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Webism headquarter: Ingrid Kamerbeek Bahnhofstr. 7 D-87527 Sonthofen, Bavaria Germany phone: 0049(0)8321/78 71 88 www.artingrid.de

WEBISM - a global on- and offline art movement Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA and Ingrid Kamerbeek, Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany established Webism in 2001 and founded the “Webism Group of Worldwide Artists” in 2003 after their “1st Real Life European Art Tour”. We built up a great international reputation since 1999. We do not ask for any fees despite all the hard work and money we put into the project. Webism means artists helping artists by promoting each other in onand offline shows and collaborations actively. Webists are active artists with enthusiasm for peace and understanding.

copyright artwork: Andre Maitre, Moutier, Switzerland

Dieses Buch ist Herbert W. Franke gewidmet zu seinem 80igsten Geburtstag. Wir Webisten rund um den Globus sind stolz und glücklich, ihn als Mitglied zu unserer “Webism Group of Worldwide Artists” zählen zu dürfen. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Ingrid Kamerbeek, global Webists

im Juni 2007

Professor Dr. Herbert W. Franke, Munich/Germany

Chaville (Paris) exhibition in Jan 07

Artist Kabucki and Mona Roussette, artist and organizer of the Chaville (Paris) exhibition in Jan 07. Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek, co-founder of Webism, at the exhibition opening presented Madame Roussette with a lei on behalf of Webism co-founder Pygoya of Hawaii. In this way the Hawaiian Aloha spirit was in the air.

Art Auction in Australia

Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek at Vienna MQ shortly before the Webism group show opening in May 2004

Laubach castle Webism group show

Satoshi Matsuyama (lh), Sapporo/Japan and Pygoya (middle), Hawaii 2005

Webism founders Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Honolulu, Hawaii/USA and Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek, Sonthofen, Bavaria/Germany on official US stamp

Dr. BjÜrn Dämpfling, Berlin/Germany at Laubach Castle gallery

Visitor of Webism show at Galerie Kalina, Regen/Germany 2004

Pygoya and Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek in Frankfurt 2003

Pygoya and art agent Malie, Honolulu/Hawaii/USA

Pygoya and famous singer Yvonne Elliman at Pygoya’s bday party on November 26th, 2005

Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek and Andreas Kollmann at Ingrid’s solo show in Schaan/Liechtenstein in 2002

Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Honolulu/HI/USA - coined “Webism” in 1997

John Powell, Mandeville/Jamaica

Pygoya and wife Erlinda

Arno Signarowski, Gladbeck/Germany during Huntenkunst show, Netherlands in 2006

Webism exhibition in Adelaide/Australia organized by Parys St. Martin

Habib Aghamohammadi, Tabriz/Iran and Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek, Sonthofen/Germany

Nguyen Tersteegen Quyhn and daughter Nguyen Quyhn Trang-Katrin of HA-TEX-MEX restaurant, Sonthofen showing earth day poster by international artists from around the globe

Pygoya and Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek dancing in Frankfurt disco in 2003

Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek being interviewed by Hungarian television

Pygoya (in black) and Ingrid in Budapest 2003

Webism group show in Vienna art hotel in 2003

Vienna art hotel show 2003

During Webism exhibition at Schloß Laubach, Hessia/Germany

Schloß Laubach Webism exhibition 2005

Webist John Powell, Jamaica (middle)with TV team

Laubach Castle exhibition in 2005 Pygoya and Ingrid at Frankfurter Rรถmer in 2003

Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek and visitor at Webism show at Galerie Kalina, Regen/Germany 2004

Herbert W. Franke and Ingrid Kamerbeek 2002 in Vienna

Jac Depczyk, London/Paris and Ingrid in Sonthofen restaurant “Alte Post”, 2006

Professor Dan McCormack, New York/USA

Parys St. Martin, Durango, Colorado/USA

Regina Hobein, Bad Wildungen/Germany and Ingrid Kamerbeek, Sonthofen/Germany

Regina Hobein and Pygoya at Frankfurt airport show opening, 2003

Ingrid and Thomas Kamerbeek in Chaville (Paris) in 2007

Pygoya in Frankfurt (town planning display at Frankfurter museum)

Pygoya, Ingrid and Bernard Dumain of France having dinner in Sonthofen Vietnamese restaurant HA-TEX-MEX

Pygoya, Ingrid and Bernard invited to dinner with 1st and 3rd mayors of Sonthofen in the Heimathaus, 2003

Pygoya at Frankfurt Zeil-Galerie

Regina Hobein, Pygoya at Hotel am Zoo, Frankfurt/Germany, 2003

Pygoya in Vienna Cafe Central in 2003

Exhibition Professor Dr. Herbert W. Franke at Museum Abteiberg, Mรถnchengladbach/Germany

Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek and 1st mayor Jean Levain of Chaville (Paris) in Jan 07

Cowbell which was handed to mayor Jean Levain of Chaville (Paris) in 2007

Opening of Czech painter art show at Galerie Bilderhaken, MĂśnchengladbach/Germany in 1982

Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek and 1st mayor Hubert Buhl, Sonthofen/Germany during Ingrid’s solo show at townhall in 2002

