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Climate Change - the Impact Webism world traveling show on climate change 20 artists from 9 countries show at Kornhaus Kempten in the framework of the 10th anniversary of eza!

Habib Aghamohammadi, Iran; David Borawski, USA; Cindy Coleman, USA; Dr. Rodney (Pygoya) Cang, USA; Edem Elesh, USA; Rainer Grassmuck, Germany; Gerhard Höberth, Germany; Henry Janok, Canada; Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany; Brigitta Krause, Germany; Andre Maitre, Switzerland; Chris Marshall, Australia; Dan McCormack, USA; Olga Pavlova, Moldova; Vittorio Pavoncello, Italy; Steven W. Pollard, USA; John Powell, Jamaica; Arno Signarowski, Germany; Parys St. Martin, USA; Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe, Germany

eza! energie- & umweltzentrum allg채u gGmbH burgstr. 26 d-87435 kempten (allg채u) internet:

Webism Group of Worldwide Artists Headquarter Ingrid Kamerbeek Bahnhofstr. 7 D-87527 Sonthofen, Bavaria  International art movement founded by Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), USA and Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany in 2001

 climate change show project idea by Rainer Grassmuck overall project organisation and coordination as well as brochure design Ingrid Kamerbeek

“Webism Group of Worldwide Artists”

Webism group artists work in any media Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya): “Cyberartist is one who uses the digital medium to create his or her art. The cyberartist displays in online cyberspace. Some digital artists don’t place artwork online. So I reserve “cyberartist” for digital artist that maintain artwork on the Internet. Webists can be digital/cyberartist but some others use scanned works of traditional media, such as watercolor and oils, to post imagery online. So not all Webists have to be digital artists. So the art medium isn’t the crucial identifier, although most Webists are digital artists. An artist is a Webist if he or she agrees to the group’s manifesto. Yes, we are Pacifists and promote the good and harmony of man through exposing our work with the intent to building a global culture by international artists in agreement of the cause.”

Some Thoughts on Webism and Webists by Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig Indologist, Freelance Translator, Author, Artist

Webism is a global and historic art movement founded by Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), USA and Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany. With this courageous and far sighted move they combined an international group of people who already knew each other in cyberspace where they had been creative together in various ways. More and more Webists join this movement which has the potential to facilitate enormous shifts in the way we create and value art, live our lives and view our existence as a species on this planet and in this universe.

Computers and especially the internet introduced unforeseeable changes into our world, changes that go far beyond communication and accessibility of information. It becomes increasingly obvious that Webism and Webists help to create not just a cyberculture but in a sense a cyberworld, a virtual reality which progressively overlaps with and thus influences our traditional world. This cyberworld is much more flexible and versatile than our physical plane of existence and thus new ideas can be introduced much easier and faster. These web-ideas influence each other with great intensity and speed and eventually seep through into our daily existence.

There are several aspects of Webism that need to be pointed out here. Group creativity on the world wide web transcends languages, cultures, civilizations, nationalities and literally every barrier one can imagine. This creative freedom cannot be suppressed, curbed or limited in any way, and therein lies its great potential to revolutionize not only art but societies and people worldwide. Webism is intrinsically democratic, a move toward independence, freedom, justice, global understanding, friendship and peace. All these great ideas are in a sense already realized, made a reality, by Webists in cyberspace.

Take as one example the Saptakam Project by Hans-Georg Türstig ( Artists net-work together to create digital artfields of images which expands the way we view the creative process and the concept of art and artist.

What indeed is a piece of digital fine art, created with a computer and relevant software? The original is an invisible digital file, information that can be visualized on a screen or with the help of a print. As each of these are dependant on the particular settings and brand of the screen or printer including ink and paper, the question of an original becomes complex and perhaps irrelevant.

Digital fine art moves us away from a conservative position, where we want to conserve something – and that in a sense is preserving something not alive anymore. Webism focuses instead on the flexibility and speed which the web offers and keeps the ball of art rolling so to speak. Some digital works of art are meant to last in a more traditional sense, e.g. as pieces in off-line exhibitions, others appear on the screen only, a shared inspiration, that doesn’t need to last but nevertheless influences us and moves us towards freedom and peace.

And who is the artist? Certainly the machines and the software play a role, similar to photography, and many persons are involved in the creative process. This in-clusive view can weaken the exclusive ego-centric stance of many artists and people, leading them to a deeper understanding of connectivity, that we all – including animals, plants, minerals etc. – are together in this and that we all are more alike than unalike. And this attitude is far more healthy than the traditional and outdated opposition “we against them”, everyone for him- or herself, which breeds hatred and war. The understanding that Webists propagate and live awakens love, friendship and peace.

