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Dassault Falcon 5X Bombardier Challenger 300 Skyacht One

January - March 2014

W R A I T H WRAITH And the world stood still And the world stood still

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Bell Helicopter announces new helicopter assembly facility in Louisiana


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42 Bombardier Challenger 300 50



Dassault Unveils Falcon 5X

Every aspect of the Lineage 1000E has been designed to ensure you enjoy the most comfortable flight, with a newly-designed interior featuring over a thousand superior improvements. The Lineage 1000E caters to every part of your journey and each of its five cabin zones features enhanced sound proofing for the ultimate privacy. With luxurious dining and lounge areas, new seats and divans, you will always arrive fully refreshed. In fact, when you’ve finished dining, you may wish to turn the space into a meeting area.

62 Events 64

You will never need to worry about excess baggage. The Lineage 1000E has the largest walk-in, in-flight accessible baggage compartment of any executive jet in the world. Luxury, every step of the way.

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Aviation in India‌ Potentially Fractured‌.


hat Indian aviation has great underlying potential so it is said. But where is this potential? The market continues to explore

ambitious projects in expectation of drastic reforms which is some distance away and operators continue with hope that things would change soon. With the size and population of our country the number of aircrafts that we have is not something to be proud of. On one hand costs of operations continue to increase with no substantial improvement in service while on the other hand ground service providers continue to levy charges at international standards for service much to be desired for and with no justifications of the charges. Low cost carrier has turned out to be just a myth.

Current sector prices are similar for all the airlines. Sector ticket price for low cost airlines almost match up to the leading full service carrier with absolutely no service other than inflight sales and free water. It just shows that we are quick to adopt the cheapest way to service and highest way to charge a customer who has little choice. But yes now with Air Asia full service other airlines will be forced to provide services at par. The core issues of infrastructure continues to make headlines even after almost a decade there are no serious attempt to address the industry’s core challenges, of high fuel prices, airport charges and cost of services that do not justify the charges. All this problems are further compounded by a sharp depreciation of the Rupee which makes new operations totally unviable. Leading OEM have seen a drop in deliveries in corporate aviation for the year ending 2103. We hope that 2014 addresses issues that would make the operations of general aviation more user friendly.




Boeing to increase 737 production rate to 47 aircraft in 2017

With a record undelivered backlog of more than 3,400

consolidate the process of “bridging� into production for the

737s on its books, Boeing has announced it will increase

re-engined variant.

production to 47 aircraft per month in 2017, the fastest rate ever achieved for any jet airliner.

Boeing adds that the combined rate represents almost a 50% increase since 2010. Overall orders for all 737 versions now

The move, which has been anticipated for some time, comes

stand at around 11,200, of which some 6,500 are made up

as Boeing prepares to ramp-up production of the existing

of the CFM56-powered 737 Next Generation. The company

737 Next Generation model to 42 per month in the first half

also holds firm orders and memorandam of understanding

of 2014 and begin assembly of the follow-on 737 MAX family.

for more than 1,600 CFM Leap-1B-powered MAX versions.

Boeing currently makes 38 737s a month at its Renton,

Airbus, which holds orders for around 2,600 re-engined

Wash., site and is setting up a new assembly line within

A320neos, currently plans to increase the production rate

the facility to produce the initial MAX aircraft alongside the

for its single-aisle twinjet from the current 42 per month to

current 737 models. The transition to 47 a month in 2017

44 in 2017. However, the European manufacturer also has

partly reflects the sustained backlog demand for the current

signaled a potential follow-on rate increase to up to 50 a

model, as well as the production build-up to support the

month later in the decade.

MAX, first deliveries of which will begin in the third quarter of that year. Boeing says that the combined 737 Next Generation and MAX output will be 560 aircraft per year, as the company works to 4



Boeing likewise is thought to be contemplating even higher production numbers, having contacted its suppliers with prospective plans to go to a rate as high as 52 per month, pending increased demand for the MAX beyond 2019.

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Bombardier considering options as it proceeds with CSeries tests Bombardier is looking at several scenarios for the rest of the CSeries flight-test




schedule implications, but will only come to conclusions over the next few months, says President and CEO Pierre Beaudoin. Beaudoin, however, declined to confirm if there will be another delay in testing beyond what has already been announced. “We are evaluating what is the right decision from an investment perspective and for everybody involved,” he said yesterday during the company’s third-quarter earnings call. Bombardier is deciding between a tight flight-test schedule, which would require using more prototypes at the same time, or using fewer, which would require a longer flight-test program but limit the cash drain incurred by the company. “All of this is being discussed with many stakeholders and we are trying to get to the best financial result for everybody,” Beaudoin said. Bombardier’s plan always has been to deliver the first aircraft 12 months after the Sept. 16 first flight, but that timing now looks increasingly doubtful. Many investors believe the first CS100 will be delivered in the first quarter of 2015, at the earliest. The company conducted the fourth test flight with its first CSeries prototype on Oct. 30. The calibration flight lasted 1.5 hr. and Beaudoin stressed that the flight-test program is going according to plan. Following first flight, the prototype flew again on Oct. 1 and then again on Oct. 3. The third flight took the aircraft to 25,000 ft. and Mach 0.60. The hiatus of more than three weeks had always been planned, 6



said Beaudoin, and was used to complete software updates and vibration tests that had not been concluded prior to first flight. “We are where we thought we would be,” Beaudoin said. FTV-2, the second flight-test aircraft, is expected to fly “in the coming weeks,” but Beaudoin did not say if that meant by year-end. And in spite of the slow pace of new orders, Beaudoin claims to be confident about the aircraft’s sales prospects. “We feel good about reaching our target of 300 orders at entry into service,” ne noted. Bombardier now has 177 combined orders for the CS100 and CS300. In spite of the dwindling backlogs, Beaudoin still sees “quite a few opportunities” for Q400 and CRJ orders with existing and new customers. He also confirmed that Bombardier is considering a higher-capacity, unstretched variant of the Q400. In the third quarter of 2013, aerospace revenues for Bombardier fell from $2.3 billion to $2 billion due to a lower level of deliveries, partly because of the transition to of the Learjet 70 and 75 programs. The aerospace division achieved a $86 million operating profit, compared to $118 million a year earlier. Mainly because of CSeries-related expenses, Bombardier Aerospace generated a $406 million negative free cash flow

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2010 Cessna Citation CJ4 SN 525C-0002


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Embraer aims for market share with new lineage

Embraer is hoping to capture market share in the VVIP

The extra range is a particular advantage for flights out

category from Boeing and Airbus with the rollout of the

of Teterboro, N.J., because it opens up a number of new

Lineage 1000E. The new aircraft is 500 lb. lighter thanks to

markets, including Shannon (Ireland) and Los Angeles, says

the removal of a dozen windows and the forward service

Augusto Salgado da Rocha, senior manager for product

door, and it sports a redesigned five-zone interior.

strategy and sales engineering.

The new version of Embraer’s top-of-the-line Lineage

The range and fuselage changes are among a number of

business jet has an extended range, a redesigned interior,

design efforts on the Lineage. The aircraft will come with a

new equipment and other changes. The new Lineage will

redesigned interior with layout flexibility. It has five zones

have an additional 200 nm of range, which Embraer was able

with two rigid doors to provide separate rooms. Taking

to squeeze out by removing the 500 lb. of weight.

much more of an executive-jet approach to the design,

Since the aircraft is derived from the Embraer 190 jetliner, it was designed with two forward doors. On the original Lineage, Embraer would block off the door, since it was not necessary on a business jet, and plug numerous passenger windows that were blocked by the interior features. Embraer has redesigned the airframe without the second forward door and removed the “mirage” windows to

Embraer looked at details such as reducing galley noise level, Salgado da Rocha says. The 1000E will also host the newest Honeywell Ovation Select inflight entertainment and cabin management package, which is completely digital and has iPad and touch-screen controls. Also new on the 1000E: options for autoland and E2VS (Embraer Enhanced Vision System) with head-up display and EVS together.

provide a cleaner, smoother look on the outside and create a

Marco Tulio Pellegrini, senior VP of operations and COO

substantial weight savings.

for Embraer’s Executive Jets division, notes that increasing

Embraer also redesigned the routing of the harnesses, used lighter attachments for CMS/IFE architecture, and reduced cabinetry weight. The result is more payload for the same range, a range of 4,440 nm at high-speed cruise and of 4,600 nm at Mach 0.78.

market share with the Lineage “was kind of a challenge.” Embraer won Brazilian certification of the aircraft in 2008, and FAA certification followed in early 2009. Since then, the company has delivered about two dozen units, but a number of them are shuttle variants. Only about 14 of those were strictly Lineages. The 1000E is here at NBAA on display at Henderson Executive Airport.




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Dave Cote Chairman and CEO Honeywell

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Marshall O. Larsen Chairman, President and CEO Goodrich

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“At Amway safety is our top priority. That’s why we’ve insisted on FlightSafety’s professional training for more than 30 years.” Rich DeVos Co-founder Amway Corporation

“FlightSafety gives me exceptional training that fits my demands as a pilot.” Eric E. Schmidt, Ph.D. Executive Chairman Google Inc.

Louis R. Chênevert Chairman and CEO United Technologies

“FlightSafety training helps to prepare Boeing’s corporate pilots to meet any circumstance – from the routine to the most challenging.”

“Tata relies on FlightSafety’s high-quality training to ensure the safe and efficient operation of our aircraft as we expand our global presence.”

James Albaugh President and CEO Boeing Commercial Airplanes

“FlightSafety training is the best insurance GEICO could have for its flight department.” Olza M. “Tony” Nicely Chairman, President and CEO GEICO

Ratan N. Tata Chairman Tata Sons

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endorsements lightly – and they don’t cut corners on aviation training. Just two reasons why these leaders choose the world leader in aviation training. They rely on FlightSafety International to train their corporate

Ellen Kullman Chair and CEO DuPont

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Beechcraft sale speculation resurfaces once again

Beechcraft reportedly has instructed Credit Suisse to

to buy the company from Raytheon. It also is a little less

approach prospective buyers, including Cessna Aircraft, just

than the $1.79 billion that Chinese-backed Superior Aviation

months after the manufacturer emerged from an extensive

Beijing had planned to pay for Beechcraft.

Chapter 11 reorganization. “I’ve heard that rumor,” Beechcraft’s executive vice president, sales and marketing

While Beechcraft is returning to stability and profitability

Shawn Vick told Aviation Week. “We are not in the business

on its aging family of pistons and turboprops, the King

of responding to rumors – and that’s all it is.”

Air product line is considered a “cash cow” that held up well through the downturn and one with no real direct

Beechcraft is not commenting further on the Bloomberg

competitor. Beechcraft’s services business is also seen as

report, but CEO Bill Boisture last summer noted to Aviation

lucrative, with a customer base of many thousands of King

Week that three of the company’s major shareholders

Airs and Hawkers still in service.

specialize in distressed properties. With that in mind, he said, it was reasonable to wonder if they are long-term owners.

The sale of Beechcraft would likely be independent of its

Talking to Aviation Week, one senior Beechcraft executive

efforts to dispose of the Premier and Hawker 4000 jet lines.

added, “Am I surprised by the suggestion that someone

Beechcraft has been hoping to conclude that sale by the end

might want to buy us? No, given our performance so far in

of the year.

2013, I am not. We have had a terrific year.”

As for speculation surrounding Cessna, Scott Donnelly,

Beechcraft’s creditors took ownership of the company in

chairman of Cessna’s parent company Textron, told

February in exchange for erasing close to $2.5 billion in debt.

analysts last year that parts of Beechcraft were of interest

Beechcraft reportedly could fetch $1.5 billion, less than half

to Cessna and that Textron was monitoring the bankruptcy

the $3.3 billion that Goldman Sachs and Onex paid in 2007





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AgustaWestland still in contention for Indian Helo awards

AgustaWestland is still in contention for two helicopter

Meanwhile, AgustaWestland has formally requested the

contracts in India, despite the bribery scandal surrounding

Indian defense ministry have bilateral discussions with

its sale of AW101 helicopters to the Indian air force. The

the company on the VIP program, in response to Indian

Anglo-Italian defense firm is bidding for a 56 Naval Utility

government maneuvering to cancel the deal.

Helicopters (NUH) contract and to supply 14 twin-engine helicopters to the Indian coast guard.

