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Brewery, Winery, Rectifier GOALS To be eligible for a distillery or small distillery license, a person must hold a basic permit for distilling, rectifying, blending and bottling spirits from the United States Department of the Treasury, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

for Manufacturer depending on volume of sales, capacity of plant, and location AVG TIME TO OBTAIN 30 Days



event infrastructure expenses

grain from in state sources

Yes, Four 1/4 oz samples per person per day. FEES FOR TOURS Yes BOTTLE SALES ON SITE No









Manufacturer's license allows manufacture, storage and sale # DISTILLERIES IN STATE 20 of alcoholic liquor to wholesale LIMITS FOR ON-PREMISE SALES? LICENSE CLASSES Micro Distillery licensees in and out of state; Yes, Four 1/4 oz samples Microdistillery license — Types 3-TIER OR CONTROL Control per person per day. of license Tier one (1-100 barrel PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: ALLOWED TO HOLD EVENTS PROMOTION: TASTING ROOM: daily capacity), Tier 2 (100ON SITE? Yes $600 annual fee FEE TASTINGS AT ON-PREMISE 150); Tier 3 (150-200), Tier 4 TASTINGS ON SITE? Yes ALLOWED TO HOLD OTHER LOCATIONS? Yes, Four 1/4 oz (200-300), Tier 5 (300-400), LICENSE CLASSES Class 9 AVG TIME TO OBTAIN 60-90 days BOTTLE SALES ON SITE Yes LICENSES? No class C or samples per person per day. Tier 6 (400-500), Tier 7 (500+); Limited Distillery (requires MINIMUM PRODUCTION AMOUNT No retailing of any other spirits LIMITS ON BOTTLE SALES? No Note — daily capacity means county-issued Class D OFF-SITE BOTTLE SALE? No not distilled by company MAXIMUM PRODUCTION AMOUNT avg daily barrel production for "tavern" license, only ON-PREMISE CONSUMPTION AT OFF-SITE DRINK SALE? No Less than 25,000 gallons previous 12 months and if no applicable in Worcester Co.) % GRAIN FROM STATE 1 to 100 DISTILLERY? With Pour Permit OTHER: PRODUCTION RELATED LIMITATIONS? previous year to compare, then 3-TIER OR CONTROL 3-Tier LIMITS FOR ON-PREMISE SALES? No NOTES Distillery may pay fee of $500 for first year Less than 25,000 gallons % GRAIN FROM STATE If a person PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: SWAG (T-SHIRTS, GLASSES, ETC.)? Yes own a restaurant — Retail Licenses = Class C approved for a manufacturer's SELF-DISTRIBUTION? Yes — for alcoholic consumption on & FEE $500 PROMOTION: permit, Class 1, distiller’s can directly deliver to liquor off premises, sales in original permit produces a product with stores. All fees, taxes, etc AVG TIME TO OBTAIN 4-6 TASTINGS AT ON-PREMISE packages & sampling, Class D at least fifty-one percent(51%) that would have been incurred weeks for approval from LICENSE CLASSES Micro LOCATIONS? Yes for consumption off premises, of the finished product by date of application by going through the central Distilling License BOTTLE SALES AT FAIRS/FARMERS Class I for consumption on volume being obtained from warehouse are still applied. MINIMUM PRODUCTION AMOUNT No MARKETS? No — limited 3-TIER OR CONTROL 3-Tier premises; Shipping licenses alcoholic fermentation of to wine manufacturers MAXIMUM PRODUCTION PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: 3-TIER OR CONTROL 3-Tier grapes, fruits, berries,honey or TASTING ROOM: AMOUNT 100,000 gallons OFF-SITE TASTING EVENTS vegetables grown and produced TASTINGS ON SITE? May provide FEE Manufacturer of Distilled PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: samples of distilled spirits that ALLOWED? Yes in Mississippi,and produces PRODUCTION RELATED Spirits of 20,000 to 40,000 FEE All tiers of alcohol & spirits were distilled on the premises, all of such product by using LIMITATIONS? Limited to one proof gallons $2000, $3000 OFF-SITE BOTTLE SALE? No is an annual license fee of with or without charge at the not more than one(1) still product per category (one bond. Manufacturer of OFF-SITE DRINK SALE? No $1,000; operator's license of having a maximum capacity of distillery between 10 am and gin, one whiskey, etc.) Distilled Spirits of fewer Micro distillery $250; Class C 8pm. No more than 2 ounces. ON-PREMISE FESTIVAL Yes one hundred fifty(150)liters, than 20,000 proof gallons SELF-DISTRIBUTION? No $300, Class D $200, Class I **90% of the product must be the annual privilege license $1,000, 2,000 Bond SPECIAL EVENTS No $250; Manufacturer Shipping TASTING ROOM: distilled on-site. Tasting may tax for such a permit shall be MAXIMUM PRODUCTION FOR PROFIT EVENTS No be presented in cocktail form** $1,000, Manufacturer Direct Ten Dollars($10.00)per ten TASTINGS ON SITE? Three 1/2-oz AMOUNT 40,000 Sales Shipping License $500 thousand (10,000) gallons per visitor after guided tour, must OTHER: FEES FOR TOURS Up to distillery SELF-DISTRIBUTION? No or part thereof produced. MINIMUM PRODUCTION AMOUNT No have Class D Tavern License ALLOWED TO HOLD EVENTS BOTTLE SALES ON SITE Yes TASTING ROOM: ON SITE? Yes MAXIMUM PRODUCTION AMOUNT FEES FOR TOURS Up to distillery LIMITS ON BOTTLE SALES? 1.75 Microdistillery can only produce TASTINGS ON SITE? Microdistillery % GRAIN FROM STATE Farmers BOTTLE SALES ON SITE Yes, liters per customer per day 10,000 gallons liquor per year — may provide samples of Distillery does not specify with Class D license for off premise consumption # DISTILLERIES IN STATE 14 distilled spirits manufactured amount of product grown in PRODUCTION RELATED LIMITATIONS? (issued by county) registered distilleries ON-PREMISE CONSUMPTION AT on its premises, in an amount State, but does specify that Microdistillery can only produce LIMITS ON BOTTLE SALES? Yes, DISTILLERY? Yes up to 2 oz of LICENSE CLASSES Liquor not to exceed 15 ml per variety it is the state's agriculture 10,000 gallons liquor per year 15,500 gallons annually spirits per customer per day Manufacturer–Solicitor license per person, no more than 45 used in making products SELF-DISTRIBUTION? No ON-PREMISE CONSUMPTION AT ml by any person per day LIMITS FOR ON-PREMISE 3-TIER OR CONTROL 3-Tier TASTING ROOM: DISTILLERY? Yes, with Class D Between the hours SALES? BOTTLE SALES ON SITE Yes PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: license (issued by county) of 8 am and 2 am TASTINGS ON SITE? May LIMITS ON BOTTLE SALES? FEE $450 LICENSE CLASSES Small LIMITS FOR ON-PREMISE SWAG (T-SHIRTS, GLASSES, ETC.)? Yes serve samples of the spirits Microdistilleries — one 375mL SELF-DISTRIBUTION? May Distiller License, Distilling, manufactured at the craft SALES? No, with Class D bottle per customer per day of FREE SOUVENIRS Yes rectifying, blending and or not sell direct to retail, or distillery. Any such samples license (issued by county) product manufactured on site LIMITS ON SOUVENIRS No bottling spirits basic permit have any vested interest must not exceed, per person, per SWAG (T-SHIRTS, GLASSES, ETC.)? Yes (must also be available for in any retail locations day, 4 fluid ounces in volume. TAXES ON SOUVENIRS State 3-TIER OR CONTROL Control distribution by wholesalers) PROMOTION: applicable sales tax — regulates wholesale TASTING ROOM: FEES FOR TOURS Yes ON-PREMISE CONSUMPTION TASTINGS AT ON-PREMISE of liquor only PROMOTION: TASTINGS ON SITE? Yes BOTTLE SALES ON SITE May sell AT DISTILLERY? Yes LOCATIONS? Yes PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: the spirits manufactured at TASTINGS AT ON-PREMISE FEES FOR TOURS Free or for a LIMITS FOR ON-PREMISE TASTINGS AT OFF-PREMISE the craft distillery at retail LOCATIONS? Yes — during FEE Basic Permit $100 Annually SALES? Can sell cocktails to fee, Retail By the Drink License LOCATIONS? Yes for consumption on or off the location's standard (Spirits, Wine and Beer) $300 public if they get cocktail MINIMUM PRODUCTION AMOUNT premises. Any such spirits BOTTLE SALES AT FAIRS/FARMERS business hours room license, but only one TTB DSP Permit first, then MLCC BOTTLE SALES ON SITE Yes sold at retail for off-premises MARKETS? Yes−up to 4 locations cocktail room license TASTINGS AT OFF-PREMISE consumption must not exceed, MAXIMUM PRODUCTION AMOUNT ON-PREMISE CONSUMPTION AT OFF-SITE TASTING EVENTS Yes — during LOCATIONS? SWAG (T-SHIRTS, GLASSES, ETC.)? Yes DISTILLERY? Yes Retail By per person, per month, 1 case 60,000 gallons annually ALLOWED? Yes location's standard of spirits and not exceed, per the Drink License (Spirits, PRODUCTION RELATED LIMITATIONS? FREE SOUVENIRS Yes business hours OFF-SITE BOTTLE SALE? Yes person, per year, 6 cases of Wine and Beer) $300 60,000 gallons annually TAXES ON SOUVENIRS State BOTTLE SALES AT FAIRS/FARMERS spirits. Spirits purchased on OFF-SITE DRINK SALE? Yes SWAG (T-SHIRTS, GLASSES, applicable sales tax SELF-DISTRIBUTION? May MARKETS? *Through a third the premises of a craft distillery — sample and bottle ETC.)