The “Climate Change - the Impact” project was initiated in early 2007 by Rainer Grassmuck with the help of Ingrid Kamerbeek for the Webism Group artists.

Rainer Grassmuck:

“The latest news regarding climate change splits up humanity to three points of view: - I knew it all the time - Thus it’s true, how awful - Nothing but making a fuzz, don’t wanna know anything about it.

In fact climate change is happening already since decades speeding up whilst we are watching. It also cannot be stopped in foreseeable time. All statements in respect to the future of our climate, influences on our lives are based upon facts which will be turned over tomorrow. How do we artists look at the consequences due to climate change?

“Climate Change - the Impact” project history as per October 2008: Project was started by Webist RAINER GRASSMUCK, Wuppertal/Germany as online project now being continued by active Webists worldwide under their respective responsibility as real life global traveling show (each Webist is responsible for her/his branch of the project) overall coordination by Webism Group co-founder Ingrid Kamerbeek.

Real life exhibition show locations and opportunities around the globe: June 2007 - show initiator: Parys St. Martin, show location: “The Lost Dog”, Durango, CO, USA. August 2007: ACA gallery owner Carol Mark hosts the show at her Toronto/Canada gallery: January 20th till March 1st, 2008 - official opening on February 20th. September 2007: KennethEdward Swinscoe got published with his climate change show efforts in German press and prepares map for sponsor. November 2007: Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe told he got exhibition space at Ministry of Environment, Mainz/Germany. May 2008: Rainer Grassmuck told he got climate change show into “Galerie Tanke”, Halver, Germany.

October 2008: Ingrid Kamerbeek got in touch with Martin Sambale, managing director of eza! energie- & umweltzentrum allgäu, Kempten, Germany.

On November 27th the climate change show European branch will take off at the historic KORNHAUS Kempten in the framework of eza’s 10th anniversary.

Rainer Grassmuck, Wuppertal, Germany “Climate Change - the Impact” project initiator

Rainer Grassmuck *1952…lives and works in Wuppertal/Germany

1999 Project idea “Kunstfluss Wupper - Gesamtkunstwerk Wupper“ 2000 Participation in “Tuchfühlung 2 - Körperkonturen”, Velbert-Langenberg 2001 Changing the idea of “Kunstfluss Wupper” into a concrete project Member of “bbk-bergischland e.V.” (local art society) 2002 Founder of “kunstfluss wupper e.V.” 2003 Realization of “Kunstfluss Wupper 2003” Participation in “Flussatelier am Wipperkotten/Solingen” with “Flussatelier” installation Start of the Internet project “Kunstfluss” Realization of “Kunstfluss Wupper 2004” Participation in “Flussatelier am Wipperkotten/Solingen” with “Flusswächter” installation at Wipperkotten/Solingen Member of the international art movement Webism 2005 End of year long internet project “Kunstfluss” Realization “Kunstfluss Wupper 2005” Show “bergischer Künstler” at “Wupperverband”, Wuppertal Participant of the “11minus13” show in the framework of “open studio tour” in Wuppertal - Wichlinghausen Beginning of project work for “Gesamtkunstwerk Wupper”

2006 Participant of “Kunst auf der Leine” show at “Galerie Kalina”, Regen Joining forces with Diego Lis Materon (Floating Island) in “KunstStück Traumreise” - September 10th, Forum Rex Theater, Wuppertal ––––— Joining forces with Henrik Freischlader in the “Blues Unplugged” festival - November 17th, Forum Rex Theater, Wuppertal ––––— Project realization “Gesamtkunstwerk Wupper” Participation in “SinnesWald 2006” Participant in the “Moholy-Nagy-Interpretations in the language of electrographic” show in Szigetvar, Budapest and other Hungarian towns, a project sponsored by the EU 2007 Solo show at “Golfhotel Juliana”, Wuppertal/Germany Conception/organization along with Ingrid Kamerbeek of the Webism project “Climate Change - the Impact” Participation in the Webism project “Living with Grafitti” Participation in “SinnesWald 2007” Project management (along with Petra Pfaff) in “Gesamtkunstwerk Wupper” Joining forces with Henrik Freischlader in the “Blues Unplugged” festival - November 10th, Forum Rex Theater, Wuppertal