The Indian government had ordered the AW101s as part of a €560 million ($754 million) contract. The aircraft were to be

Defense Minister A.K. Antony confirms the company is still

used by the IAF Air Headquarters Communication Squadron

in the running for both programs. “Since no decision to

for the VIP/head-of-state mission, replacing a small fleet

debar the company from participation in the procurement

of specially modified Mil Mi-8s. India has already received

process has so far been taken, the bids are under process,”

three of the helicopters; the remaining nine are due to

Antony says. India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is

be delivered by this year. According to a defense ministry

investigating 13 people it suspects are involved in bribery

official, 70% of the approximately $700 million due has been

surrounding the purchase of the VIP transport helicopters

put on hold until the federal investigation report is final. But

from the Finmeccanica subsidiary.

an AgustaWestland official says, “the deal is still active, as

India has suspended all payments and has threatened to cancel the purchase of the AW101 helos altogether

we haven’t received any communication from the Indian government regarding the cancelation of the contract.”

if the charges of bribery to middlemen in India and abroad

Finmeccanica denies all wrongdoing, and investigations by

are proven.

both Italian and Indian authorities are continuing. The CBI’s

The NUH request for proposals (RFP) was issued in August 2012, before CBI’s inquiry into the VIP helicopter case. The RFP for the Indian coast guard helicopters was issued in November 2012. Two companies have bid for NUH, and three for the coast guard program.

probe should be completed in the coming months. The move follows the Feb. 12 arrest in Italy of Finmeccanica Chairman and CEO Giuseppe Orsi by investigators looking into whether AgustaWestland paid kickbacks worth around €50 million ($67 million) to secure the sale when Orsi was in charge of the company. Aviators



FAA grants HondaJet type inspection authorization

“Achieving FAA Type Inspection Authorization is a tremendous

is ready for FAA pilots to perform onboard flight tests

milestone for the HondaJet program and a significant step

required for certification. Nose-to-tail FAA review during

toward type certification,” said Michimasa Fujino, president

this final testing phase will pave the way for HondaJet type

and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company. “We have successfully

certification and the first deliveries to HondaJet customers.

demonstrated through ground and flight testing that the HondaJet will meet certification requirements. We are now

“We have been working closely with the FAA to finalize our

ready to begin the final stage of certification flight testing

certification schedule for the HondaJet,” said Fujino. “Based

with FAA pilot participation.”

on the recent FAA type certification of the HF120 turbofan engine and this TIA milestone achievement, we can expect

Type Inspection Authorization is a pivotal point in the

aircraft type certification in the first quarter of 2015 with

development and certification of a new aircraft. It signifies

deliveries following immediately after.”

that the HondaJet meets type design requirements and

First Eclipse 550 delivered Fred L. Phillips, president of Shreveport, La.-based Petrolift Aviation Services, is taking delivery of the first production Eclipse 550, says Mason Holland, CEO and president of Eclipse Aerospace. Phillips has owned two Eclipse 500 light jets, including a 2007 model originally delivered to DayJet. His new 550 is complete with optional SVS and Lexavia IR EVS, XM satellite weather, dual FMS with WAAS LPV GPS receivers and antiskid brakes supplied by Yankee Pacific. “Love the airplane and I love the company,” Phillips says.

lead vocalist for rock band Iron Maiden, recently earned his

Separately, Holland announced that 7,000-hour ATP-rated

Eclipse 500 type rating. Dickinson now plans to invest in a

pilot and aviation enthusiast P. Bruce Dickinson, former 14



UK-based Eclipse 550 distributorship.




Dubai International’s runway closures details

Starting in May 2014, both of Dubai International Airport’s

Talking of maintenance inspections during runway closures,

runways are being overhauled, and for an 80-day period

Rucker explained, “The official version says no general

business aviation will not be permitted to use the airport.

aviation traffic during the 80 days, but we might get one arrival and one departure per week for aircraft coming in for

The northern runway 12L/30R is nearing the end of its design


life and requires resurfacing, new entry and exit taxiways, and upgraded runway lights. The southern runway will also

We will probably try to find outsourcing solutions and take

get new taxiways.

tools and staff to an alternative hangar in Sharjah or DWC. This will be a challenge!”

It is thought that diverted traffic will go to Dubai World Central’s Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), or to

Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths says that from May 1

Sharja or Al Bateen. “After those 80 days, and when people

there will be full-time closure of the southern runway and

have become familiar with the setup in DWC, I don’t believe

single runway operations on the northern one. The end of

Dubai International Airport will want to take business

May will see completion of the southern runway and closure

aircraft back,” mused Michael Rücker, senior VP and general

of the northern one. Operations from both runways will

manager at Jet Aviation’s facility there.

resume on July 20.










Flexjet expands Learjet 85 order

Flexjet is expanding its recently announced record-breaking

a commitment to place orders and options for up to 245

order with Bombardier to include additional Learjet 85s, the

Bombardier business aircraft valued at $5.2 billion. The deal,

prototype of which is due to make its first flight by year-end.

which is yet to be finalized, sees Dallas-based Flexjet maintain its operations and branding independent of Cleveland-based

The original order, which sees deliveries starting in 2014 and

Flight Options.

continuing through 2018, includes 25 Learjet 75s, 30 Learjet 85s, 20 Challenger 350s and 10 Challenger 605s, valued

Kenn Ricci, principal of Directional and chairman of Flight

at $1.8 billion. Options include up to another 160 aircraft,

Options, says the new aircraft will “regenerate the fleet”

raising the total potential value to $5.2 billion, with deliveries

and will provide an opportunity to introduce a series of new

stretching through 2024.

interiors. “Maybe we’ve dumbed down the product too much, so we think there’s an opportunity to do more with

The expansion converts 30 Learjet 85 options into firm

that. So we worked with Bombardier with the Learjet 75 LXI

orders, and adds a further 20 options to the deal. Overall

and modified the interior to provide more space and a series

firm orders have therefore increased to 115 aircraft, and the

of designer interiors. Even though each one will be configured

options to 150. The value also climbs to $5.6 billion.

the same, each will be bespoke in its own way.” The batch of

Directional Aviation Capital on Sept. 5 announced plans to acquire Flexjet from Bombardier for $185 million and

aircraft coming for Flexjet will therefore incorporate up to six different interiors. Aviators



Cessna’s Citations delivers continue to be affected

Cessna Aircraft’s business jet delivery woes continued into

jets. He notes that the company has begun to take orders for

the third quarter with shipments dipping to 25 units, down

the new Sovereign since it has actively marketed the aircraft

from 41 units last year, resulting in another quarterly loss,

in recent months. M2 sales have already been strong enough

Cessna parent Textron reported Oct. 18.

that Cessna last summer was considering adding delivery slots in its production plans. But Donnelly declined to detail

Cessna posted a $23 million loss in the quarter, compared

production ramp-up plans for either quarter.

with a $30 million profit a year ago. The third-quarter results follow a $50 million loss in the second quarter, when

Backlog increased in the third quarter by $61 million to $1.07

deliveries plummeted by 50% to 20 business jets.

billion, in part due to low levels of Citation production. But it also improved on sales activity with the Sovereign, M2s

Textron Chairman and CEO Scott Donnelly, noting slight

and Latitude – which is slated to fly next year. Donnelly

delays in the M2 and Sovereign program and continued

noted that sales of those programs have gotten better and

market weakness, warned in July that the third quarter was

“certainly better in September.”

expected to be down. But speaking to analysts Oct. 18, he called the continued market weakness “disappointing” and

While the new product has been generating interest and

said the market has “gone down lower than we would ever

orders, he concedes that the existing Citation lines are

have imagined it to go down.”

struggling to compete against used copies on the market at depressed prices. Prices continued to soften in the third

Textron scaled back its revenue estimates for Cessna, but

quarter, making sales of new aircraft difficult. Cessna earlier

Donnelly was optimistic there would be better results in the

this year firmed its pricing, saying customers were previously

fourth quarter, with certifications and deliveries expected to

asking for prices that were so low that it wouldn’t make

begin for both the new Cessna Citation Sovereign and M2

sense to produce the aircraft.





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Embraer delivers first Phenom 300 to Chinese customer

Embraer delivers its first Phenom 300 light-jet to a Chinese

small Chinese built turboprop aircraft and is available

customer. Embraer have delivered the first of their $8.76m

for charter.

Phenom 300 light-jets to a Chinese customer.

More than 200 Phenom 300′s have been delivered but only

The Phenom 300 joins the rapidly expanding fleet of Erdos

three are operated in Asia, with the other two aircraft being

General Aviation Co Ltd – which operates almost 20 mainly

registered in Indonesia.

GKN to create fuel tanks for FlightSafety adds ADS-B Bell relentless course to eLearning GKN Aerospace has won a multimillion-dollar, life-of-

FlightSafety International will offer a new Web-based

program contract from Bell Helicopter to develop and supply

Automatic Dependent Surveillance

crashworthy, state-of-the-art fuel tanks for the new Bell 525

course as part of its eLearning programs. The objective of the

Relentless helicopter. The fuel tanks will be manufactured

course is to develop the pilot’s knowledge of ADS-B system

using the company’s newly developed, lightweight fuel

operation, and both the normal and abnormal operating

cell material, which enables it to produce fuel tanks that


- Broadcast (ADS-B)

weightless than comparable in-service tanks and also meet the rigorous performance requirements for Technical

The training will be conducted in accordance with FAA

Standing Order(TSO C80) and FAR Parts 27 and 29. First

Advisory Circular 90-114 and addresses the requirements of

deliveries of developmental units will be made to Bell in Fort

FAR Part 91.225 and 91.227. The course is expected to be

Worth later this year.

available by the end of November.




Aerion reports progress on aerodynamic quest

Natural laminar flow will play a large role in next-generation

Backed by Robert Bass, an entrepreneur with a $22 billion

business jets, says Aerion Corp. Although best known for

portfolio, Aerion is a viable company, the executives say.

its own supersonic program, its technology is already being

“We’re going to get where we said we were going to go”

tapped to make business jets go farther or faster.

in developing a supersonic business jet to be built by as-

Aerion is working with a couple of manufacturers on nearterm applications for natural laminar flow (NLF) on transonic platforms, “and for them, these will probably be stepping stones to a supersonic business jet,” Aerion vice chairman Bryan Barents and CEO Doug Nichols. These aircraft will feature low-sweep, thin wings with sharp leading edges, optimization of the wing-to-fuselage join to enable minimum drag and maximum efficiency, and cruise speeds in the order of mid-0.9 Mach. They will be optimized for greater efficiency and longer range at high speed for a given aircraft weight and fuel load, or lower speeds and even greater range improvements. “We’re helping develop the next generation with Aerion technology,” they maintain. “To date, performance improvements have been driven by propulsion technology. We’re harnessing the power of aerodynamics as well as propulsion.” 24



yet unknown OEMs. “We’re intensely focused on moving the supersonic business jet forward and making it a commercial reality. There is a lot going on that we cannot disclose publicly.” What Aerion can say is that it is growing. In late 2012 it acquired long-time strategic partner Desktop Aeronautics, bringing its computational fluid dynamics software inhouse, and this year it has hired three more PhD-level aerodynamicists. And in conjunction with NASA’s Dryden Flight Center, it completed tests in April on a natural laminar flow plate flown at up to Mach 2 beneath an F-15. Results will help qualify Aerion’s software and show that tolerance-critical natural laminar flow wings can be manufactured with today’s technology and maintained in service.

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Embraer progressing on Legacy 500, 450

Almost a year after Embraer flew its first midsize jet, the

until November 2012 as it worked to address authorities’

Legacy 500, the company is preparing to fly its smaller

concerns about the flight control system.

sibling, the Legacy 450. Now, with three prototypes having logged more than 650 The two models, essentially the same aircraft sized for

of the planned 1,500 hr. of flight tests, authorities appear

different markets, are part of the Brazilian airframer’s

impressed by the system, says Embraer test pilot Eduardo

ambitious agenda to offer a product in every major business

Camelier. FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency pilots

¬jet category.

have flown the aircraft within the past six weeks, he says, and their feedback was positive.

Embraer filled the entry¬ level and light¬ jet niches with its Phenom 100 and 300, the super ¬midsize and large markets

While flight testing has not yet hit the halfway point, Embraer

with the Legacy 600/650, and the ultra large with the

has amassed 4,500 hr. of ground evaluations on its “iron

Lineage. Now comes the Legacy 500, an aircraft targeted for

bird” and performed 16,000 hr. of systems testing. A good

the midsize market but with a cabin closer to super¬ midsize.

part of this was accomplished before first flight, setting up a smoother test program.

