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The cooperation between Hellas and Romania as the only way for the successful internationalization of their SMEs Mr. Thomaidis Vasilis President of the BoD Greek International Business Association

Bucharest 24/02/2010

Romania as a single, internal market for Hellas Romania: An Ally for Hellas in the EU after 2007 with major advantages The Bilateral Trade (Hellas-Romania) in numbers • Hellenic exports to Romania:  €263.2 mil. (1st half 2009)  Food & Drinks sector contribution: €50.1 mil. (19%)  9th primary Hellenic exports’ destination • Hellenic imports from Romania:  €202.7 mil. (1st half 2009)  Food & Drinks sector contribution: €23.4 mil. (11.5%)  22nd most important importer for Hellas Θεσσαλονίκη 22/01/10

Food & Drinks Sector (F&D)

A strategic choice as there are strong cooperation potentials • Hellenic food & drinks sector is one of the most competitive sectors in both domestic and international business level • Primary exporting Hellenic F&D products to Romania: - edible fruits and nuts (50% of total Hellenic exports) - preparations of vegetables, fruit and nuts (10%) - miscellaneous edible preparations

• Increasing trend in F&D consumption in Romania • F&D products run the introduction and growth stage of their Life Cycle • Consumer preferences turn to high quality products • Large Romanian market size • Increasing trend of the range of selling products

Internationalisation Internationalisation


enhanced performance corporate effectiveness increased competitiveness boosted innovation

EC estimations: • 20% of EU SMEs are exporting • 3% of EU SMEs use subsidiaries branches or joint ventures to export • Many EU SMEs do not even think about internationalisation Hellenic Extroversion 2008

Romanian Extroversion 2008

7.2%, €17.1 bil

23.1%, €33.6 bil.

Openness to international transactions Hellas: 29%

Romania: 61.7% Competitiveness (WEF)

Hellas: 71/130 internationally

Romania: 64/130 internationally

SMEs as a Joint production base in Hellas and Romania • 94% of Hellenic companies are Very Small Enterprises (0-4 employees) • 99.1% of Romanian companies are SMEs SMEs = Common production base for Hellas & Romania Use of the EU Market as well as Other Foreign Markets Common goals in SMEs’ development strategy • • • •

Competitive Economy Strengthen extroversion Stimulate entrepreneurship Increase investment and attract foreign investors

• Employment growth • Maintain and enhance development dynamics • Increase productivity • Fiscal consolidation

Networking: • facilitates communication • enables joint targeting and better access to resources • reduces costs

SEVE’s Profile • Established 1975 • Non – Profit Organisation • The largest association of exporting companies in Greece numbering more than 600 member - companies. • Certified Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2000 • Managerial Capacity for co-financed projects Vision Become a major social partner acting as a link between society, private exporting companies and state/regional authorities in order to contribute to effective communication and their mutual understanding. Mission Supporting Greek companies’ extroversion & Protecting their benefits in Domestic & International markets, aiming at developing Greek exports.

Promoting business cooperation through the organization of “partenariat” events • EU initiative to stimulate economic growth • Supports cross-border cooperation • SEVE is the Official National Counsellor for Europartenariat events

Managing Cross Border Cooperation Programs • Emphasis in the development of innovative actions and promoting the connection of the region with Europe • “e-Customs” project submitted in the 1st Call of the Black Sea CBC Program (in cooperation with BSEC) • Participated in 6 projects within the Interreg Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013 program • Successfully managed and Completed:

— An Interreg Greece-former Yugoslavic Republic of Maceonia 2000-2006 project — A nation-wide project for developing SEVE’s Portal

ICT as a tool for externalization • Direct: E-commerce • Indirect:Using ICT in company’s internal processes

SEVE - Collaborations 1. ELOT - Strategic Partnership “One-Stop-Shop SEVE-ELOT" 2. KEPA - Center for Entrepreneurial and Cultural Development An Αlly in SEVE’s effort for the strengthening of Greek companies

Call for Hellenic & Romanian enterprises cooperation A unique opportunity for Hellenic & Romanian entrepreneurs to build strong partnerships and strengthen their global business presence SMEs: a common Production base for both countries

EU-27 single market

Multiple common cultural elements

Successful Cooperation between Hellas - Romania • • • • •

Joint participation in European projects Cooperation in the form of joint venture Sharing expertise Distribution networks Cooperation in joint targeting common markets internationally

Thank you Thomaidis Vasilis 1 Morichovou sq., 54621, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: 0030 2310 535 333 Fax: 0030 2310 543 232 Email: URL:

Mr. Thomaidis Vasilis' speech Greek International Business Association Bucharest 24/02/2010  

The cooperation between Hellas and Romania asthe only way for the successful internationalizationof their SMEs

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