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CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA ARTISANAL DISTILLERS GUILD California distillers have been feverishly applying for (and now obtaining) the brand new Type 74 license gained by the passage of AB 1295 Gray/Levine. The new law allows for direct to consumer sales in licensed tasting rooms, private events and up to three bona fide eating establishments. California ABC instituted a streamlined process which allowed very fast processing

COLORADO COLORADO DISTILLERS GUILD The Colorado Distillers Guild had a great and challenging 2015 with a number of legislative wins and continued growth. For 2016 we are facing even more challenges and a lot of opportunity, as well. Legislatively, we have a number of items we are working on:

• We

are drafting legislation that would drop both our wholesale license fee and manufacturing license fee to bring

MAINE MAINE DISTILLER’S GUILD 2015 was a year of tremendous growth for the Maine Distiller’s Guild and saw the guild coming together as a cohesive and legal entity. 2016 will be a year of defining ourselves and building our individual brands and that of the guild. Work is underway to have a Maine Distillery Trail

MARYLAND MARYLAND DISTILLERS GUILD The Maryland Distillers Guild formed in early 2015 with the intent to develop the


of new license applications, the average wait time being less than 40 days. While this license is a huge step in the right direction for equaling the playing field for California distilleries, it is not a fix-all. The California Artisanal Distillers Guild continues to have a daily presence in Sacramento with legislative advocate Richard Harris of Nossaman LLP. CADG is working on additional language in the 2016 session to provide more opportunities for new and existing distillers. With California being on the edge of a craft distilling boom, it is only fitting to hold the annual

American Distilling Institute's conference in San Diego. CADG will focus on connecting the multiple guilds throughout the state in an effort to have a unified voice. Also during the conference, CADG will be showcasing California spirits made by CADG members during a spirits and cocktail evening. Finally, a big tip of the cap must be given to Assemblyman Adam Gray for his efforts and support to make AB 1295 a reality.

those more in line with what the beer and wine producers pay.

that we are required to pay to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to conduct FDA inspections on our facilities.

• We

hope to introduce legislation that would allow us to sell up to 20 percent by revenue of other Colorado-produced alcohol beverages in our tasting rooms.

• We

continue to work with the Keep Colorado Local Coalition, DISCUS and the State Legislature to find a solution to the attack on our one retail license law by the grocery and convenience store industry.

• We

are working to find a way for our state excise taxes to pay for the fee

Jim Harrelson CADG President Chief Troublemaker, Do Good Distillery

Beyond those fun issues we continue to work with a number of events to help our members get their amazing spirits out in front of both the industry and the general public. Our relationship with the Colorado Tourism Office also continues to grow as they help us get Colorado spirits in front of both national and international audiences. P.T. Wood Wood’s High Mountain Distillery President CDG

pamphlet released to the public in May 2016. Members of the guild are working on a joint marketing project with Pine State Distribution, their Maine Spirits marketing division, and the State of Maine to boost the visibility of Maine-made spirits in the media. The guild is forming working partnerships with the Maine State Bartenders Association and other groups to promote Maine spirits to an ever growing professional bar industry. The guild is working on plans to have a guild-

only tasting event in the Fall of 2016. Maine distillers are looking forward to 2016. Maine is known for its foodie tourism, with an abundance of quality local food and awardwinning restaurants, and Maine spirits are poised to be included in that distinction.

industry through legislation, events, and education. The inaugural board of officers is: President—Jaime Windon, Lyon Distilling Company; Vice President—Brad Blackwell, Lost Ark Distilling; Secretary—Kelsey Louthan, Louthan Distilling; Treasurer—Max

Lents, The Baltimore Whiskey Company. The first Maryland Distillers Summit was held in the state capital on February 17, 2016, with a majority of the 22 members in attendance. Distillers met with senators and delegates to discuss the challenges facing

Keith and Constance Bodine Sweetgrass Farm Winery & Distillery


Artisan Spirit: Spring 2016  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Artisan Spirit: Spring 2016  

The magazine for craft distillers and their fans.