Delayed more than a year by software issues with its fly¬by-¬wire system, the 500 is progressing toward certification

Embraer is checking off key tasks, with test aircraft SN001

in the first half of 2014. Embraer actually rolled out the

undergoing artificial ice¬ shape trials and scheduled for

initial 500 in December 2011, but first flight did not follow

avionics and autopilot certification, along with steep




approach tests. SN002, which flew in February, will be used

da Rocha, senior manager for product strategy and

for natural icing and crosswind tests, along with external

sales engineering.

noise certification. The primary difference is the target market. With its flat SN003, meanwhile, made the Legacy 500’s first public

floor, 6¬-ft. height and 6-¬ft. width, the 500 cabin is more

appearance at the European Business Aviation Conference

comparable to that of a super ¬midsize aircraft. But Salgado

and Exhibition in May and is here this week. It has undergone

da Rocha stresses, “We aren’t trying to be super¬ midsized.”

avionics and cold ¬soak tests and is now in high-¬intensity

That category typically has ranges of 3,400 nm or more, but

radiated fields and lightning trials. Certification of the

he says, “we don’t want to go there.” Instead, Embraer is

450 is expected to follow about a year behind the 500.

comfortable offering a 3,000 ¬nm -range midsize aircraft

Marco Tulio Pellegrini, senior vice president and COO of

with the first full fly¬-by-¬wire system in the category.

Embraer Executive Jets, says it may well fly by year’s end.

The goal, he says, is to “create a new standard for the

The fuselage was joined in August, and wings were mated in

segment.” The same holds true for the 450, which is shorter

late September.

but has the same flat floor and cross¬ section and nearly 2,300¬ nm range.

With about 95% systems commonality, much of the work accomplished on the 500 can roll over to the 450, particularly

Embraer is not detailing sales of the 500, which is priced

for iron¬ bird trials. Some cables and tubing need to be

at $18.4 million, more than $1 million less than Cessna’s

shortened, but the same rig will be used.

Citation X but also $1 million more than Bombardier’s new Learjet 85. Embraer is also mum on the 450, priced at $15.25

Embraer is working toward a common type rating for

million, just above Cessna’s new Latitude.

both aircraft, which are powered by Honeywell HTF7500E turbofans producing 6,500 lb. thrust for the 500 and 6,080 lb.

But Pellegrini points to a Jetnet forecast that midsize jets

for the 450. The aircraft share the same cockpit with Rockwell

will be among the fastest growing categories in the next

Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics. Operating procedures and

few years. And company executives believe they are well

aircraft handling will be the same, says Augusto Salgado

positioned to capitalize on that growth.




Beechcraft investing in new Turboprop development Beechcraft is upping its product development



300% as the company studies potential for a new singleengine turboprop, derivative diesel variants of its Beechcraft Bonanza and Baron aircraft and upgrades and/or derivatives of its King Air and other models, says Shawn Vick, president of



Services Co. The increases in research and development spending follow the February emergence of the company from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which enabled Beechcraft to shed more than $2 billion in debt. It also comes as the company recently increased its deliveries overall by nearly 50% and King Air deliveries by 80%. At the same time, the company took in the highest number of bookings in three years. Vick says the company was not yet ready to detail specifics on the new product development efforts, but he stresses that they will be focused on only turboprop and piston aircraft. He does say, however, that the company expects to bring new diesel variants of the Bonanza and Baron aircraft to market by the end of 2014. The company in the fall indicated interest in exploring a new single-turboprop, and Vick says the company remains “highly interested” in that market. Research is continuing on

such a product with more specifics anticipated over the next couple of years. Beechcraft is not working on a new twin turboprop “for now,” Vick says, but would not rule out the possibility longterm. However, the company is looking at enhancements throughout its product line, including the King Air series. Beechcraft, meanwhile, has been encouraged by the stronger market for the King Airs, particularly in Europe, where sales grew by nearly 50% from 2008 to 2012, compared with the previous five years. France and Germany are the largest markets for the King Air, at 78 each, with the U.K. following, at 74 aircraft. Aviators



Honeywell: Fewer deliveries, but $250B market through 2023

A softening of purchase expectations in several regions

But Honeywell says this dip is more due to program delays

led Honeywell Aerospace to scale back its 10-year forecast

than a decline in demand. This is true for a number of

for new aircraft deliveries, but the increasing preference

programs. Cessna’s new Citation X has been pushed into

for large-cabin, long-range aircraft is keeping the

2014, while the Learjet 70/75 series was not expected until

anticipated dollar value of those deliveries at the same level

this quarter. The Learjet 85 and Embraer Legacy 500 had

as previous forecasts.

already been delayed until 2014, while other programs may

In its latest Business Aviation Outlook, Honeywell predicts a market for 9,250 new business jets valued at $250 billion

be slowed by the recently ended government shutdown that lasted more than two weeks.

through 2023. The forecast is down from last year’s prediction

Rob Wilson, president, Honeywell Business and General

of 10,000 new business jets through 2022. Honeywell, which

Aviation, says the market is still “spotty,” depending on the

surveys more than 1,500 business jet operators along with

region, but that it is showing all the classic signs of the early

original equipment manufacturers to develop its annual

rebound stages. Honeywell is more optimistic for 2014, with

outlook, found operators plan to replace 28% of their fleets

a number of new aircraft slated to head to market. More

over the next five years.

operators are also indicating plans to take delivery sooner

This is down by 2% from last year’s survey, but still up from pre-2006 averages of about 25%. Honeywell’s forecast sees

than they had in previous surveys, giving Honeywell more confidence that modest growth may return next year.

an average of 4%-5% annual growth, although that likely

The preference for large cabins continues to grow, pushing

won’t begin until next year. Honeywell believes deliveries

up the overall value of the business aviation market over the

will be down again this year, coming in at between 600-

next 10 years. When asked what were the most important

625 business jets. This is a decline from the 672 business

factors in purchase decisions, operators ranked range at the

jet deliveries that the General Aviation Manufacturers

top of the list, followed by cabin size, Wilson says. Honeywell

Association reported for 2012.

found that 55% of new purchase plans are for large-cabin




aircraft. The large-cabin group will also represent 80% of the value of new business jets, the forecast predicts. “The trend toward larger cabin aircraft with ever-increasing range expectations and advanced avionics is seen more strongly than ever in this year’s survey,” Wilson says. But at the same time, he says midsize aircraft will also be a growing segment and may actually eclipse large-cabin deliveries based on a compound annual growth rate. Purchase expectations are pointing to a shift back to the North American market, which accounts for

in Latin America. Like the BRIC countries, purchase plans in

61% of projected demand. Demand from North America

Latin America are well above the world average of 39% that

was up eight points from last year’s survey, the first time in

plan to make a purchase. Of those purchase plans, 52% are

recent history that demand has grown from North America,

anticipated in the next three years – again far more “front-

Honeywell says. Wilson calls the potential improvement

loaded” than the world average. The stability in Latin America

in the North America market welcome news and says it

and jump in North America bodes well for the midsize and

should help spur momentum as other regions soften their

light-jet markets that have struggled over the past five years.

anticipated growth rates.

Honeywell sees development work across all platform sizes,

Operators in the so-called BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia,

in both announced and unannounced projects, Wilson

India and China – have lowered their purchase expectations

says. He sees flight and fuel efficiency, along with evolving

from 46% of their existing fleets to 42% this year, but still rank

next-generation air traffic management technologies such

among the strongest markets for demand. China remains a

as ADS-B, serving as drivers in upcoming projects. The

strong market, Wilson says, but anticipated demand from the

fractional market has not played a significant role in new

Asia-Pacific Region overall dropped from 34% of the fleet last

deliveries in recent years, accounting for only 20 new jets

year to 24% this year. Honeywell believes this is a short-term

this year. But a number of major orders have boosted the

decline that could stem in part from “moderations of past

industry’s backlog, and Honeywell believes these deliveries

exuberance and economic tempering affecting the region’s

should begin picking up in 2014. But it is unclear whether

major economies.” Honeywell notes that forecasts predict a

future fractional deliveries will be replacements or represent

strong recovery in the region next year. Wilson also cautions

a fleet expansion.

that a smaller pool of operators can skew the numbers with small changes.

Flight activity has been improving for both fractional and charter operations, but overall remains flat. North America

Purchase expectations also dropped for operators based in

has shown signs of slight increases, but Wilson notes this

Europe, the Middle East and Africa, while remaining stable

stems primarily from international arrivals and departures. Aviators



Nextant to rebuild King Air C90s with GE engines “I love the King Air,” says McGeough, a former senior Beechcraft executive. “It’s a great entry-level product.” Nextant retained business aviation analyst Argus to conduct market research before it finalized its plans for the King Air. Nextant is hoping to bring the new G90XT to market next year, a timeline that is much more aggressive than the Nextant Aerospace is returning to Beechcraft products to add a second airframe to its remanufacturing business, this time targeting the King Air C90 twin turboprop. Nextant has teamed with both GE and Garmin to offer the G90XT, an upgraded C90 with GE H80 engines in place of the current Pratt & Whitney PT6As, and a Garmin 1000 avionics suite instead of the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21.

nearly four years it took to bring the 400XT – now the XTi – to market. But McGeough believes the timeline is doable, particularly since both Garmin and GE hold supplemental type certificates for their products on the C90. Systems integration and other engineering work remains, leading Nextant to hold back on firm specifications. Nextant also is not yet ready to provide a firm price, McGeough says, adding that it will follow the company’s philosophy of coming to market at about half the price of new, or roughly

While Nextant’s move to add another Beechcraft aircraft to

$2 million. Nextant plans to follow the same formula with

its product line is not a surprise, the choice of the King Air is.

the G90XT as the 400XTi, where it is stripped down and

Nextant was long believed to have been eying the Hawker

returned to “like new” status. The aircraft will come with

series to join its 400XTi jet, which is a remanufactured

new warranty and support, along with training options.

Beechjet 400 with new engines, avionics and interior.

Asked about going head-to-head with Beechcraft once again,

Nextant President Sean McGeough maintains that the King

McGeough says he does not see the G90XT competing with

Air is a logical choice for a number of reasons. The King Air

new C90GTxs, but rather attracting a different customer

remains a strong seller, particularly in the current economy.

base. He also believes it will help the market for new as the

More than 2,000 C90s have been delivered, providing a large

program will help shrink the available fleet on the market,

population of used aircraft upon which to draw.

which will strengthen values for both used and new.

A high percentage of the fleet is on the market, driving

Beechcraft is competing head-on with Nextant’s 400XTi,

down resale values and making it easier to acquire for

offering an upgraded 400XPR version with winglets, new

remanufacturing. Also, McGeough notes, the C90 is in the

engines and avionics. But Nextant has a several years jump

entry-level market niche, which Nextant “knows pretty well.”

on the 400XPR, which has not yet reached market, but is

And, not the least of which, it is a family that could provide

anticipated in upcoming months. Beechcraft also has been

growth opportunity for Nextant down the road.

working with Rockwell Collins on a new Fusion flight deck for the King Air 350.




Bombardier derives additional capacity from Q400 Today’s standard Q400 carries as many as 80 seats. Rather than going the way to develop an additional large turboprop Bombardier found a way to squeeze another six seats into its Q400 by offering an option to convert the airplane’s forward baggage door into a passenger exit. The new interior design would replace cargo capacity with as much as another row and a half of passenger seats, raising the Q400’s total seating capacity to 86. Still, to gain enough room for the 86 seats, designers needed to limit seat pitch to 29 inches.

India threatens Finmeccanica with blacklisting The Indian defense ministry has threatened to carry out the

strongest action provided in the integrity pact ... that

“strongest action” if Finmeccanica acted corruptly in the sale

includes cancellation of the contract and blacklisting the

of helicopters to the Indian air force (IAF).

companies. But before CBI’s report, I don’t want to jump

The move follows the arrest in Italy of Finmeccanica chairman and CEO Giuseppe Orsi on Feb. 12 by investigators exploring whether AgustaWestland paid kickbacks worth around €50 million ($67 million) to secure the sale of 12 AW101 VIP helicopters to the IAF in 2010, when Orsi was in charge of the AgustaWestland division. Finmeccanica has promoted COO Alessandro Pansa to take over for Orsi. He will serve as both COO and CEO. The current head of AgustaWestland, Bruno Spagnolini, was placed under house arrest at the same time as Orsi. India has opened its own investigation into the scandal and the purchase of the helicopters has reportedly been put on hold, with payments

to any conclusion. “Under the terms of the integrity pact, if corruption is proved, then we can cancel the contract and get back whatever money that has been paid,” he says. “We are examining everything.” he pointed out that in the recent past, the government had blacklisted six firms, four of which were “big” international companies. “Nobody will be spared,” he added. Antony pushed aside any suggestions that the IAF’s original requirements were modified to suit the Italian firm. “The recommendation was made by the IAF and the Special Protection Group on security considerations,” he said. “The government accepted this.”

being withheld until the inquiry is complete. Indian Defense

Asked whether other deals with Finmeccanica will be

Minister A.K. Antony says his ministry won’t allow corruption

affected, Antony says it will depend on the CBI report on the

in any military deal and strong measures will be taken if the

deal. Finmeccanica officials were expected to meet late on

federal investigative agency detects bribery in the deal.

