Artisan Spirit: Spring 2016

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the growing industry and to gain support for legislation introduced this session:

HB 616: Class 1 Distillery: Revisions to existing license, a streamlined application, more flexibility in sales and sampling, removes production cap related to sales. HB 1316: Class 9 Limited Distillery: Makes existing Class 9 license issuable by the state in every jurisdiction. HB 1337: Limited Liquor Distribution License: Creates limited liquor wholesale license for distilleries producing less than 100,000 gallons annually, allowing them to distribute products statewide.

HB 370: On-Premise Promotions & Product Sampling: Allows manufacturer to provide their own products at a promotional tasting. SB 0630: Distillery Off-Site Event Permit & Spirits Festival Permit: Allows distilleries to apply for a permit to provide samples and sell product at off-site events. The guild also supports, and opposes, certain other bills which directly affect the industry, and members will testify in hearings over the coming weeks at the capital. Committees have formed to concentrate efforts into key areas such as Ethics, Marketing, Agriculture, and Government

MONTANA MONTANA DISTILLERS GUILD Montana Distillers hope to obtain parity with our manufacturing cousins, the brewers, with tasting room regulations (ounces served, operating hours), and we look to provide industry support to the microbrewers in their desire to lift or eliminate their statutory manufacturing cap. We know that by working together, the Drink Local movement will only be stronger. To that end, the Montana Distillers Guild is an active participant at the Montana Alcohol Coalition Table, comprised of Montana brewers, beer and wine distributors, state

Affairs. In addition, the guild is working diligently to foster relationships with a number of other industries, like agriculture and tourism, all with the mission of promoting an increase in consumption of local products. The Maryland Office of Tourism continues to be an excellent resource for promoting local spirits and encouraging tourists to visit distilleries throughout the state. The first Maryland Distillery Festival is in the initial stages of organization, and a number of other events are planned for 2016. Jaime Windon President, Maryland Distillers Guild Owner, Lyon Distilling Company

MONTANA DISTILLERS GUILD MEMBERS Bozeman Spirits (Bozeman) Dry Hills Distillery (Bozeman) Glacier Distilling Company (Coram) Headframe Spirits (Butte) Rattlesnake Creek

Distillery (Missoula) Spotted Bear Spirits (Whitefish) The Montana Distillery (Missoula) Trailhead Spirits (Billings) Triple Divide Spirits (Helena)

liquor stores, tavern owners, the gaming industry, restaurants, and the Department of Revenue. This is the Table through which most industry-led alcohol policy changes will be vetted prior to introduction in the legislature in January 2017. As we continue to work on growing our

Wildrye Distillery (Bozeman) Whitefish Handcrafted Spirits (Whitefish) Whistling Andy Distillery (Bigfork) Willie’s Distillery (Ennis)

membership, the Marketing Committee is working on outreach to business partners who may be interested in promoting this exciting industry in Montana. If you do business with a Montana distillery, look for our Associate Memberships! Jen Hensley Public Solutions, LLC

NEW YORK NEW YORK STATE DISTILLERS GUILD 2015 brought many exciting changes to the New York State Distillers Guild, starting the year with new branding and a new logo, and ending with some fresh faces on our board of directors. Our membership is poised to increase by an additional 20 DSP holders in 2016, and with 10 associate members already added since the year began we're anticipating another period of tremendous growth. We continue to be appreciative of the State Liquor Authority


and the legislature of New York State for their sustained willingness to work with us to achieve our legislative and regulatory goals. We held our annual members meeting in early February where we debuted two new websites, both key to our collective future:

• The New York State Distillery Trail site— a consumer facing presence dedicated to improving tourism and craft spirits awareness across New York State.

• A

new internal website for our membership to communicate, coordinate events, and recruit new members. This year New York State will see the

enrollment and progress of the first craft distillation associate's degree program, and with it a new generation of craft distillers. With the program’s direct relationship to the New York State Distillers Guild, this will streamline and connect our future employees with the guild membership. Though there are many opportunities and challenges that await us this year, the biggest one will be unifying the craft distilleries of New York State into one voice, and to build on the successes we've achieved by working together. Cory Muscato Vice President—New York State Distillers Guild Lockhouse Distillery, Buffalo WWW.ARTISANSPIRITMAG.COM