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CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA ARTISANAL DISTILLER’S GUILD California distilleries are enjoying the newly revamped type 74 license that was reworked

COLORADO COLORADO DISTILLERS GUILD The Colorado Distillers Guild has been busy so far in 2017. By the time this is published we should have passed SB-134, which will make our tasting rooms separate from the manufacturing side for LED enforcement actions. Effectively it will mean that if a bartender over-serves or serves an underage person, the fines will be based only on tasting room revenue, and you could continue manufacturing and wholesale

CONNECTICUT CONNECTICUT SPIRITS GUILD The CT Spirits Trail has started to formulate its marketing and legislative issues priorities and has put a few items into action. On the marketing side of things, we have started to utilize Facebook ads to get the word out about the trail. We are focusing our early efforts on the entire state of Connecticut, and over time we will branch out to our neighboring states of MA, NY, and RI as our state in general and our distilleries specifically are in close proximity to these states. We are starting to line up our plans to

FLORIDA FLORIDA CRAFT DISTILLERS GUILD Florida distillers have been busy with proposed legislation introduced by Senator Greg Steube. If passed, Florida bills SB-


with the help of state assemblyman Adam Gray. We had to make some slight changes to allow more California distilleries to obtain the direct to consumer license, which has resulted in more new distilleries and more license type changes immediately. The guild is busy this year working on professional

organization and planning two spirits events to increase awareness for guild members, which will be held in Northern and Southern California.

operations even if your tasting room were to be shut down. We are also hoping to introduce legislation allowing an additional three tasting rooms for a total of five. As well, we continue to defend SB-197 which passed last year, allowing multiple retail licenses, against attempts to create a new license that would allow only wine and beer, effectively closing the door to spirits in a large number of accounts. Beyond that we are now over 40 DSP, 10 Associate, one title (thanks Saver Glass) and 10 Distillers Circle Members, which has put the guild on our most solid financial footing since we were founded.

It was a blast last week to see a number of our members in Nashville for the ACSA convention, and even more fun to see the pile of medals that Colorado DSPs went home with. It really is amazing to see how strong both the industry and the guild have become in Colorado over the last few years. Oh, and it is one of the best winters in memory and we are all skiing bottomless powder everyday! Cheers,

partner with the United States Bartenders’ Guild CT chapter on kickoff events, providing their members with merchandise discounts at the distilleries, etc. We see events placed in on-premise locations to be a win-winwin for the trail, the USBG-CT, and the host restaurants. We are also starting to explore ways we can collaborate with our local industry trade publication, the CT Beverage Journal. Both the industry and consumers here in CT are starting to really come around to supporting local, so we of course will play to that trend. We are seeing more on-premise food/local beverage dinner pairings, many entailing two or more local distillery products on the beverage menu.

On the legislative issues side of things, we have brainstormed the issues and will begin to work within the state legislature and the three-tiered system to pursue our ability to sell cocktails in our tasting rooms. Today, we are not allowed to sell cocktails, but rather we sell our tours and provide a complimentary cocktail (capped at 2 ounces of our own product). Other legislative pursuits may include our ability to ship product to consumers, reduce taxation on distillers, and more leeway to operate as or with a restaurant in our tasting rooms.

166 and HB-141 will dramatically help the Florida distilling industry. The bills repeal outdated regulations from the 1930s, which regulate how customers can purchase spirits from local distilleries. The bill essentially provides craft distilleries similar access to markets and privileges that are currently

enjoyed by Florida's wineries and craft breweries. If passed, the bills would remove the current two bottles per person (per year) restriction and allow distilleries to sell drinks by the glass. The bill also would increase the annual limits from 75,000 gallons to 250,000. Growth in the distilling industry

Jim Harrelson CADG President 2016 - Present Head Yeti hunter at Do Good Distillery

P.T. Wood President, Colorado Distillers Guild ACSA Board Member Wood's High Mountain Distillery, LLC

Tom Dubay Hartford Flavor Company President, CT Spirits Trail


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Artisan Spirit: Spring 2017  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2017  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.