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STRATEGIES TO CONSIDER WHEN TRYING TO APPEAL TO THESE MILLENNIAL SEGMENTS CREATE AN EXPERIENCE Millennials care more about the experience they have with a brand or product than the product itself. Does your packaging have unique attributes, does it leverage augmented reality, etc? If you have a tasting room, what experiences are you providing, daily events, tours, food pairings, special events at bars, restaurants, social events? We have a client that has huge all-you-can-eat oyster parties at their distillery/bar regularly and their patrons line up around the block to get into the event and stay to drink the night away, not to mention the amazing “free” word of mouth advertising they get. OFFER CUSTOMIZATION Consider offering customers the ability to customize their experience, product, packaging, etc. Consider experiences where they can blend their own bottle, create a whiskey club where you engrave a glass they use when they visit your distillery, create their own gift pack, or add some additional customization to their bottle (Maker’s Mark al-

lows visitors to dip their own bottle in wax during their visit).

BUILD LOYALTY Social networks and peer recommendations are the lifeblood of most millennial social circles. Manage your online brand via your website and social media first rather than as an afterthought. Online interactions are easily as important as in-person and these two brand experiences should feel seamless to your consumers. Take the time to ask and really listen to what your customers want and then leverage these insights to drive optimal experiences and loyalty programs. Loyal, happy customers provide online endorsements, reviews, and recommend your brand to their peer groups. PROVIDE VALUE Your brand’s packaging should not be an afterthought. In fact, in many ways it may be as important as your product. Custom bottles and evocative packaging help your brand stand out from the crowd, position your brand in relation

to your customer’s lifestyle or sense of style, and create a sense of value, whether it’s delivering on luxury or simply over-delivering at a price point when compared to the competition. Consider little ‘upgrades” where you provide your customers with something extra. Handwritten “thank you” for their purchase on a neck label, a branded whiskey glass from your distillery as a keepsake if they purchased a bottle, or a free taste when they return to your distillery their second time. Understanding the various millennial segments and what makes each of them unique and what they have in common is the first step towards cracking the algorithm for marketing to this large and very lucrative generation.

David Schuemann is the owner and creative director of CF Napa Brand Design. For more info, visit www.cfnapa.com or call (707) 265-1891.









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Profile for Artisan Spirit Magazine

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2020  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2020  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

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