Artisan Spirit: Spring 2016

Page 8

A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Lake Michigan at 11:06 pm in early March is one damn cold venue for a celebration party... I don’t exactly know this firsthand, but standing about five feet up shore with another 15 or so revelers, watching two men laugh maniacally while wrestling in the surf, it sure looked that way. Matt Hofmann was congratulating Randy Hudson on his best single malt whiskey win at the American Craft Spirits Association’s annual convention. Matt won the award last year, so it was a joyful (and frigid) passing of the crown, and a superb example of the camaraderie we are lucky to share in this industry, which is full of people who realize that valuing another’s success does not have to diminish your own. Almost as an afterthought the exceptionally talented Amanda Christensen set up a burst photo with her iPhone capturing the image pictured below.

When we awoke the next morning, we found out the Boston Herald had picked up the photo from Facebook and run it as an online story. What followed was a lot of giggling and exclamations of “What just happened?” It was then that I was reminded of a fact none of us should lose sight of: this job/industry/business is fun. Infectiously fun. Not every industry gets to have this kind of joy or enthusiasm at its core. They look on in wonder, awe, and with a tinge of jealously. We are lucky in a way that few others can even begin to comprehend. It’s that reason that I can sincerely say so many of us are “family”—sometimes dysfunctional, but always loving.

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