Artisan Spirit: Summer 2014

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“I guess I haven’t really delineated myself as a woman vs. man in the industry.

I’ve always been

regarded as a distillery owner and not a ‘woman’ distillery owner.” ROBIN BLAZER WILLIE’S DISTILLERY


Overall, the excitement is brewing for women in the industry, not just because they are women, but because they are

There is a hope that more and more women will break the mold and choose the art of distilling as a profession. “I certainly hope more women are getting involved and I see and hear about

spectacular distillers that just happen to be women. Women in the industry want to be separated from their sex, and to be seen as dedicated craftsmen of distilling above all else.

amazing women knocking it out of the park,” shares Serage. Serage recognizes there are some tough parts of the industry, but she wants to see the diversity. Ball explains that she is excited more women are coming into the industry: “When I speak and travel, I always have younger women who want to talk about the industry. We’re still a minority, but we are producing award-winning products and gaining respect. I’ve found that people in the craft distilling business care about quality and the

“When I started at Clear Creek, Kristina Wilcox was a big help. She…has been a rock to lean on when it seems that the cards are stacked a little un-even.


always helps to get another woman’s opinion on a situation” CAITLYN BARTLEMAY CLEAR CREEK DISTILLERY


gender of the distiller is irrelevant.”