Feb. 13 to discuss governance during the crisis. The arrests

“We have requested CBI [Central Bureau of Investigation] for an early inquiry,” Antony says. “I can assure you that the moment we get a report from CBI, we will take [the]

have essentially decapitated two of Italy’s largest companies. Shares in the conglomerate, which is 30% owned by the Italian government, closed down 4% that evening. Aviators



Nextant: G90XT ‘Natural Fit’ despite Beechcraft objections

After the 400XTi, everybody knew that Nextant would do

although he says that it won’t be defined until the G90XT is

another aircraft, but nobody guessed it would be the King

properly established in the market. The next aircraft will be

Air C90. Nextant did consider new modifications for Hawker

in a class above the 400XTi.

or Falcon jets, but the enthusiasm and support from GE and Garmin pushed the King Air to the top of the line, says

McGeough is disappointed, but not surprised, at Beechcraft’s

Nextant Aerospace president Sean McGeough. “Our secret

hostility to the G90XT – if only because the OEM reacted in

sauce is to pick a solid airframe then go to work on the

the same way to the 400XTi program. “Every one of those

engines, avionics and interior. The C90 was a natural fit to

aircraft could provide aftermarket business for the OEM,

those criteria; it allows us to start walking customers up our

a business that they really need, so I am surprised that

product line – and there are 1,500 C90s out there that we

Beechcraft wants to turn away potential customers. But it

can target.”

doesn’t stop us. They keep forgetting that the FAA sanctions what we do, the same as any OEM. Our STCs are blessed and

Nextant’s G90XT was actually born in Geneva at this year’s

authorized by all the proper authorities, who have given us

EBACE convention, where the three partners sat down and

their full support.”

identified the King Air as the perfect entry-level product at the right price. “$2 to 3 million is the sweet spot,” says

For the G90XT program Nextant will use the existing STCs

McGeough; “it allows you to transition up from a single, then

held by Garmin and GE – “We just have to merge the two,”

to the 400XTi and then to our next product.” McGeough

says McGeough, “and we’ve already proved we can do that.

is clear that a third Nextant aircraft program is coming,

Those STCs are in place, and that’s why we say we can make the first deliveries this time next year.”







Flexjet, flight options position as complementary siblings The Flexjet acquisition originally stemmed from a desire to increase the Flight Options fleet, with a larger medium-sized or super midsized fleet, Ricci says. Directional and Flight Options executives had been negotiating with both Embraer and Bombardier over the potential acquisition of either a fleet Legacy 500s or Learjet 85s. Bombardier has long been thought to have wanted to spin off Flexjet, and rumors of a potential sale heightened after the manufacturer began selling Challengers to rival fractional operator NetJets. Former Flexjet President Fred Reid had told that Bombardier had been pushing Flexjet to become ---a more independent operation, and said, “There was never a hard and fast rule that said Bombardier will only sell its planes in the fractional space … to Flexjet. Bombardier is first and foremost a manufacturer.” Flexjet officials have also long maintained that operation was an important venue for Bombardier aircraft, helping to launch The acquisition of Flexjet assets by Flight Options owner Directional Aviation Capital will spur an evolution of both fractional ownership providers, with one positioned as the premium, high-end brand and the other selling a value proposition, company executives say.

to acquire Flexjet from Bombardier for $185 million and a commitment to place orders and options for up to 245 Bombardier business aircraft valued at $5.2 billion.

its operations and branding independent of Clevelandbased Flight Options. While the two are competitors, Kenn Ricci, principal of Directional and Flight Options chairman, companies





complementary operations, serving different clientele with different requirements. 36



for Flexjet’s assets from Directional, it is maintaining that pipeline. Directional has stated an interest in maintaining its focus on Bombardier aircraft. And, that price is augmented the Challenger products, but the Learjet program – which has struggled during the economic downturn. The firm order, which will begin delivery in 2014 and continue through 2018, includes 25 Learjet 75s, 30 Learjet 85s, 20

Under the plans, Dallas-based Flexjet will maintain


Bombardier is collecting a relatively modest $185 million

with an important order that ensures a pipeline not only for

Directional Aviation Capital on Sept. 5 announced plans


products and work out a service history on them. While

Challenger 350s and 10 Challenger 605s valued at $1.8 billion. Options include up to another 160 aircraft, raising the total potential value to $5.2 billion, with deliveries stretching through 2024. That order not only will provide some replacement, but Flexjet President Deanna White says it includes a growth

component. This is important for Flexjet, which has not grown since the downturn and remains a smaller version of the operation it was in 2008. The fleet has roughly maintained around the 80-aircraft mark, while new fractional business remained a tough sell. White says that with Directional’s background in operations, “It’s a great opportunity to take Flexjet to the next level.” At the same time though, both Directional, Flight Options and Flexjet executives are cognizant of the fine lines of operating two entities that at least in a broad sense are competitors.

He also notes that neither operation is in a distressed

Executives are saying having both operations will provide a

situation. Both are operating well. “Time is on our side to

range of choices. Flexjet will remain the “premium brand,”

take a thoughtful look at the two products.” The overarching

maintaining a fleet of Bombardier aircraft that are among

plan, though, is “to maintain the Flight Options and Flexjet

the youngest in the industry.


Flight Options, meanwhile, will be the “value brand,”

White says she does not rule out collaboration between

primarily offering shares in the Nextant remanufactured

the two companies where it makes sense. “There will

400XTs, along with a fleet of Embraer Phenoms and Citation

always be opportunities for us to work together,” she says.

Xs, White says.

But she adds that the companies will work to rationalize their differentiation.

Ricci acknowledged the potential overlap between Flexjet’s Learjet 75 and Flight Options’ Phenom 300. But taking that into account, the executives custom designed the Learjet 75 to differentiate between the two products. The Flexjet Learjet 75s will be an “lxi” model that will be designed with two fewer seats (four), more legroom, a cabin door, ottomans and a number of high-end amenities that cater to a

As for Directional, Flexjet is its single largest acquisition, Ricci says, but likely will not be its last. The focus to date has primarily been on the U.S. market, but “we can’t ignore the global market.” He hints that may be the next target of opportunity, particularly at a time when things are being sold at bottom-level prices.

higher-end customer. Ricci says the company is comfortable

Directional already has one of the largest independent

with downsizing seating capability in the Learjets since the

business aviation portfolios in the market, and says, “With

smaller planes average 2.3 passengers. “We were more

its commitment to investing in private aviation, Directional

interested in legroom,” he says. Ricci says the company will

will continue to seek out additional businesses that can join

display the new interior at the National Business Aviation

its continually expanding portfolio.”

Association Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition next month. Aviators



Bell Helicopter

Bell Helicopter announces new helicopter assembly facility in Louisiana


ompany will create 115 jobs and invest $11.4

while Bell will invest $11.4 million in equipment and tooling.

million in equipment and tooling; State will

LED estimates the aerospace project will result in another

fund new hangar at Lafayette Regional Airport

136 new, permanent indirect jobs, for a total of more than 250 new jobs in Acadiana. Bell Helicopter selected Louisiana

LAFAYETTE, Gov. Bobby Jindal and Bell Helicopter CEO

for the new facility after a highly competitive site-selection

John Garrison announced the company will build its

process in which several states were seriously considered.

new SLS helicopter line at Lafayette Regional Airport, leading to the first modern-era aircraft assembly facility in

Bell Helicopter’s production of the five-seat, single-

Louisiana history. The project will create 115 new direct

engine, turbine helicopter will unveil a contemporary

jobs averaging more than $55,000 per year, plus benefits,

version of the aircraft pioneered by the company




Bell Helicopter more than 50 years ago as the JetRanger. The SLS – or

officials in Fort Worth, Texas. The Lafayette Economic

Short Light Single – will focus on safety, efficiency and

Development Authority, or LEDA, and the Lafayette Airport

reliability through the use of advanced technology.

Commission also played key roles in landing the assembly facility. To secure the project, the State of Louisiana offered

Gov. Jindal said, “Bell Helicopter ranks among the most

a competitive incentive package that includes performance-

well-known aerospace companies, and we are proud that

based grants of $4.0 million for lease support, $3.8 million

Louisiana’s world-class workforce, outstanding business

for infrastructure and equipment, and $0.2 million to

climate and incomparable infrastructure combined to

reimburse relocation expenses. Louisiana also will provide

attract this exciting project to our state. Louisiana is a

the comprehensive solutions of LED FastStart® – the nation’s

state with a long history in helicopter and aerospace

No. 1-ranked state workforce development program.

production. Companies in our state include three of the largest civilian helicopter operators in the world, along

Bell Helicopter will lease space for its SLS assembly operation

with aerospace production from contractors like Lockheed

in a new 82,300-square-foot, $26.3 million hangar facility at

Martin and Boeing. Today’s announcement signals that

Lafayette Regional Airport that is being funded by the State of

Louisiana is ready to further expand its presence and

Louisiana. The new hangar facility will be owned by Lafayette

leadership in the aerospace industry, creating quality career

Regional Airport and built on a 14.5-acre site there that is

opportunities for our people for generations to come.”

located adjacent to U.S. Highway 90. Construction will begin in the first half of 2014. Bell will begin hiring employees for

Bell Helicopter announced plans to re-enter the SLS market at

the new facility by 2015, and assembly operations will start

the 2013 Paris Air Show in June. The SLS aircraft will feature

by 2016 following certification of the facility and the aircraft.

a load capacity of 1,500 pounds, a speed of 144 mph, and a cruising range of more than 400 miles. The SLS is designed to

The Bell Helicopter assembly facility represents the latest

support a wide variety of operations and is aimed heavily at the

in a series of aerospace industry project wins for Louisiana.

export market. Target customer segments include utility, law

In August, AAR Corp. announced the establishment of a

enforcement, civilian flight training and other applications.

750-employee Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility for wide-body aircraft at Chennault

“Bell Helicopter defined the short light single market nearly

International Airport in Lake Charles, La. In conjunction

50 years ago with the JetRanger, and our customers are again

with the AAR project, Louisiana is establishing a national

asking for a high-performance, high-value Bell product in

Aircraft MRO Center of Excellence that will serve Northrop

this category,” Garrison said. “We have taken this challenge

Grumman and other aviation service providers. Northrop

seriously and are focused on delivering an aircraft that is not

Grumman and its predecessors have performed Aircraft

only competitively priced, but offers features and capabilities

MRO operations for more than two decades at Chennault.

customers have come to expect from Bell Helicopter. We considered several sites for this new facility, and Louisiana’s

Louisiana’s aerospace industry also includes a long lineage

proposal demonstrated the state’s commitment to

of spacecraft assembly operations at Michoud Assembly

economic development. The state’s established aerospace

Facility in New Orleans, ranging from the first stage of

industry and exceptional workforce training programs

NASA’s Saturn V rocket to the Space Shuttle external tanks

were also key factors in our decision to make Louisiana

and current development of NASA’s Space Launch System

a partner in expanding our manufacturing footprint.”

and Orion spacecraft. The Shreveport-Bossier City metro area in north Louisiana is home to the U.S. Air Force Global

LED began discussions with Bell Helicopter about a potential

Strike Command and Eighth Air Force, both headquartered

assembly facility in July, following a May visit with company

at Barksdale Air Force Base, while the Naval Air Station Aviators



Bell Helicopter Joint Reserve Base in Belle Chasse, La., near New Orleans, represents a strategic air defense hub. Lafayette and the Acadiana, Bayou and Southwest regions of Louisiana anchor a helicopter industry that has served the offshore oil-and-gas, aerospace training and emergency services sectors for decades. PHI Inc. (headquartered in Lafayette), ERA Helicopters LLC (headquartered in Lake Charles) and Bristow Group Inc. provide extensive, state-of-the-art helicopter services throughout Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico and other global regions. In addition, AvEx – Aviation Exteriors Inc. – is a global leader in aviation exterior painting services and is based at the Acadiana Regional Airport in New Iberia, La. “As the first complete aircraft assembly plant in Louisiana, this project is significant not only for our city but the whole Acadiana area and our entire state,” Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel said. “This is an opportunity for an entire industry to take note of what is going on in our state. I am thrilled to see that while we were competing for this company to come to Louisiana – and while we knew that we were competing against states that had done a stellar job in aerospace in the past – that we were seen as being the most competitive location. Winning a world-class project from a company like Bell Helicopter is proof of that.” “Bell’s commitment to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and guarantee at least 115 full-time positions is a testament to the strength of the Lafayette economy,” said Chairman Matt Cruse of the Lafayette Airport Commission. “This deal is a true collaborative effort, and would not have been possible without the hard work of Governor Bobby Jindal and his administration, LED, and the Lafayette Economic Development Authority. Lafayette Regional Airport was selected in a competitive process and won the selection based upon many factors, such as airport compatibility, local economic strength, workforce availability and a strong economic incentive package.” “LEDA has actively worked with various divisions of Bell since 2005,” LEDA President and CEO Gregg Gothreaux said. 40



“Along with a new Bell facility currently under construction in LEDA Industrial Park, today’s announcement further demonstrates Bell’s confidence in Lafayette, Acadiana and Louisiana. The fact that this will be the first aircraft final assembly plant in Louisiana in many generations emphasizes Bell’s commitment and belief that our community’s workforce will deliver a world-class product in a worldclass manner. Bell will be a valuable addition to Acadiana’s thriving specialty and advanced manufacturing sector – an area we are concentrating on as a significant part of LEDA’s targeted industry strategy. Most of all, we appreciate the quality employment opportunities Bell will provide for our region’s experienced manufacturing workforce.” “This exciting investment by Bell takes the helicopter industry presence in Acadiana to the next level with the addition of a state-of-the-art assembly facility,” said President and CEO Jason El Koubi of the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. “It also demonstrates the extraordinary opportunity we have to grow and diversify our regional economy and create jobs by working together. In addition to welcoming Bell to our community, I want to applaud Governor Jindal and LED, the Lafayette Economic Development Authority, and the Lafayette Regional Airport for winning this multistate site selection process and securing new jobs and investment for the Lafayette area.” In addition to creating 115 new jobs at its SLS assembly facility, Bell Helicopter will maintain 63 existing jobs in the Lafayette area associated with two existing facilities involved with helicopter components and service operations.





