Artisan Spirit: Summer 2014

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“Enjoying whiskey is not enough. You have to love it and love the process because it is not all glory.” 

- Lenny Eckstein

meetings. Eventually they found a great architect who has experience working with distilleries and is very familiar with codes, and who was able to act as a buffer between the Ecksteins and the officials. Another




involved putting up their malt silo. “They were convinced that love it, you need to embrace it and live it because distilling is a it was a bomb that would level this whole town,” jokes Lenny. lifestyle. It is also important to be realistic. Be specific in what After a lot of discussion, they were able to convince officials you are going to make, where you are going to make it, and make that it would not combust. Lenny laughs, “It was a big fight, the sure it is enough to make a living off of. It is crucial to meet with whole town knows about it now!” One last obstacle the couple is local authorities and explain in a way to help them understand facing is the reconstruction of their boiler room. This boiler room specifically what you want to do because they can stop you dead is still being completed and because of delays in construction, in your tracks. And most importantly, you must love what you’re they have not been able to use the larger still they previously about to do. The startup seems hardest but that’s when you’re purchased.

excited and energized; really it’s the maintaining that’s the

Lenny has succeeded in freeing himself from the bonds of a hardest but also most rewarding. Once you are able to see your cubicle. He was kind enough to share some advice for future goals fulfilled or dreams become a reality, you are satisfied.” distillers on how they can follow his example. “First and foremost, enjoying whiskey is not enough. You have to love it and love the Deerhammer Distilling Company is located in Buena Vista, CO. process because it is not all glory. It’s not enough to like it or to For more info visit or call (719) 395-9464.