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on the energy invested by local volunteers and no one makes enemies that they have to bump into every morning while grabbing coffee at the village store. The local officials gave their approval for the construction of yet another taxable rickhouse and our guy looks forward to the arrival of the permit. But then, like never before, an ominous letter comes falling from above. The professional regulators at the state level never required a face-toface before, but this time, the big fellows want a meeting… at the distillery! After a few e-mails a mutually acceptable day is decided and shortly after the bright red sun rises the cavalcade arrives. Introductions are made, pleasantries exchanged and then they get down to business: This new application lead to a review of this property file and turned up that the annual inspection was many months overdue. Quite a surprise as after several years our guy has never had an annual inspection. “When do you want to do this,” they ask. After the lump in his throat clears he makes the best of


well and good,” their leader it and thinking we’ve Ignorantia says. “He didn’t know what always been straight he was doing, and that’s with them says “how legis neminem why he’s no longer here. You about right now?” They need sprinkler systems. You nod in agreement and excusat— needed them then and that off through the array hasn’t changed. You’ve got of buildings they go. not knowing four weeks to get the plans Our guy leads like any approved and sixteen to get good leader, proudly the law is them installed.” Oh my! showing the results of no excuse. The building and fire toiling fourteen hours codes that apply to your each day for the first craft distillery are outside several years. The pros of the knowledge area of many building ask questions, lots of questions and they and fire officials, and both codes and take photos, lots of photos. They write officials can change. Combine the lack copious notes in their write-in-the-rain of knowledge with pressure that is often notebooks and as things are winding down being applied from various places, like their leader turns to my guy and says, the Assessing Department that wants to “where’s the sprinkler systems?” His first get the abandoned property that you’ve reaction was terror. Swallowing, my guy purchased back onto the tax rolls, and responds that surely they are mistaken as expensive requirements sometimes just all plans were submitted and approved, get overlooked, one might even say, construction inspected, and there’s the sometimes set aside under influential cherished Certificate of Occupancy signed pressure. When the process began years by a lot of people with important titles, before no one dictated a sprinkler system one being his predecessor. “That’s all


Artisan Spirit: Winter 2017  
Artisan Spirit: Winter 2017  

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