Bombardier Challenger 300





Bombardier’s Challenger 300, historically a best seller for almost a decade, continues to reign supreme as the definitive super-midsize business jet, according to operators. “This is the gold standard airplane,” says one Fortune 50 flight department manager. “Bombardier made this class with the airplane and now it’s the master.” Originally called the Continental, the Challenger 300 was intended from the outset to be an aircraft that could fly eight passengers nonstop between the east and west U.S. coasts. It would bridge the gap between Bombardier’s midsize 2,300-nm range Learjet 60 and large-cabin 4,000-nm-range Challenger 604. With cabin dimensions similar to those of a Gulfstream II, it would offer passenger comfort and utility similar to large-cabin aircraft, including a flat floor and inflight access to a capacious aft baggage compartment. But its acquisition and operating costs would be closer to those of contemporary midsize jets, especially the popular Hawker 800. The Challenger 300’s design was based on extensive market research conducted by Bombardier in 1996 and then confirmed the following year. Operators told the researchers that their midsize aircraft were too cramped and they fell short on range, climb performance and cruise speed, plus their aft baggage compartments weren’t accessible in flight. In the case of the Hawker 800, it had only a forward cabin baggage closet and no external baggage compartments at all.




Bombardier carried a base price of $14.25 million. Equipped with popular options, it sold for $16 million to $18 million, which made it far more expensive than midsize aircraft, but far less costly than large-cabin jets. However, Bombardier’s prediction that the aircraft would carry eight to nine passengers with full tanks was based on a super-lean 22,350-lb. “spec. basic operating weight” printed in brochures. Equipped with typical options and upgrades, though, customer aircraft had average BOWs that ballooned to 24,000 lb. or more. Some customers added forward pocket doors separating the galley from the cabin, heavier acoustic insulation and plusher cabin furnishings, along with dual FMS and GPS, flight crew to dispatcher air-to-ground data link services and a hydraulically powered, backup generator. Bombardier engineers responded by increasing maximum zero fuel weight by 1,850 lb. and max ramp and takeoff weights by 1,350 lb. But max landing weight remained fixed at 33,750 lb., cutting unrefueled range after a stopover to about 1,500 nm. With such shortcomings, we asked operators why they continue to give the Challenger 300 such high overall marks.

Stepping up to legacy large-cabin aircraft could solve those

Operator and Mission Profiles

problems for many companies, but the cost of heavy-iron

To its credit, Bombardier elected in early 2004 to deliver the

business jets exceeded their budgets. Even quasi super-

first Challenger 300 to Business Jet Solutions (BJS), the formal

midsize aircraft with transcontinental U.S. range, such as

name for the manufacturer’s Flexjet fractional ownership

the Cessna Citation X and Dassault Falcon 50EX, were pricey

subsidiary. This move would enable the aircraft to mature

step-ups from midsize aircraft.

rapidly as the fractional operation would fly it in excess of 1,000 hr. per year. Flexjet went on to take delivery of more

Focus groups told the Montreal planemaker that they

than two dozen Challenger 300s, and in so doing tested the

needed a “true” eight- to nine-passenger aircraft that could

limits of Montreal’s technical and parts support capabilities.

fly at least 3,000 nm at Mach 0.80 and operate out of 5,000-

This was intentional. Bombardier’s product support went

ft. runways. Of key importance, the aircraft needed to be

through a steep, painful learning curve. Now, it’s significantly

priced at less than $15 million.

improved, operators say.

Bombardier delivered on most of those goals. The Challenger

XOJet, a 2006 start-up, thought so highly of the Challenger

300 could fly nonstop from Bangor, Maine, to San Diego,

300 that it bought 15 reconditioned and new aircraft for

Miami to Seattle or from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco

use in its high frequency air charter operations. While the

against 99% probability headwinds. It also could fly across the

firm may fly the aircraft fewer hours, charter operations

North Atlantic from Europe to virtually any North American

demand very high dispatch reliability rates. And operators

city with one fuel stop. For late 2003 deliveries, the aircraft

say dispatch reliability is one of the aircraft’s key attributes.




Bombardier About three-quarters of the fleet are based in North America,

they needed, but their cabins seemed cramped when loaded

with U.S. operators accounting for more than two-thirds of

with six or more passengers on 5- to 6-hr. trips.

all aircraft in service. Canadian operators account for about 5% of the North American fleet, while half that number are

The Gulfstream G200 had a comfortable cabin and

based in Mexico.

transcontinental U.S. range, but its lackluster airport and

In the U.S., large corporations such as Exxon Mobil, FedEx,

to the aft baggage compartment, eliminated it as a viable

Union Pacific and The Limited, along with Eaton Corp., PNC

competitor during the purchase selection process for many

Financial Group and XTO Energy, operate fleets of the aircraft,

potential buyers. The strong performing G280 was not

according to FAA registration records. In mixed fleets, the

yet available when operators decided to step up to the

Challenger 300 often flies shorter missions formerly flown

Challenger 300.

by heavy-iron jets such as the Challenger 604/605 and Gulfstream IV/450/550, because its operating costs are close to one-half lower. Operators save their large-cabin aircraft

climb performance, along with the lack of inflight access

Yet, U.S. operators typically fly the aircraft on missions that average 2 hr. or less because of frequent short trips to

for missions longer than 3,000 nm.

shuttle employees or company guests from headquarters

FAA records also list McDonald’s, Nestlé Purina, Regions

load the aircraft with six to eight passengers for most flights

Financial and the Richards Group, plus Cargill, Verizon,

and in a year’s activity log 300 to 500 hr. per aircraft. Smaller

Raytheon and NCR, along with Abbott Laboratories,

firms, especially ones with one or two aircraft, tend to fly

Worthington Industries, Koch Industries, MedImpact and

fewer hours and fewer passengers.

Ball Corp. as members of the Challenger 300 club. Close to a dozen or more aircraft are flown by high-net-worth individuals, such as New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson

to outlying facilities. Large firms with mixed fleets typically

Close to 20% of the fleet is based in Europe. That’s up from 10% in 2007. The largest number is registered in Austria. Six

and country music star George Strait.

are operated by Vienna-based Amira Air, a charter firm that

Many individuals and companies said they had outgrown

and a Global Express. Vienna-based Avcon Jet operates five

their legacy midsize aircraft because they needed to fly

Challenger 300s among a fleet of more than 30 aircraft. These

farther, higher and faster on many missions. The Citation X,

aircraft can fly nonstop to any city in Europe, the Middle East

Sovereign and Dassault Falcon 50EX had the range and speed

or northern Africa.

also flies a Citation CJ2+, a Challenger 605, a Global 5000





The Isle of Man ranks a close second in European registrations

amenities. This adds as much as 400 to 800 lb. to empty

for tax purposes. Germany ranks third, with most others

aircraft weight and reduces tanks-full payload to as few as

based in Russia, the U.K. and Switzerland.

two to three passengers.

The aircraft’s popularity is growing in Asia. Eight aircraft are

Best and Worst Features

registered in China with five being operated by Shenzhenbased Donghai Jet. These aircraft can fly nonstop to all cities

Operators who flew conventional midsize aircraft before

in China, plus most destinations in the Far East.

they stepped up into the Challenger 300 tend to view it quite

Four aircraft are registered in Turkey, including two aircraft

are more sparing with their praise. But virtually all operators

operated by Palmali Group and one each with Halk Financial

said the aircraft has been remarkably reliable and it’s getting

Leasing and Cukurova Holding in Istanbul. Three are based in

better. Dispatch reliability ranked near the top of their five

India. Brazilian operators fly nine Challenger 300s, but there

favorite features about the aircraft with both commercial

are few others based in South America.

and private operators.

Most operators climb the aircraft directly to FL 400 or

Comparatively low direct operating cost is another strong

FL 410 on all but the shortest missions. They cruise at Mach

characteristic. One firm said that it charges back to users a

0.80 or faster. The aircraft burns 2,200 to 2,500 pph the first

cost per mile that’s close to half that of a G550 it operates.

hour and 1,800, 1,700 and 1,600 pph during subsequent hours. They can comfortably fly the aircraft 5 to 6 hr. A 3,000nm mission takes about 6+40 and that’s a stretch unless there is good weather and plenty of suitable alternates near

favorably. Those who added it to fleets of large-cabin aircraft

The aircraft has a rugged, semi-mono–coque aluminum airframe and relatively simple systems, not unlike those of a Learjet. The electrical system, for instance, is a 28-volt DC

the destination.

design. But it’s powered by long-life brushless generators

An increasing number of operators are flying the aircraft

1,000 hr. Jet pumps transfer fuel from tank to tank and supply

on international trips. They’re loading it with life rafts,

the engines. DC boost pumps supply pressure for starting.

provisioning the large galley and adding plenty of passenger

The hydraulic system powers the usual utility functions, such




rather than starter-generators that require overhauling at

Bombardier as landing gear, thrust reversers and wheel brakes. Unlike

operators have chosen to swap out two facing chairs for the

that on Learjets, the system also powers the Challenger

optional three-place divan to accommodate nine, except for

300’s nosewheel steering and power control actuators for

landing and takeoff. For a ninth passenger, the aircraft must

the rudder and elevators. Both aircraft have hydraulically

be equipped with a belted potty seat used for occupation

actuated multifunction spoilers.

during takeoff and landing.

The Challenger 300 has a brake-by-wire system with carbon

The aircraft’s flat floor, as opposed to the dropped aisle

heat packs rated for 2,000 landings. That arrangement

found on many midsize jets, along with its 105-cu.-ft. aft

results in fewer shop visits for brake overhauls and more

baggage compartment — again, accessible in flight — get

time in service. Pilots smile when discussing the aircraft’s

high passenger marks as well.

stopping performance, especially when compared to that of midsize legacy Learjets.

The cabins of early aircraft weren’t especially quiet and the

Runway performance, especially when departing hot-

subsequently upgraded cabin amenities, expanded outfitting

and-high airports, is another favorite with operators. The

choices and made available an optional sound suppression

Challenger 300 has a large, 522-sq.-ft. wing and strong

kit. Operators also say the optional 80-lb. pocket doors for

performing Honeywell HTF7000 turbofans. It needs only

the bulkhead between the galley and main seating area are

4,810 ft. of runway when departing sea-level ISA airports and

quite effective in reducing wind noise from the entry door.

6,860 ft. of pavement at BCA’s 5,000-ft. elevation, ISA+20C airport. The APU may be used to pressurize the cabin to conserve engine thrust for maximum performance takeoffs from hot-and-high locations. Airport performance is second

furnishings were comparatively spartan, but Bombardier






intercontinental-range aircraft and the Challenger 300 seem perfectly at ease in the latter despite its more compact size

only to that of the sprightly Gulfstream G280.

because cabin cross sections of both are nearly the same.

Cabin size and passenger comfort rank high with operators.

Several flight department managers said the aircraft provides

Overall cabin length is 23.7 ft. and the main seating area is 16.5 ft. long. The standard double club seating layout comfortably accommodates eight passengers. Some

large-cabin aircraft passenger comfort without the ramp presence “optics” of a heavy-iron jet. Pilots, overall, gave the Challenger 300’s Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 cockpit and avionics suite high marks.





