Artisan Spirit: Summer 2014

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Page 86

of air meets a minimum

and reinsertion of the

threshold. If there is


not enough headspace,

the inside of the bottle

during warm weather (or


high seas if exporting

bartop by inserting it

or a bumpy road during

into a bottle filled (to the

domestic transport) the

appropriate level) with

expansion of air will put

spirit (not water). Invert

pressure on the cork.

bottle three times. Then

This can cause the cork


to lift and the tamper

stopper five times. How


does it perform now?


seal strip,


can Always


lubricate test




Finally, review and re-

or wax seal) to break.

evaluate after your initial

Review the glass bottle

bottling runs. Expect to

technical diagram. Many indicate a fill level including minimum make changes. It can take a few years to get things perfect even and maximum thresholds.

after careful planning. Just like everything else in the distilled spirits world, the closure at every level of necessity, is both a


science and an art.

Bartop closures should be very tight upon initial insertion. The closure is fresh from production and will condense over time. Sonny Jelinek is Director of Jelinek Cork Group. For more information The humidity in the bottle can soften the stem while extraction visit or call (800) 959-0995.