Artisan Spirit: Summer 2014

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A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Only a complete ingrate would complain about having the opportunity to travel the country meeting distillers and tasting spirits... For me, the decision to leave

But I’ll be damned if convention season


isn’t exhausting. Denver, Seattle, New York,

home has gotten a lot easier. The

San Jose, and numerous craft distilleries

opportunity to interact, collaborate,

along the way.

experience, and learn is just too

The travel may have been brutal, but

enticing. We will continue to attend

every mile proved worth it. The opportunity

as many events, expos, conventions and shows as we can.

for distillers and industry professionals to meet, share, laugh, and learn

In the spirit of getting out there

at the growing list of annual

and interacting with our craft

conventions and expos is an

distilling community, this issue

exciting experience to be a part


of. It’s also a little daunting.

dedicated to Jack Joyce who once

That why instead of simply

shared with me, “Join everything,

showcasing one point of view,

misery loves company.”

we decided to share multiple


perspectives and experiences at this year’s craft spirits events (page 42) . I know it’s





Jack believed in this magazine before we believed in ourselves and lent encouragement when it was


needed the most. He was a shining example

not easy leaving your family/

of the welcoming spirit this industry has

stills behind, so I hope that it proves

revealed itself to have. I can’t express how lucky we have been

useful as you decide which events and

to meet and befriend the heroes of this

shows to attend next year.

industry. And to one of those heroes, thanks

What exactly should you do at one of

Jack, we miss you already.

these conferences? Most of it is pretty self-evident. Walk the show floor, attend some classes, you know the routine. My


advice: Focus on the people. Meet other distillers, talk to suppliers, sit at a table with strangers, and Brian Christensen

chat up the person you are sharing an elevator ride with. We all share a sincere interest and common passion/obsession with distilling. You will most likely make a few great friends along


the way.



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Finally meeting our regular contributor Marc Sorini was a thrill. Read his latest legal article on PAGE 12 . Emceeing the awards ceremony at American Craft Distillers Association’s inaugural convention was an honor. Read the results on PAGE 10 . Our creative director, Amanda Joy Christensen, took the long way to convention PAGE 35 . Here she is interviewing Montgomery Distillery PAGE 68 . New Artisan Spirit contributor, John McKee, gave our team a quick distillation lesson during dinner at convention. Read his article on PAGE 17 .