The instrument panel has four, portrait configuration, 12-

They also say that while Bombardier has upped its spec

by-10-in. flat-panel displays. The outer two screens are

BOW for the aircraft to 23,850 lb., that’s still not

PFDs, while the inner pair function as navigation and EICAS

representative of most typically equipped aircraft, especially

displays. Features include systems synoptic diagrams and

ones flown on transatlantic missions or between North and

electronic checklists. FMS programming is straightforward,

South America. And thanks to the Challenger 300’s operating

embracing user interface conventions favored by many

economics versus large-cabin aircraft, that represents an

airline pilots. Flight department managers also said avionics

ever-growing number.

reliability is top notch.

The BOWs for aircraft equipped for international missions

But pilots said that the autopilot tends to wander in pitch

typically range between 24,400 and 24,800 lb., particularly

when climbing while using the flight level change mode.

if they’re fitted with deluxe forward galleys and the hefty

They prefer to use the vertical speed mode because it’s more

weight, backup hydraulically driven motor generator.

comfortable for passengers. They also say that when flying

Operators also say Bombardier needs to offer an alternative

the aircraft by hand it has a somewhat numb on-center pitch

progressive maintenance inspection program that would

and roll feel, plus rather heavy roll control forces. It handles

allow them to break up large maintenance tasks into small

more like a large-cabin Challenger 604 than a midsize Learjet,

chunks that mostly could be accomplished during overnight

they say.


Flight crews also note that, prior to starting the APU before

Looming Super Midsize Competition

engine start, it’s essential to power up the electrical system and let the avionics system run through the built-in tests, a hands-off period. It takes a few moments for the system to prepare itself for pilot inputs. Start tapping too soon and the

When the Challenger 300 entered service in early 2004, Bombardier faced little competition in the super-midsize class. The Hawker 4000 (nee Horizon) program was mired in

BIT check may fail, thereby requiring a shutdown and reboot.

problems and the Gulfstream 200 (nee Galaxy, nee Astra IV)

Operators credit Bombardier’s customer service with marked

Bombardier owned the niche and Challenger 300 deliveries

improvement since the Challenger 300 made its debut. But

soared. But now two strong competitors are emerging. The

they also say parts support still isn’t yet to the high standard

3,600-nm range Gulfstream 280 overcomes virtually all the

set by Gulfstream.

deficiencies of its G200 predecessor. Recently certified,




was hamstrung by its anemic airport and climb performance.

Bombardier that aircraft has the strongest performance in the super-

upgrade begins with serial number 20405 this year. Laser IRS

midsize class, along with the largest cabin and aft baggage

will become the standard AHRS, synthetic vision will become

compartment, the most range and the best fuel efficiency.

available for the Pro Line 21 PFDs, a HUD will be offered as

As more Challenger 300 operators fly internationally, the G280 could prove to be an attractive alternative because of

an option and close to a dozen other functions will be added to the avionics systems, operators say.

its 400+ nm range advantage and higher tanks-full payload

The 2013 block point upgrade has been an effective sales

when typically equipped.

tool. Some operators of older Challenger 300s are increasing

From Embraer, the 3,000-nm EMB-550 Legacy 500 arrives this year. It has full fly-by-wire flight controls, and about the same cross section as the Challenger 300, but its cabin is about a foot shorter. While the range of the Brazilian jet

the size of their fleets by adding these new aircraft. They’ve grown very loyal to the Bombardier super midsize jet because of its proven value as a reliable business transportation asset, and they’re not likely to switch brands.

is 200 mi. less than that of the Challenger 300, it offers even

Bombardier also has shown plenty of pricing flexibility, while

better runway performance on equal-range missions. And

Gulfstream has been much tougher on holding to book

although it doesn’t provide inflight access to the aft baggage

listings and thus appears to have given the Challenger 300 a

compartment, it does have a 40-cu.-ft. aft internal luggage

significant price advantage.

bay behind the lavatory.

The Canadian jet also could be price competitive with the

When compared to the Challenger 300’s flight deck, both

Brazilian alternative, depending upon how Embraer prices

the EMB-550 and G280 have considerably more advanced

optional equipment. The Legacy 500 currently carries a base

avionics suites, ones that offer standard auto-throttles,

price of just under $20 million, but options could increase

synthetic vision and optional head-up displays with IR

typical retail prices by 10% or more.

cameras, along with WAAS LPV approach capabilities, RNP 0.3, CPDLC and ADS-B functionality. Both of the new competitors have standard or optional auto brake systems and both have better equipped standard galleys, higher

For now, the Challenger 300 continues to dominate the super-midsize class. “It’s done everything as Bombardier advertised,” says one flight department manager. He and

pressurization and high-capacity vacuum lavatories.

other operators say it would take heady persuasion from

Challenger 300 operators note, however, that Bombardier

ones built elsewhere.

has been continuously upgrading the aircraft and periodically

competitors to make them abandon their Canadian jets for Courtesy: Bombardier

introduces block point upgrades. The next block point





SKYACHTONE SKYACHTONE SKYACHTONE December 11, 2013 December 11, 2013


Experiential designer Eddie Sotto teams up Experiential designer with Eddie Sotto teams up Embraer Executive Jets to with Embraer Executive Jets to create the gamechanging create the gamechanging Skyacht One. Skyacht One.

“What if a Yacht “What if a Yacht couldcould fly?” fly?” Innovative luxury takes toair.the air. Innovative luxury takes to the Experiential designer Eddie Sotto teams up


with Embraer Experiential Designer Eddie Sotto Jets Vice President Design,feel Jay withare crafts designed, embodied thatofromantic themany detailbespoke and quality found in xperiential Designer Eddie Sotto was challenged by Robb Experiential Designer Eddie by Sotto Jets Vice President ofwas Design, Jay are many bespoke crafts designed, Executive Jets to was challenged Robb Report Beever just as passionate but few if any that have Sotto’s Report writer Robert Ross to create an “Ultimate Gift” vintage luxury items. “Imagine a plane with a mahogany “hull” or was challenged by Robb Report Beever was just as passionate but few if anylevel thatofhave Sotto’sstory and create the writer Robert Ross to create an about improving aircraft design. authentic controls as on a fine watch?” Sotto mused. for their renown gift guide. Sotto’s exclusive design firm gamechanging writer Robert“Ultimate Ross to create an about improving aircraft design. level of authentic story and Gift” for their renown Embraer offered to collaborate richness. All of this without SottoStudios wasOne. used to creating one-of-a-kind experiences for to collaborate Skyacht “Ultimate Gift” theirSotto’s renown Embraer richness. All of this withoutcould gift for guide. exclusive designoffered and selected their ßagship compromising the plane’s Beever saw that this heightened experience be a game Ferrari, Aston MartinSotto’s and Disney. He gladly accepted the challenge. gift guide. exclusive design and selected their ßagship compromising the plane’s Þrm SottoStudios was used to Lineage 1000E as the perfect basis integrity. “We live in bespoke changer in the industry, as there are many bespoke crafts adesigned, Þrm SottoStudios wasone-of-a-kind used to Lineage 1000E as the perfect basisSkyacht integrity. “Weworld, live inwhy a bespoke creating experiences for the ultra custom not push the and Sotto felt that private aviation was ripe for his “story” driven but few if any that have Sotto’s level of authentic storyenvelope creating one-of-a-kind experiences forand the ultra custom Skyacht world, why not envelope for Ferrari, Aston Martin One™richness. conceptAll and the Robb’s of push ultra the custom?Ó Beever recalls. of this without compromising the plane’s integrity. approachfor to Ferrari, luxury. Details should not exist for their own sake, Aston Martin and accepted One™ and thegift”. Robb’s of ultra Beever recalls. Disney. He gladly the concept “Ultimate Enamored with custom?Ó The marriage of the “State of the “We live with in a bespoke world, why not push the envelope ultra but as with antiques, they have a seamless legacy that resonates Disney. He gladly accepted the “Ultimate gift”. Enamored The marriage of the “State of theandofEddie’s art” Lineage 1000E challenge. the hand made luxury of the custom?” Beever recalls. with us. challenge. Sotto cut his teeth in design at Disney the Imagineering hand made luxury of the art”ofLineage 1000Estyle and Eddie’s Sotto felt that private aviation classic Yacht, Sotto dreamt a classic would create an where heSotto created numerous attractions. Embraer Executive Jets felt thatwas private classic Yacht,plane Sottothat dreamt of a that classic style would create an of high tech and exciting contrast ripe aviation for his “story” driven embodied The marriage of the “State of the art” Lineage 1000E and Eddie’s Vice President of Design, Jay Beever was justDetails as passionate was ripe for his “story” driven plane that about embodied that exciting contrast oftouch. high From tech and high the tech reaction approach to luxury. should romantic feel with the detail and classic style would create an exciting contrast of high and improvingapproach aircraft design. to luxury. Details should romantic with the detailinand touch. From reaction we’rethe getting to the project, we not exist for their own sake, but asfeelquality found vintagehigh luxury high touch. From the reaction we’re to the project, we feel not exist for their sake, they but as founditems. in vintage luxury to getting the thatproject, Sotto’swe bespoke design is with own antiques, havequality a “Imagine a planewe’re with agetting feel that Sotto’s bespoke design is the next level, eventually price Embraer with offered to collaborate and selected their flagship Lineage antiques,seamless they have a that resonates items. “Imagine a plane “hull” with a or controls feel that Sotto’s design is at all at thebespoke next level, eventually all legacy mahogany as on points. Our new Lineage is our first “canvas” for designers. 1000E asseamless the perfect basis for the ultra custom Skyacht One™ legacy that mahogany “hull” controls asSotto onmused. the next level, eventually atOur all new Eddie Jets Vice President ofLineage Design, Jay price points. is with us.resonates SottoExperiential cut his teeth in Designer a Þneorwatch?Ó Sotto concept and “Ultimate gift”. withwatch?Ó the hand withthe us.Robb’s Sottodesign cut hisatteeth in Enamored a Þne Sotto saw mused. price points. Our newÒcanvasÓ Lineage for is designers. our Þrst Disney Imagineering Beever that this heightened wasdreamt challenged by this Robb Report Beever was just as contends. passionate Skyacht is only one our example of that potential.” Beever made luxury of at theDisney classic Yacht, Sotto of a plane design Imagineering Beever saw that heightened Þrst ÒcanvasÓ for designers. experience could be a game Skyacht is only one example of where he created numerous where he created numerous experienceRoss could be acreate game is only one example Beever ofaircraft about improving design. writerExecutive Robert to an Skyacht changer in the industry, as there that potential.” contends. attractions. Embraer attractions. Embraer Executive changer in the industry, as there that potential.” Beever contends. “Ultimate Gift” for their renown Embraer offered to collaborate 50 n Aviators

“What if a Yacht could fly?” Innovative luxury takes to the ai


gift guide. Sotto’s exclusive design Þrm SottoStudios was used to

and selected their ßagship Lineage 1000E as the perfect basis


COMFORT WITHOUT COMPROMISE. Not only can the Lineage 1000E have its own bedroom complete with a queensize bed and fully fitted wardrobe, it may also be equipped with a walk-in shower so passengers arrive well-rested and refreshed. We’ve thought of every tiny detail to ensure you are most comfortable, even down to the three independently controlled temperature zones and a cabin altitude that reduces fatigue. So you can rest assured that you’ll reach your destination ready to take on the world.


Listening to in how we 1000E. From and storage truly feels lik

ARRIVE REFRESHED. The Lineage 1000E has a newly-optimized wet galley, which is more of a gourmet kitchen with all the latest amenities from an oven to state-ofthe-art appliances. So you can enjoy anything from a delicious snack to a three-course dinner. The choice is yours.





SUPPORTING YOU THE RIGHT WAY. Since 1969, Embraer has been delivering excellent customer support. We have used this experience to develop a specific program for executive jets that is constantly being evaluated and customized to each client’s needs: • Parts – our distribution centers are geographically well-located to ensure you get your parts faster.


• Performance software – integrated performance software tools facilitate efficient aircraft performance calculations for take-off, landing and other flight parameters.

e 1000E, polished tractable rea, this e.

• Maintenance Tracking (CAMP) – enables customers to access their aircraft maintenance plan online and update it by providing operational information. • Health monitoring (AHEAD) – optimizes maintenance activities with an accurate decision-making process during any unscheduled maintenance events. • Technical publications – the Flight Operations Publications is a complete set of technical publications used by pilots and flight attendants. • Training – Embraer Executive Jets and its authorized training providers provide quality training services for our customers’ flight crews and maintenance technicians worldwide. Embraer has always developed commercial and defense aircraft that have thrived in a competitive market. We are now a global company with offices in North America, Brazil, Europe, Singapore and China. Part of our success is down to the fact that we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer support. That’s why more than 90 airlines, from over 50 countries are flying Embraer Commercial Aircraft. It’s no wonder Embraer Executive Jets have received outstanding rankings in the Aviation International News (AIN) Product Support Survey for the second consecutive year. This prestigious accolade highlights our commitment to the continuous improvement of our world-class support and services.