? Yes not sell direct to retail party "retail license with PROMOTION: must not be resold by the sales — samples can be FREE SOUVENIRS Yes catering endorsement" purchaser or any retail liquor TASTING ROOM: in the form of a cocktail TASTINGS AT ON-PREMISE but not through distillery store. “Case of spirits” means LIMITS ON SOUVENIRS No TASTINGS ON SITE? Yes, but must LOCATIONS? Yes ON-PREMISE FESTIVAL Yes license privilege. 12 bottles, each containing pass server training program TAXES ON SOUVENIRS State BOTTLE SALES AT FAIRS/ OFF-PREMISE FESTIVAL Yes with 750 ml of distilled spirits. OFF-SITE TASTING EVENTS applicable sales tax FEES FOR TOURS Free or for a fee FARMERS MARKETS? No off-site permit — allows ALLOWED? See above.* LIMITS ON BOTTLE SALES? Must PROMOTION: attendance/sales at unlimited OFF-SITE TASTING EVENTS BOTTLE SALES ON SITE Yes not exceed, per person, per OFF-SITE BOTTLE SALE? festivals for which promoter/ ALLOWED? Charitable Events TASTINGS AT ON-PREMISE month, one case of spirits LIMITS ON BOTTLE SALES? No See above.* organizer has issues a Yes Retail By LOCATIONS? and not exceed, per person, OFF-SITE BOTTLE SALE? No ON-PREMISE CONSUMPTION AT state-issued Non-Profit OFF-SITE DRINK SALE? the Drink License (Spirits, per year, six cases of spirits. OFF-PREMISE FESTIVAL DISTILLERY? Yes, must pass Liquor Festival Permit See above.* Wine and Beer) $300 Spirits purchased on the Charitable Events server training program SPECIAL EVENTS Yes premises of a craft distillery ON-PREMISE FESTIVAL Within TASTINGS AT OFF-PREMISE SPECIAL EVENTS Yes LIMITS FOR ON-PREMISE SALES? No must not be resold by the the confines of the operating LOCATIONS? No FOR PROFIT EVENTS Yes purchaser or any retail liquor hours allowed for distilleries OTHER: SWAG (T-SHIRTS, GLASSES, ETC.)? Yes SPECIAL EVENTS 311.071. OTHER: store. “Case of spirits” means OFF-PREMISE FESTIVAL NOTES May have a license for a 1. Distillers may make FREE SOUVENIRS Yes twelve bottles, each containing ALLOWED TO HOLD EVENTS See above.* cocktail lounge and restaurant contributions of money for LIMITS ON SOUVENIRS No 750 mL of distilled spirits. ON SITE? Yes special events where alcohol is SPECIAL EVENTS See above.* PROMOTION: ALLOWED TO HOLD OTHER ON-PREMISE CONSUMPTION sold at retail to a not-for-profit FOR PROFIT EVENTS See above.* LICENSES? No AT DISTILLERY? Yes organization that: does not hold TASTINGS AT ON-PREMISE LICENSE CLASSES Class liquor license, less than 50% of OTHER: LOCATIONS? Yes SWAG (T-SHIRTS, GLASSES, ETC.)? Yes 1 Distillers and/or members are liquor licensees, ALLOWED TO HOLD EVENTS ON TASTINGS AT OFF-PREMISE PROMOTION: Rectifier's Permit registered as nonprofit, net SITE? Within the confines LOCATIONS? Yes, tasting LICENSE CLASSES TASTINGS AT ON-PREMISE earning don't benefit private of the operating hours 3-TIER OR CONTROL 3-Tier room off location fee Farmer-distillery; LOCATIONS? Yes shareholder. Distillers may make allowed for distillers $100 per location PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: Manufacturers License contributions of $ for festivals OFF-SITE TASTING EVENTS ALLOWED TO HOLD OTHER BOTTLE SALES AT FAIRS/ where alcohol sold at retail to FEE $4,500 3-TIER OR CONTROL 3-Tier ALLOWED? No LICENSES? No FARMERS MARKETS? Yes MINIMUM PRODUCTION AMOUNT No non profit if its registered w/ PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION: OFF-SITE BOTTLE SALE? No sec of state, no earnings benefit % GRAIN FROM STATE Not OFF-SITE TASTING EVENTS ALLOWED? MAXIMUM PRODUCTION AMOUNT No private shareholder, uses the FEE $22-$110/year for Farmer limitations on grain source but OFF-SITE DRINK SALE? No Yes, samples only, consumer Distillery; $6,000-$10,000 there are tax preferences for contributions to pay special SELF-DISTRIBUTION? No and sampling event license SPECIAL EVENTS The ON-PREMISE CONSUMPTION AT DISTILLERY? Tastings









Artisan Spirit: Winter 2017  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Winter 2017  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.