Rainer Grassmuck, Wuppertal/Germany

Ingrid interviewed by Hungarian television in 2003 in Budapest Benczur House

Pygoya (rh) and Tibor Kovacs-egri at Budapest Art Academy, 2003 during European Webism Art Tour

Pygoya and Ingrid in Vienna 2003

Webists at Laubach Castle show

During European Art tour in Sonthofen/Germany with 1st and 3rd mayor

Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe donating his artwork “Imagine� for children in need, 2007

Pygoya, Ingrid, Vienna 2003

Rare PYGOYAN COLLECTIBLE U.S.A. POSTAGE WEBISM STAMPS 2004. Legal tender postal stamps serviced by USA Postal Service and around the world delivery collectors' inquiries: Mrs. Ingrid Kamerbeek

Frankfurt airport Webism European Art Tour Poster 2003

Philippe Mottet, mayor of Angouleme/France, and Ingrid Kamerbeek at town hall reception

1st mayor Jean Levain of Chaville (Paris) and Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek in Jan 07

Pygoya in Budapest Benczur house with T. Kovacs-egri

Pygoya at Ingrid Kamerbeek’s working place

Ingrid Kamerbeek at Vienna MQ museum show, 2004

Webism group show Vienna MQ, 2004 Ingrid Kamerbeek and Andre Maitre, Moutier/Switzerland

Pygoya and Ingrid in Vienna

Christian Couette, Pygoya and Ingrid in Vienna in 2003

Laubach Castle show poster

Laubach Castle show

Kalina Svetlinski of Galerie Kalina, Regen/Germany

Webism group show at Galerie Kalina, Regen/Germany

Artshow in Chaville (Paris) in 2007

Webist John Powell, Kingston/Jamaica

Artists meeting at Galerie Bilderhaken, Mรถnchengladbach/Germany 1980

Mayor Jean Levain at Chaville (Paris) artshow in 2007

Ingrid and Thomas Kamerbeek, Chaville (Paris)

John Powell interviewed by Japanese TV in 2007

Laubach Castle, Laubach/Germany

Brigitta Krause, Eckernförde and Björn Dämpfling, Berlin

Mona Roussette, Viroflay/France, Organizer and curator of Chaville (Paris) artshow 2007 Present to Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek by mayor Jean Levain of Chaville (Paris) 2007

Artists of Chaville (Paris) artshow

Three generations of artists from lh to rh: Mathias Dohle, Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek, Ulrich Dohle

Georg Hübner, Vienna/Austria and Dr. Björn Dämpfling, Berlin/Germany (lh side) during Regen/Germany artshow in 2005

Photo shows grandpa at 16 and myself at 28. Both grandpa and dad have been lifelong artists and so am I.

Studio of Berlin Webist Heinz Sterzenbach

Australia Webism Group show organized by Parys St. Martin

Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya) with leis during opening of his solo show at Sam Choy’s restaurant, Honolulu/HI/USA in 2005

Webist Erato Tsouvala, Piraeus/Greece

Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek and Austrian photographer Josef Huber during opening of Huber’s solo show in Kaarst/Germany in 1979

Laubach Castle Dracula show 2005

Vienna Museums Quarter Webism Group show in 2004

Pygoya and Ingrid in Budapest 2003

Pygoya during Vienna Art Hotel opening in 2003

Pygoya and Ingrid in Sonthofen in 2003

Pygoya and Ingrid meet for the 1st time at Frankfurt airport in November 2003

Webists Regina Hobein, Bad Wildungen/Germany and Andre Maitre, Moutiere/Switzerland during Laubach Castle show in 2005

Laubach Castle show

Webism group show “Alpine Feelings” at artcafe Sonthofen, 2005/2006

Webists Andre Maitre and Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek with Mona Roussette

Thomas Kamerbeek with Laubach Castle show poster

Webism founder Pygoya and Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek in 2003

Andre (in black) chatting at Paris Webism group show, 2007

French artist at Chaville (Paris) show in 2007

Pygoya in Budpaest

Dr. Björn Dämpfling in Regen/Germany

Webism Group worldmap online

Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek at her Mönchengladbach/Germany gallery “Bilderhaken” in 1981

Heinz Sterzenbach, Berlin/Germany

Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek at Phlox opening in Sonthofen/Germany

Mauricia, singer who performed at opening of Galerie Bilderhaken artshow in 1982

Worldwide artshow including Webists in Tokio/Japan organized by “R2001�, Seiji Ueoka

International Webism group exhibition at Galerie Kalina, Regen/Germany

Habib Aghamohammadi, Tabriz/Iran and Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek in Paris (Chaville) Webism show 2007

“Climate Change - the Impact� Webism group show at Kornhaus Kempten, Germany in the framework of eza!'s 10th anniversary 2008

Martin Sambale, eza! chairman and Ingrid Kamerbeek, Webism headquarter featuring the climate change show poster on Nov 27th, 2008. eza! is an energy advice and consulting non-profit agency.

Legendary Webist Arno Signarowski from Gladbeck, Germany

Pygoya Gallery opened in October 2008

Josef Gutsmiedl of “Kreisbote” Sonthofen showing Earth Day Poster by worldwide Artists

3 generation of artists: grandpa, dad, Ingrid

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Webism 1978 - 2008 - a glimpse from 30 years  

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