Artisan Spirit: Fall 2021

Page 93


n the edge of state-protected land in Naples, New York, with a gorgeous natural view sits one man's realized dream, Hollerhorn Distilling. Hollerhorn is so much more than a grain-to-glass farm distillery, it is also a hyper-local farm-to-table restaurant, music venue, and home to a vintage whiskey list that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. Born and raised in Naples, Hollerhorn founder Karl Neubauer is an artist of many talents. He studied sculpture at Alfred University and eventually taught there for six years as well. Neubauer also studied Alternative Design and Building and opened his own business as an architect and furniture builder. After doing that for north of two decades, Neubauer and his wife Melissa, an art teacher and chef in Naples, decided to dedicate their lives to realizing a long time dream of opening a distillery. As a lover of single malts hailing from Scotland, Neubauer set out to follow in the footprints of many talented and influential distillers by apprenticing at the Springbank Distillers in Campbeltown. Many years in the making, Hollerhorn was built from the ground up an ideal location. On the distillery grounds is an old stone spring that has exceptionally pure water. The building is energy-efficient and heated in the winter by the still itself. The entire campus is a fine combination of modern innovation and rustic charm, one that’s amplified by the generous use of reclaimed timber. In the words of Neubauer it’s a “space with history...” 93