts the meaning of the original and questions it’s ...

Caldmore People

He prefers to show work in unconventional gallery spaces incorporating light and projections to create an immersive experience for the viewer and an ambiguity in the objects. His plans for the future are open at the moment, just wanting to spend some time playing with the materials and experimenting with forms. Hopefully Caldmore will inspire him to produce some great new work and we will have the opportunity to see it in the not too distant months. You can contact David and more of his work can be seen at

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