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In 1834, more than a thousand militiamen arrived at the tavern and decided it was time for a drink. The popular way to drink whiskey at the time was in a punch, so they threw some whiskey, tea, sugar, and lemon juice in a barrel and put it in the nearby spring to keep it cool. Bourbon Spring was born that day, and its story survives on the label of its namesake bottle. In December 2014, Quincy Street again honored their local history with Laughton Brothers Straight Bourbon. Looking to produce something more than unaged and young spirits, Mancini looked to the future with this bourbon. While he needed to fill smaller barrels to generate early revenue, he also filled 53-gallon barrels with the high-corn bourbon and waited. Once it was ready and bottled, it was the first straight bourbon released in Illinois since the days of Hiram Walker.

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In his college days, Mancini was a mazer, or mead maker. After opening the distillery, one of his first ideas was to find out what Also Available: happens when you distill mead, and Prairie Sunshine was born. • Grafting Waxes Made from 100 percent Illinois wildflower honey, this unaged • Barrel Wax spirit retains the hints of its honey origins in the nose, and makes a great replacement for silver rum or tequila in a cocktail. In fact, Since the top-selling cocktail in the tasting room bar is the refreshing 1939 (781) 944-4640 Honey-jito, made with Prairie Sunshine, tarragon and mint. Quincy Street also offers a barrel reserve Prairie Sunshine, which is aged in an ex-bourbon barrel, and blended back with AVA ILA B L E some of the unaged spirit. It shows gold in the glass, with sweet, APRIL caramel notes, and most people have never tried anything like it. 2016 A little further along the history timeline, you find Old No. 176 Railroad Gin, named after the first custom built engine for PROOF READ THIS CAREFULLY • THIS IS YOUR AD P Get inspired with a whole new world of premium craft the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad. That train ran on Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of your distilling yeasts. Our introductory the tracks that are just a stone's throw out the front door of the errors could occur. By signing below or confirming via e White Star sampler pack features THE 4 x 100g uniquethat craft you yeast strains distillery. have reviewed and approved the ad as it appea in convenient 100g P.E.T. jars. By celebrating their local history in technique, recipe and Final prints will vary from monitor viewed and printed pr For details and to order, visit variations from printer to printer & monitor to monitor. Sl brand, they connect people with the area’s heritage in a fun way. Your Best Viticulture Source Connecting Suppliers With Buyers variations are inherent in the four color print process. Th Taking the tour at Quincy Street Distillery is a little like when product will meet or exceed commercially acceptable prin mom sneaks a veggie into your smoothie: if you’re sipping on Whiskey | Vodka | Rum | Neutral Grain Spirits Reed Wax spirits while you're learning about the local history, it's all the q OK AS IS GV111215 Issue more interesting! q OK WITH CHANGES 1/4 4c Offering over 15 spirits with unique ties Ad to their community, q CORRECT & SHOW NEW PROO Soldinto By: the threads of the past are neatly sewn theMike fabric of today's Fax to: 515-573-8790 distilling community by Quincy Street Distillery. It is more than Signature:_______________________ Da just a marketing campaign; it is a large part of what makes their distillery, story and spirits authentic. Changes: "Being authentic isn’t just something we talk about, it’s who we are and what we believe in,” says Mancini. “I think that shows in the quality and taste of our spirits, as well as the methods we use to make them.”

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