SKYYACHT ONE ONE December 2013 SKYYACHT December11, 11, 2013


“ Skyacht One defies being a pastiche, it is intrinsically elegant and “ Skyacht Onemodern, defies while beingata pastiche, it is the sameintrinsically time softly recalls a bygone era.” elegant and modern, while at Robert Ross,the Columnist Robb Report same time softly

recalls a bygone era.”

Robert Ross, Columnist Robb Report

Then is the new now. Skyacht One redefines the inflight experience. ™

Then is the new now. Skyacht One redefines the inflight experience.


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including the rare Astrolabio dinner service. SottoÕs Disney experience gave him the ability to conjure a space from emotion. ÒWe create the WOW! and work

Images of Skyacht Oneª are ©2013 SottoStudios Inc. and Embraer Executive Jets. Aviators n 53

Falcon 5X


Dassault Unveils Falcon 5X

igger is better in the booming large-cabin business

The 5X will be the first clean-sheet Falcon Jet in a decade.

aircraft segment. Just look at the 200+ orders

The airframe shares little in common with the Falcon

Gulfstream has for its G650 uber-jet, an aircraft

7X that entered service in 2007, having a new fuselage,

with the largest cabin cross-section of any purpose-built jet

new wing, new engines and new digital flight control

in current production.

system functionality.

Dassault Aviation, though, set an even larger cabin size

The G650’s cabin is longer than that of the Falcon 5X, so

standard when it introduced its $45 million, 5,200-nm

the big Gulfstream offers 21% more overall interior volume.

range Falcon 5X at the 2013 NBAA Convention. Compared

That’s an essential design provision because Gulfstream’s

to the G650, the Falcon 5X has 1 in. more headroom, 2 in.

flagship has 3 hr. more endurance than the new Falcon

more floor width and equal maximum internal width. Those

Jet, virtually necessitating a forward crew rest area nestled

measurements allow Dassault to claim it will offer the most

ahead of the front galley. The Falcon 5X will have 1,770

generous cabin cross-section in a purpose-built business jet

cu. ft. of net cabin volume available for use by passengers,

when the Falcon 5X enters service in 2017.

a little less than the G650 with a crew rest compartment




Falcon 5X but 220 cu. ft. more than the Falcon 7X trijet, currently

(now G280) and Embraer Legacy 600 in the super-midsize

Dassault’s largest aircraft.

segment. But when world financial markets tanked in 2008, demand fizzled for SMS and smaller aircraft. Soon, it became

But the Falcon 5X isn’t intended to compete against the

apparent that those markets, and particularly the lighter

Gulfstream G650 or replace the Falcon 7X. Instead, the

jets, might not fully recover for a decade or more. The large-

French are taking aim at Gulfstream’s aging 4,250-nm range

cabin market, however, began to rebound as soon as the first

G450 and Bombardier’s fuel thirsty 5,500-nm range Global

green shoots of economic recovery sprouted in 2009.

5000. The Falcon 5X will have a considerably larger cabin than either of those heavy-iron competitors, yet it will weigh

So, Dassault engineers went back to their CATIA screens and

less and its wing will have better lift-to-drag characteristics.

completely revamped the SMS design. By the end of 2009,

It also will be fitted with new technology Snecma engines

the SMS had become a much different aircraft. Indeed, it

than are 10-15% more fuel efficient than current engines

would become the largest and most-advanced Falcon Jet yet

having similar thrust output.

built, requiring an investment of well over $1 billion. As such, the Falcon 5X will provide the basis for larger and longer

The Falcon 5X’s more fuel-efficient engines, combined with its lower weight and advanced wing lift-to-drag characteristics should slash fuel consumption by one-third on average

range Falcon Jets into the future.

Dassault’s most commodious cabin yet

compared to competitive aircraft. Dassault also claims the Falcon 5X will have a direct operating cost 30% lower than

The Falcon 5X’s circular fuselage has a diameter that is 8 in.

the G450’s and 35% less than that of the Global 5000.

larger than any previous Falcon Jet. Overall cabin length only is 5 in. shorter than that of the Falcon 7X, thus the Falcon

The new Falcon wasn’t always to be as large or as long-

5X’s cabin volume is 14% greater than that of its trijet sibling.

legged as the final iteration. When Dassault launched initial

The increased cross section affords 4 in. more headroom and

Falcon SMS (for “super midsize”) design studies in 2006,

10 in. more floor width than the Falcon 7X, thereby allowing

it was intended to compete against the then hot-selling

the use of wider seats while still increasing available aisle

Bombardier Challenger 300, as well as the Gulfstream G250

width by 5 to 6 in. in most areas of the cabin.




Falcon 5X Noise will be sopped up by an acoustical insulation package

Dassault customers said they wanted more ambient light

similar to that used aboard the Falcon 7X, assuring interior

in the cabin, so the Falcon 5X will be fitted with 28 of the

noise levels at or below those of any current production

largest cabin windows ever used on a Falcon Jet. They’re 1

Falcon Jet.

in. taller than the transparencies used on the Falcon 7X. They indeed provide as much window area per cubic foot of cabin

Similar to most other long-range, large-cabin business

volume as the 16 wide oval cabin windows of the G650, so no

aircraft, the heart of the cabin is divided into three sections.

business aircraft will have more ambient light.

The 25.3-ft.-long main seating area has a forward, four-chair club section, a mid-cabin four-seat conference grouping

The cabin has several new design features. The chairs, for

flanked by a credenza with occasional bench seating and

example, have a more contemporary look with hollowed

a separate aft lounge that can be configured several ways,

out armrests and cocoon-like, wraparound seat bases and

including with two three-place divans. The three lounges will

backs. The cocoon chairs make passengers feel as though

berth six passengers on overnight missions.

they occupy a space that’s dedicated solely to them, not unlike belting into the front seat of a luxury automobile.

Up front, there’s a 7-ft.-long vestibule with crew lavatory,

The side rails are split-level affairs. The foldout worktables

galley and storage that is longer and has about 25% more

extend so that the top surfaces are flush with the side rail

volume than the vestibule of the Falcon 7X. The galley area

upper ledges, effectively increasing their usable width to the

also is considerably larger than those of the G450 and Global

cabin sidewalls.

5000. The galley has more usable storage space and better ergonomics than the one in the Falcon 7X.

On the lower sidewall step, there are storage pockets that are level with the outboard armrests of the passenger chairs.

Overhead in the vestibule is business aviation’s first large

Sliding lids above the storage pockets reveal spaces to stow

skylight (the HondaJet has a pair of small skylights in its

and plug in iPhones, iPods or PDAs. Each individual chair also

lav) because there’s almost never too much ambient light

has ergonomic cabin management controls with hard line

available in the galley area. When the sun is too bright,

select keys for frequently used functions, plus touch screen

electro-chromic filters will dim the skylight, as well as all

controls and a rotating knob for adjusting variables. There

cabin side windows.

are plug-in ports for individual seat monitors and Wi-Fi will

As there is 5 in. more floor width in the galley area and the cabinetry has gentle convex curves, passengers won’t feel as though they’re squeezing through a tunnel as they walk through the forward vestibule area. The galley was designed with extensive input from flight attendants who work aboard current generation Falcon Jets.

support using iPads or iPhones as IFE monitors. Broadband Internet connectivity will be provided by satcom and also perhaps by air-to-ground data links. It’s likely that the aircraft also will have an Iridium phone, but Dassault hadn’t yet released the initial specifications and description document as we closed this issue. The mid-cabin section has the feel of an informal conference room. There are four conventional chairs arranged around a conference table, plus a credenza on the opposite side that has a long bench cushion that provides a perch for other passengers to join the conversation with those at the table.




Falcon 5X

The aft section of the cabin may configured as a private stateroom, with selective electro-chromic filters that transform bulkhead partitions into privacy curtains. Some

Conventional Structure, Advanced Systems

operators may choose to fit the aft area with a single

Construction of 5X components is well underway at

workstation chair and a pull-out divan on the opposite side.

Dassault and its subcontractors. No surprises here. Similar

Others may opt for one divan on the left and another on the

to all previous Falcon Jets, Dassault will use high strength

right. Still others may elect to fit one side with a pair of facing

aluminum alloys for most of the primary airframe structure

chairs and a divan on the opposite side — or any combination

of the Falcon 5X. Most of the parts will be joined with

of those modules.

conventional hardware. A few components will be fused

The aft lavatory is shorter than the one in the Falcon 7X, but it’s actually quite roomy because of the larger crosssection. In addition, the fuselage doesn’t begin to taper

together using friction stir welding, a first for a Falcon Jet. Composites will be used for the empennage, engine nacelles, fairings and radome, among other secondary structures.

until aft of the internal baggage door. The lav features a

Work share is similar to that on the Falcon 7X, with Dassault

vacuum toilet, vanity with hot and cold running water, and

building the forward and aft fuselages, plus the wings;

generous storage. Notably, the forward and aft lavs do not

Daher-Socata is constructing most center fuselage parts; and

share common water and waste systems. The forward lav

Fokker is making the composite empennage with extensive

is available with either a conventional chemical or vacuum

use of resin transfer molding. In addition, Belgium’s SABCA

toilet and is not linked to the aft lavatory.

is building the aft, lower center fuselage section; GKN is

The 155-cu.-ft. aft baggage com–partment will be accessible in flight with no altitude restrictions because the engine rotor burst plane is behind the aft pressure bulkhead. The external access door translates aft of the doorway when opened so that it doesn’t obstruct the opening. There is a ladder that will ease luggage loading chores for the crew.

constructing the wing’s aft control surfaces; Safran’s Snecma supplies the nacelles as part of the integrated powerplant package; Corsica’s Corse Composite Aeronautique is building the wing to body fairing; and Potez, in southwest France, is supplying the main entry door. The aero loft contours depart from those of previous Falcon Jets, starting with the 779-sq.-ft. clean-sheet wing, the first Aviators



Falcon 5X Dassault airfoil to have winglets as part of the initial design. It

starters and DC starter-generators used on legacy Falcon

features a straight leading edge, a relatively modest 33 deg.

Jets. AC power will also be used for high electrical loads,

of leading edge sweep and a 5% to 10% better lift-to-drag

including windshield and probe anti-ice heating along with

ratio than the airfoil of the Falcon 7X. High-altitude Mach

cabin management and IFE systems. Two 35 AH sealed lead-

buffet boundaries should be at least 15% better than those

acid batteries will anchor the DC electrical system, used

of legacy large-cabin Falcon Jets. And the wing weighs 500 lb.

for critical power functions such as the digital flight control

less than that of the Falcon 7X because of improved structural

system (fly by wire). Transformer rectifiers will convert AC to

efficiency, in part due to the wing’s straight leading edge that

DC. The overhead electrical control panel has been simplified

makes possible a wider chord, more rigid internal wing box.

and the electrical system has enhanced automatic bus tie

The signature cruciform Falcon Jet tail design is retained, but the horizontal stabilizer has no anhedral. The nose has completely new loft contours, including cockpit

functioning to protect it in the event of malfunctions. The dual-redundant 3,000-psi hydraulic systems are simpler than the triple-redundant systems of the Falcon 7X.

windows that are 32% larger than those of the Falcon 7X. This

Four engine-driven pumps supply System A and System

will make it much easier to see over the nose during takeoff,

B hydraulic circuits, each one having left and right engine-

approach and landing. The flight deck is considerably more

driven pumps. System B also has a DC standby pump. Systems

comfortable, including increased headroom and sufficient

A and B also have electrically powered, backup subsystems

room aft of the pilot chairs to recline either one to 130 deg.

that power some of the flight control actuators in the event

for short crew rest breaks.

of dual failure of the normal hydraulic system. MIL-H-5606 is

There’s also a new jump seat for a third crewmember that

retained as the standard for hydraulic fluid.

stows full size behind the right pilot seat. It slides laterally

The fuel system is vintage Falcon Jet, having pressurized

into position in the center aisle and it pivots and reclines for

tanks and dual-redundant fuel boost pumps.

greater comfort — a welcome replacement for the origamilike folding jump seat of older Falcon Jets.

