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work and I’ll describe the rest: SELFVFD PRIMING ELECTRICALLY SAFE TYPE (RECOMMENDED) videos/how-it-works-internal-gear-pumps Centrifugal No No If XP Motor It turned out that the thermal gradient between the center of the pump where the idler gear is Flexible Impeller Yes Yes If XP Motor located, the crescent in the middle, and the outer surface of the pump occupied by the rotor Moyno Yes No If XP Motor gear was such that the idler gear would thermally expand quicker than the remainder of the pump Peristaltic N/A Yes If XP Motor body. The result was that the pump would seize AOD as the expanding idler gear locked up between No Yes Yes the crescent and rotor gear. The solution was to put in a heated pump head, such that a smaller assisted flow, vertical staged centrifugal, flexible impeller, and gear thermal gradient could be maintained between the rotating parts — VFD, soft-started, or just on/off — each of which was selected of the pump and when they started to expand they wouldn’t impact and used for a specific purpose and application. No one pump does each other. I didn’t have to work on that pump ever again. every job, but in our industry, that of making hooch, for my money That refinery had pumps of all types; internal gear, peristaltic, an AOD or Flexible Impeller is the way to go. centrifugal, rotary lobe, vacuum blower, vacuum pump, venturi

John McKee, along with his wife Courtney, are the co-owners of Headframe Spirits in Butte, MT. John is co-owner of Headframe Spirits Manufacturing and hasn’t met a pump he hasn’t broken at least once. For more info, email

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Artisan Spirit: Fall 2017  
Artisan Spirit: Fall 2017  

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