Artisan Spirit: Fall 2021

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maintained this ethos since their distillery first opened. The product line at App Gap has swollen since they opened their doors — a typical experience for new distillery owners — but Hubbard says it will now shrink back down to a more manageable selection. After making a few gins, an agave spirit, a coffee-infused bourbon, and more, Hubbard said that they will be sticking to their core six moving forward: Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey, Drumlin Champlain Valley Rye, Peregrine Gin, Mythic Gin, and Papilio, a maple syrup and blue agave spirit. A forthcoming whiskey will round out the portfolio of brands that will receive distribution outside of their tasting room. The folks at App Gap are currently working on more fully fleshing out their brand identity and expressing it in a compelling way. They’ve hired outside consultants to put together a number of brand identity documents and manuals that guide people who come aboard so they under-