Heroux Devtek will supply the landing gear, with soft landing touchdown assured by trailing link main gear and a dual

The 5X will be the first Falcon to have a primarily AC electrical

chamber olio nose gear. The steer-by-wire system will be

system, one with starter-generators that will produce

controlled through the digital flight control system. Notably,

115/200 VAC, three-phase, variable frequency power. AC

the nose gear doors will be closed when the gear are fully

power, supplied by either the APU or GPU, also will be used

retracted or extended, greatly reducing cockpit noise during

to start the main engines, a departure from the air turbine

landing approach. Meggitt will furnish the dual-channel brake-by-wire system with high-energy carbon heat packs. Remote tire pressure monitoring and brake temperature indicating systems will be optional. If the air-conditioning and pressurization system follows the 7X design, there will be a second emergency “pack” having only heat exchangers, but no turbine, compressor and fan. Similar to legacy Falcon Jets, the Falcon 5X will have a single air-cycle machine pack. It’s supplied by




Falcon 5X

Liebherr. There will be separate temperature controls for the

mid-span flaperons will move down, thereby increasing drag

cockpit, galley, and forward and aft cabin. The Falcon 7X only

while minimizing wing bending moment. The flight control

has a three-zone system.

surface geometry also virtually eliminates turbulence over

The 9.9-psid pressurization system will provide a 3,900-ft.

the horizontal tail that’s felt as airframe buffet.

cabin altitude at FL 410 and a 6,000-ft. cabin at FL 510. On

The new function especially will be appreciated by

most long-distance flights, cabin altitude won’t exceed 5,000

passengers when the aircraft is descending with bleed air

ft. because the aircraft normally cruises at or below FL 450.

anti-ice on. Engine power must be increased for adequate

The digital flight control system, designed and built by Dassault, is based upon the Falcon 7X architecture, but it will integrate more functions. In addition to carefree handling, flight path stability and envelope protection, the fly-by-wire

bleed air supply. During descents, the speed brakes on older Falcons had to be used to control speed with anti-ice on. That should no longer be necessary with the split aileron/ flaperon function.

(FBW) system will host control of mid-span flaperons that

The 5X has conventional air brake panels, but they only begin

can function as ailerons, flaps and/or spoilers.

to deploy when speed brakes 2 is selected. The split aileron/

The cockpit will have left and right sidestick controls; three main or primary, dual-channel flight control computers that host normal, alternate and direct law functions; plus three backup, or secondary, single-channel flight control

flaperon geometry, along with the aircraft’s full-span leading edge slats, will be key to enabling Dassault to earn steep approach certification for the 5X, enabling it to use London City Airport.

computers that only host direct law functions, including yaw

Bleed air will be used for wing leading edge and engine

damper. Unlike the Falcon 7X, the Falcon 5X won’t be fitted

inlet anti-ice heating. Unlike previous Falcon Jets, pilots

with an analog emergency computer used for temporary

will be able to select wing anti-ice while on the ground. It

control to be used only in the event that all six main and

automatically will activate with weight off wheels. UTC

backup flight control computers fail. But the aircraft can be

Hamilton Sundstrand in San Diego will furnish the ground-

dispatched after any single electronics failure.

use-only APU.

Most primary and secondary flight control surfaces will be

Balancing Act

hydraulically powered. But in a departure from the Falcon 7X, the trailing edge flaps will be electrically powered rather

Falcon Jets are known for their class leading fuel efficiency

than hydraulically actuated. Use of flaperons is a first aboard

and the Falcon 5X will be no exception. No other large-

a business jet. When the crew selects speed brakes 1, for

cabin aircraft, except for Dassault’s own Falcon 2000S and

instance, the outboard ailerons will deflect up while the

2000LXS, should squeeze more miles out of a pound of jet Aviators



Falcon 5X fuel on equal length trips. One reason is the Falcon 5X’s

MSG-3-compliant and scheduled maintenance will come at

Mach 0.80 design cruise speed, which is relatively placid

800-hr. or 12-month intervals. Custom-tailored maintenance

by current standards. Some large-cabin business aircraft

programs will be offered to operators.

makers now tout cruise speeds of 0.85 to 0.90 Mach, shaving as much as an hour off of longer trips.

Extensive high-stress, high-cycle testing of components and systems should minimize growing pains associated with early

The Falcon 5X easily can speed up to 0.85 Mach, but doing

serial number airplanes. Dassault also is developing a new

so increases fuel consumption by close to 9% and shortens

onboard maintenance monitoring system that will watch up

max range by 450 mi. Dassault’s market research, though,

to 10,000 parameters, not unlike the orange flight test boxes

indicates that the most likely Falcon 5X buyers will value

bolted into the aircraft for development work. Aircraft health

cabin comfort, range and price above the need for speed.

signs and symptoms will be broadcast back to Dassault in real

Having 5,200 nm of range at 0.80 Mach, the Falcon 5X will be able to fly eight passengers from London to Tokyo, Beijing to

time for analysis. Warranty coverage will be more extensive than with previous Falcon Jets.

Minneapolis or New York to Tel Aviv in 11 hr. 30 min. At 0.85

Performance and efficiency numbers notwithstanding, the

Mach, it will be able to fly from London to Houston, Detroit

Falcon 5X’s trump card is cabin size. No other purpose-built

to Moscow or São Paulo to Lisbon in under 10 hr.

business jet priced less than $55 million equals it.

Glance please at the accompanying specifications box. The

The Falcon 5X is the most technically advanced civil jet from

Falcon 5X will have a favorable power-to-weight ratio and

Dassault, but all of its new systems have been wrung out on

relatively low wing loading for a large-cabin aircraft with

other aircraft. Almost nothing on the aircraft is “bleeding

slats. It should offer virtually the best takeoff field length

edge” technology that might risk the aircraft’s spending

performance of any aircraft capable of flying 5,200 nm.

excessive time in the hangar. Wild frequency AC electrical

Dassault is striving to make the 5X its most reliable and most maintainable business jet yet. It will be fully

systems have been used on business aircraft for more than 15 years. The Falcon 7X pioneered the use of digital flight controls on board a purpose-built business aircraft six years ago. The hydraulic system is a basic dual-redundant design with two extra subsystems to provide triple-redundant hydraulic power for the flight control actuators. Most notably, the Falcon 5X provides a clean-sheet foundation for larger and longer range Falcon Jets, ones that will compete directly against the newest de–signs being developed by Bombardier and Gulfstream. As such, the Falcon 5X isn’t just the latest business aircraft to be announced by Dassault, it’s also a milestone in the history of the company. It also marks the end of the trijet era at Dassault and the beginning of a whole new line of twinengine large-cabin aircraft from the French firm that will be more comfortable, more capable and more cost-effective to operate. Construction of the first flight test aircraft is well underway. First flight is slated for the first half of 2015.




Falcon 5X

Dassault Falcon 5X Preliminary Specifications Characteristics Wing Loading 89.3 Power Loading 3.04 Noise (EPNdB) NA Seating 3+8/19 Dimensions (ft./m) External Length 82.6/25.2 Height 24.5/7.5 Span 85.1/25.9 Internal Length 44.0/13.4 Height 6.3/1.9 Width (Maximum) 8.2/2.5 Width (Floor) 6.8/2.1 Thrust Engine 2 Snecma Silvercrest Output/Flat RatingOAT°C 11,450 lb. ea./ISA+15C TBO OC Weights (lb./kg) Max Ramp 69,800/31,661 Max Takeoff 69,600/31,570 Max Landing 66,100/29,983 Zero Fuel 43,500/19,731 BOW 38,170/17,314 Max Payload 5,330/2,418 Useful Load 31,630/14,347 Executive Payload 1,600/726 Max Fuel 28,200/12,791 Payload With Max Fuel 3,430/1,556 Fuel With Max Payload 26,300/11,930 Fuel With Executive Payload 30,030/13,622 Limits Mmo 0.900 FL/Vmo FL 270/370 PSI 9.9 Climb Time to FL 370 NA FAR Part 25 OEI Rate NA FAR Part 25 OEI Gradient NA Ceilings (ft./m) Certificated 51,000/15,545 All-Engine Service ≥41,000/≥12,497 Engine-Out Service NA Sea-Level Cabin NA Certification FAR/EASA Part 25 Scheduled for 2017








11-12 Jan

Great Eastern Fly-In

Evans Head, NSW, Australia

16-18 Jan

Bahrain International Airshow

Sakhir Air Base, Bahrain

19 Jan

Panama Air Festival - Festival Aéreo 2014

Aeropuerto Scarlett Martínez, Río Hato, Panama

January 2014

25-26 Jan Show Aéreo Ilopango 2014

Ilopango Int’l Airport, San Salvador, El Salvador

26 Jan

Tauranga City Air Show

Tauranga, New Zealand

Guatemala Air Show

Iztapa, Guatemala

February 2014 02 Feb

11-16 Feb Singapore Airshow 2014 Singapore

New Changi Exhibition Centre,

25-27 Feb Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2014

Al Bateen Executive Airport, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

March 2014 01 Mar

Red Bull Air Race

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

01-02 Mar

Centenary of Military Aviation Air Show 2014

RAAF Williams, Point Cook, Victoria, Australia

06-08 Mar

AeroExpo 2014 Toluca, Mexico

Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos Int’l Airport,

09 Mar

Tyabb Air Show 2014

Tyabb, Victoria, Australia

25-30 Mar

FIDAE 2014

Santiago Int’l Airport, Santiago, Chile

28-30 Mar

AAAA National Fly-in: Celebrating 40 Years

Temora Airport, Temora, NSW, Australia

15-17 Apr

ABACE2014 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai, China

18-20 Apr

Warbirds Over Wanaka 2014

Wanaka Airport, Otago, New Zealand

23-26 Apr

Marrakech Aero Expo & Air Show 2014

Menara Airport, Marrakech, Morocco

April 2014

May 2014 04 May

Wings over Illawarra 2014 Wollongong, Australia

Illawarra Regional Airport,

17-18 May

Cozumel Aero Show 2014

Cozumel, Mexico

18 May

Red Bull Air Race

Putrajaya, Malaysia

31 May

Watts Bridge All-In Fly-In Queensland, Australia

Watts Bridge Airfield, Toogoolawah,

July 2014 19-20 Jul Anjo da Guarda Fest Brazil

Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina,

September 2014 06 Sep Wings Over Warwick Fly-in

Warwick Airport, Warwick, Queensland, Australia

17-21 Sep

Africa Aerospace & Defence - AAD 2014

AFB Waterkloof, Centurion, South Africa

19 Sep 62 n Aviators

Glorias del Ejército (Armed Forces Day)

Parque O’Higgins, Santiago, Chile


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Life Style Living

The extensive bar menu features a range of some of the

Interesting zones of comfort

worlds most expensive whiskeys, exotic liqueurs, Grappa

have been carefully planned,

Nino being one such example, that one would normally

from expansive dining areas and

not see on the menu at the local bar. The range of fabulous

breezy cabanas, to cozy spots

imported sparkling wines and wines are also a popular

carved out for small groups.

feature of the Onyx bar, some of these even available by

The space features both indoor

the glass, an uncommon practice as wines as expensive

and outdoor lounge areas.

as these, are generally only served by the bottle. But at Sanctum, the vision is to provide members with the best



associated with luxury. Sanctum has been designed by the well-known Architect, Anshul Chodha of Sanctuary Architects



Crafted with an aura of luxury, the space features rich metallic infusions of copper and beige, complimented



reflections in tinted mirrors. 66



Life Style Living

spend it at the city’s trendiest place, be it for business or personal recreation. Sanctum Club was conceptualized by a group of young, successful and well-traveled entrepreneurs that love their food, have a passion for non- commercial, quality electronic music, and feel the need for an exclusive environment to enjoy the same, as well as compliment their business requirements. Membership to the Club is presently open, but will close over the next few months in order to maintain the Club’s exclusivity. Once membership closes, one will only be able to apply for membership on referral. The club also extends a provisional membership to those traveling from out of town. This is an excellent option for the cosmopolitan executive that has just a day to spend in the city, and wants to

For details on Sanctum Club and membership: Call: +91 80 3040 5400/1/2/3/4. Email: Website: Facebook: Address: Sanctum Club, Chancery Pavilion Commercial, No. 135 Residency Road, Bangalore – 560025 Aviators



PC-12 aircraft available for charter

Cover distances comfortably Fast



You now have the luxury of hiring your own private airplane to fly distances with ease and comfort. We provide the most sophisticated aircraft flown by highly experienced pilots to help you travel in the most safest manner to your destination. Welcome aboard a great experience.

24 Hours Support


Mr. Sathya : +91 9845174055

Aircraft Type


Pilatus PC-12 / 47



6 Passengers



2 pilots



270 knots



1309, Brigade Towers, 135, Brigade Road, Bangalore 560 025. INDIA Tel: +91 80 22219838 / 39 Fax: +91 80 22213849 Email: / Sathya : Website: Toll Free: 1800-425-77777 68







December - March 2012



December - March 2012



December - March 2012


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