Parys St. Martin, Durango, Colorado, USA I was born in the United Kingdom, lived most of my life in Australia then relocated to Durango, Colorado in June 2006. I describe my work as Emotional Digital. Emotional for the sensuality captured by the use of color and form, digital for the medium in which they are created. The creation of art comes from the artist reaching deep within the inner soul and placing these thoughts and feelings in a form that can be shared with others. In each of us, are obscure emotions concealed within waiting to be placed upon a medium in colours and forms so that others may see that which the mind of the artist has perceived. Searching deep within the inner being,gathering thoughts and feelings about life then presenting sensual abstract images in hopes of arousing those similar feelings within the mind of the viewer.These abstract images portrayed in my work are conduits through which you are invited to journey into our changing subconscious to recognize emotions, some of which may be hidden deep within our soul and to explore and experience this feeling for as long as you care to partake of the journey and feelings.

arno signarowski heinrichstr. 21a 45964 gladbeck germany

born 19.07. 1957 gladbeck / germany 4 years on “kunstakademie berlin , free art and 4 years on ” ruhruniversität bochum” history of art

paintings sculptures drawings political art digital art expositions in the netherlands, france, hungary, denmark and germany

i am a surrealist in the name of andre breton !!!!!

Dr. Steven W. Pollard, Hilo, Big Island, HI, USA Dr. Pollard is a psychologist practicing in Hilo since 1993. His art career started in 1964/65 when he studied art history in Paris France. After completing his BA in Psychology, he was admitted to the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Alabama in Studio Art and attended for several months. Due to the conflict in Viet Nam at the time, he was about to be drafted and dropped out of school and joined the USAF. He later completed his M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology and has been practicing as a clinical psychologist since 1974 and painting from time to time. His work has always been abstract and in various mediums, including oils, acrylics, water colors, and more recently, digitized computer painting using Photoshop CS2 and Painter 9, painting on a Cintiq computer screen. He uses the rich depth of conflicting and convergent thoughts and emotions of therapy sessions to create abstract oil, acrylic, and water color paintings with deep vibrant colors and surprising shapes and a sense of wonder and fluid motion. The large format printing allows him to get his work out of the computer and back onto canvas. On some of the canvases he paints on top of the Giclee with oils or acrylics to add depth and texture and creating a truly one of a kind original.

Edem Elesh, Los Angeles, California, USA I am interested in examining the miracle of everyday existence. I have lead a very unique life. Born in Los Angeles and educated from an early age at English boarding schools, I have been exposed to two different cultures.

 This gives my work an American energy with English sensibilities. I am intrigued by the interplay born of this duality: order and chaos, old and new, the conscious and unconscious, structure and freedom. Not to mention expectation and accident. I am currently working with a new form of mixed media which allows, to an even greater extent, the chances of an interplay between process and providence.

 Edem Elesh has his current studio in Highland Park, California.

Dan McCormack, Accord, New York, USA At the Art Institute of Chicago around 1969, I began photographing the nude with Wendy, my wife, and I began making multiple image prints. Then for over thirty years I explored various techniques and processes while photographing the nude as a central theme. In 1998 I began to work with pinhole photography. I work with an oatmeal box pinhole camera to make 8x10 inch B&W negatives. With its extreme wide angle and distortion, the camera is a delight because it gives me results that are constantly a surprise. I develop the B&W negatives, scan them into Photoshop, and then colorize the image by pulling curves in each of the channels. It is a thrill to make an image rooted in 16th Century pinhole optics juxtaposed with 21st Century digital print manipulations. These newest photographs of mine are a blend of these opposites. I use the distortions of the pinhole cama and the colorizations created in Photoshop to create a series of visceral images that probe the unconscious mind. These images step away from the literal reality choosing instead to speak with a Jungian expressionism. I currently head the Photography program at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York where I teach photography classes and an Introduction to Digital Media class.

Ingrid Kamerbeek, Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany Ingrid Kamerbeek, born on March 14th, 1952, is a 3rd generation artist. She was trained by her grandfather, Mathias Dohle (1887 - 1966) and her father, Ulrich Dohle (1924 - 2002), two former generation of artists. She ran galleries of her own in Düsseldorf (1978 - 1980) and Mönchengladbach (1980 1982) and today works as freelancer in Sonthofen, Oberallgäu, Bavaria. Ingrid’s artworks are on show on- and offline around the globe. Since 1999 the computer is her favourite tool. In 2003 she founded the “Webism Group of Worldwide Artists” along with cyberart pioneer Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Honolulu/Hawaii/USA.

Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Dr. Rodney Chang is co-founder of Webism with Ingrid Kamerbeek and director of Pygoya Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii. The artist has been recognized in the international Ripley’s Believe It or Not! for attaining 10 college degrees, including a doctorate in Art Psychology. Dr. Chang is also a lifelong marathon runner who photo-documents every mile of race courses. Pygoya studied mostly in Chicago and holds Masters in Painting/Studio Arts and also Computer Art, as well as a PhD in Aesthetic Psychology. A Masters in Psychology of Counseling contributes seeded subliminal content to his cyber art. Freudian, Behaviorist, as well as Holistic psychological theories are additional conceptual brushes for the artist. The online Artist’s Journal makes Pygoya one of the most globally documented artists in history. Through the power of the Internet, this valuable primary source,, serves as virtual library of the artist’s theories and philosophies of art, archived personal development in digital art since 1985, and his lifelong (1972 till present) use of the creative process. It also provides insight into his perspective of human nature besides the meaning and missions of his life.

Gerhard Höberth, Wasserburg am Inn, Germany Gerhard Höberth was born in Vienna, Austria in 1960. He studied philosophy and is a lifelong artist, illustrator and writer. In 1995 he moved to Wasserburg am Inn where he developed a special technique called “Digacryl” which is a hybrid technique. The images are reduced parts of a multidimensional cyberspace. Then they become reality as c-print, will be placed on canvas and will be painted over with transparency acryl. This process creates naturally fractal structures.

John Powell, Mandeville, Jamaica John Powell is an artist and a teacher. If art speaks beyond the times of its creator, it may be great. I don’t rely on someone elses opinion, to tell me what art is unique/superior or not.I beleive anyone who can handle their own intellect alongside of their soul and express a balanced rendition of their uniqueness married between the two, that’s a valuable clarity. That’s how I judge anothers art to residing in the neighborhood of a higher level. I find/create a language that evoke the situation or image that speaks in the future tense. I believe that art is a spiritual calling. It should engage in spiritual realms. It reveals that which lives within. It is not merely a vehicle for religious and social teachings but a mode of expression. It reflects aspects of time and the compression of the space and the mood of sadness that permeates it, and conveys a psychological tension. It reflects a spiritual force. The process of my work is a dialogue, which changes as time passes and this dialogue is the principle that governs the process of my work. I take inspiration from my intimate dialogue.

David Borawski, Manchester, CT, USA David Borawski is an active member of the Connecticut arts community, and in addition to curating exhibitions for Real Art Ways and other contemporary galleries in the region, has produced a number of “do-it-yourself� exhibitions in vacant buildings, factories and storefronts which allow artists more opportunities and a non-traditional venue in which their work can be experienced.

Cindy Coleman, Bayfield, Colorado, USA

My name is Cindy Coleman and I’m a graduate of Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. I worked at CNN Design in Atlanta, GA doing on-air graphics and redesigning the map look for the network. After 7 years my husband and I moved to Bayfield, CO, where I do freelance graphic design and illustration.

I love to draw, to paint, and I’m constantly exploring different ideas and trying new things. I’ve exhibited artwork in Durango, CO and have illustrated a children’s book called “Mommy, Do You Love Me?” written by Teres Lambert. I love ducks and have recently started painting them, which has developed into a collage series that I’m really having fun with. The illustration I’m exhibiting was originally created for Inside Outside Southwest magazine in July 2007, for an article by Mary Sojourner. The article discusses the question of global warming and the rapid disappearance of bees in our society.

Chris Marshall, Perth, Australia I’m Chris Marshall, a self-taught artist living in Perth, Western Australia.

I tend to think in layers and am fascinated by the blend of the traditional and the new. I am inspired by colour and texture and the world around me and love to abstract from it and weave different aspects together to produce an integrated idea, view or statement. Most of my artworks are acrylic or mixed media paintings, photographs or digital art. The latter allows me to further mix my media by combining my paintings, drawings, photographs and light pen work producing digital prints thus bringing together different strands of my life (computing background and love of art and photography).

My work in this exhibition is “Shrinking Wetlands”. My home town of Perth has pretty much a mediterranean climate with a relatively low annual rainfall. We have quite a lot of wetlands, many of them home to a diverse range of birdlife including many migratory birds. In recent years our wetlands have been drying up as we use up the groundwater and lower than average rainfall fails to replenish it. I often drive past one lake near home to check on the water level (or lack of it) – as I say to my husband, I worry about the birds…..

Andre Maitre, Moutier, Switzerland -webist artist-visarte artist-

Born on August 31, 1949 in Bienne, Switzerland, architect and artist.

Since 1969 his works have been shown around Europe, Northern Africa, South, Central and North America, Australia and Asia... Exhibitions achieved from 1969 to this day more than 100. To Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, San Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, United States of America, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, China, Bulgaria, Italy, India, Denmark …

Since 1999 I also do computer drawing.

