Artisan Spirit: Summer 2014

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and your accomplishments as a person; share your happiness and be grateful to those who support your growth.” It might be tough to get your foot in the door, as Bartlemay shares, “but don’t take no for an answer.” Bean adds, “Do what you do, do it well, and learn all that you can from every situation. I think that this advice

“Robin Blazer and Courtney McKee have taught me a great deal and share so much of their experiences and knowledge with me, but

I also want to give a shout out to all the men who have supported me.” ELIZABETH SERAGE WYOMING WHISKEY

applies whether you’re female, male, purple, from Jupiter, omni-sexual, or anything else. Being a woman may be a bit of an oddity in distilling at the moment, but so are lots of other external characteristics that come with their own challenges.” Blazer stressed the importance of self-worth: “Stop thinking of yourself as a woman and start thinking of yourself as a distiller. By seeing ourselves as something other than


equal, we allow that prejudice to promulgate. People will see us as we see ourselves.” Serage wanted to remind women, “It’ll probably be darn

“This is an exciting AND exhausting industry,” Ball notes. Ball

tough, and we’re here for you.” Women in this industry are

travels non-stop and understands the hard work of distilling.

proving how dedicated and creative they are as distillers and

Still, she and others know the great pride that comes with great

what great leaders they can be for the young women that are

production. Patel shares, “Take pride in how you treat others

growing up and looking to them.

“I’ve received support and advice from many folks—both women and men.

I’ve just gotten

the impression that there are just a lot of nice, helpful people in the industry.” HEATHER BEAN SYNTAX SPIRITS DISTILLERY