Artisan Spirit: Summer 2014

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more and more popularity. This is also leading to customers becoming more and more interested in classic cocktails, like the pre-prohibition ones Logan is mixing up at Michael’s Uptown Bar and Lounge. “For the past year classic cocktails have been gaining popularity,” shares Hunter, and he adds that it looks like craft distilling is driving some of this trend.


on DISTRIBUTING/SELLING to LOCAL ESTABLISHMENTS Respect who you are getting your product out to – know the clientele and the barkeeps at the establishment, and know if your product is a good fit. “To grab the attention of an establishment owner or even a bartender (who will have direct connection to an owner), first and foremost, you have to be making good juice,” Hunter emphasizes. “Be real, be friendly…let the product speak

Many people imbibing in craft spirits are looking for an

for itself.” Make sure you set up time for blind tasting so they experience, not a recreational drinking overload. “It’s not just are able to see how it stands up next to other comparable spirits. about getting drunk the same as eating isn’t just about acquiring Hunter is excited for the trends happening with craft distilling sustenance. The experience can be enhanced tenfold by being and is open to exploring with quality craft spirits that come in the right environment, having the right ‘Chef,’” Hunter through his doors. Does he think craft distilling is here to stay? explains. Bartenders can aid in getting a product out there with “Yes…it is popular because people are realizing they can get better this experience because it “gives us new things to recommend

product for a similar or cheaper price. And most people prefer

and pitch to our clientele. People aren’t all that likely to pay $40

the little guy, the underdog. So long as the product maintains for a bottle of gin that they don’t recognize sitting on the shelf its integrity and quality and continues to get better and stays at at the liquor store. But when their local friendly barkeep made competitive prices, it’s not going anywhere.” them the best ‘Last Word’ they ever had the night before and

used ‘Said Craft Gin,’ that client is likely to seek that gin out at Logan Hunter is head bartender and consultant at Michael’s Uptown the liquor store and buy it.”

Bar and Lounge in Bloomington, IN. Visit for more information.