Vittorio Pavoncello, Rome, Italy Vittorio Pavoncello is an artist, author and director given a degree to the National Academy Silvio D’ Amico. Between his pieces, ‘Monster becomes not born ‘ with which he has inaugurated the Art - Ecò union of art and ecology, and ‘Virtual Truth’ (1994) imprinted instead to the society between art and science. In 2000 ‘The New Planet’, a text on the capital punishment represented in the Piazzetta Colosseo- Flavio Amphitheater, illuminated for the occasion. Artist also in painting and sculpture, Vittorio Pavoncello has realized numerous works. Between which ‘The lamp of the peace’ sculpture for the Franciscan Sanctuary of Greccio and claim of peace to the world by the UNICEF. And ‘the people of the dream’ 50 etchings from the Jewish Bible exposed to Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome (2004). Recently (2006) he has created the show ‘Die einkleidung der Braut’ from the famous painting of Max Ernst, gone in scene to the Theatre Flaiano. And “Blue” 20 paintings Sala Margana Rome 2007. Currently he is Artistic Director of association E.T.I.C.A and received with ‘Mercy killing of a memory’ prize Silver Medal from the Presidency of the Italian Republic. In 2007 he has created ‘La memoria degli altri ‘ to the Auditorium Ara Pacis in Rome. And “Pulling Down” Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

Brigitta Krause, Eckernförde, Germany Life’s Journey a very personal story about feet and movement Born at the banks of “Zürichsee” (a lake in Switzerland) in 1952 I wasn’t yet able to walk. I was carried around, then pushed. Quite often I hit the ground till I finally learned to stand on my own feet. To conquer the mountains first of all I got a pair of long narrow strips of wood, then two wheels, later even 4 followed by a Porsche thereafter. In 1972 I stumbled into the arms of PeKa, my today’s life partner... since then a new life’s “run”. With him I ran through many museums and twice around half of the globe. In 1980 we founded the “KünstlerWerkstatt Eckernförde”. I am glad to manage to stand on my own feet as an independent visual artist, able to “run”. When people today ask: “Is the art biz running smoothly?” I just look down at my feet well aware of my running after sponsoring. Nowadays I often run on the beach without shoes. That’s where I simply have to pick up ideas. What if there’s no move at all? On the Internet things are always on the move of that I can be sure. Oh, yeah! Since 1984 art in plublic space. First computer graphics exhibition in 1999. Since 2000 active online as krause:-)B. Performative installation “hang your self” at kikh Kiel. Since 2006 with the Webists.

Olga Pavlova, Chisinau, Moldova Phylosophy: I consider that life is the endless movement with unpredictable events. Each of us can build our own reality but we are not “alone” in this creation. Somebody or something else participates. Love is the only one pure force in this world which really can change everything…

Personal: Born Oct. 2, 1972 in Chisinau, Moldova. I am the third child of my parents. The walls of my parents home were the canvas of my creative expression even before I learnt to walk.

Education: 1996 - Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Fine Arts Faculty, UPSC, Moldova.

Art works in the private collections, museums and galleries – Great Britain, USA, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Spain, Moldova, Hungary, Holland, Switzerland.

Habib Aghamohammadi, Tabriz, Iran I was born in iran (tabriz city). I graduated in law at Tabriz University. I work as an advocate in an insurance company. Sure attorney is my job but art is my heart and all feeling for me. I do mainly water colors and love to work with colours and shapes. My true sentiment lives within my paintings.

Henry Janok, Calgary, Canada Janok was born in Vienna, Austria in 1945. At an early age, Janok already was a passionate artist. Then he was also striving for pointing out the truth of the problems surrounding him by the means of drawings and sculptures. However, this was not always approved by his fellow citizens. Analogue to his studies in the field well known to technicians, he completed an artistic education at the famous artistic school in Amsterdam, Netherlands. After several visits and some cooperation with various studios and workshops, also some working experience with Egon Stratmann, a well-known church painter and supporter of the techniques by the old masters, Janok has developed his own current style. Janok works with the use of different materials: oil, acrylics, metals, wood, ceramics and porcelain, each of which is composed by his deep and innermost emotions. Exhibitions of his work are taking place in different places in Europe.

Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe, Plaidt, Eifel, Germany Since a couple of years Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe has concentrated his oil painting in the reduction of the colours to black white contrasts, to which he adds specifically a few coloured accents. In his graphic appearing and often surrealistic artworks he plays with the perspective. Playfully he works with the perspective and combines a specific use of light and shade. He lets the three aspects of symbolism, mysticism and the defamiliarization of contours flow into his works.I want to achieve a spatial depth in my works, which plays with the apparent three-dimensional effect. The eyes of the observer are first drawn to the centre of the work and only then there gaze should wonder to discover the outer areas. Not only the apparent an unreal space are is made on the canvas but also portraits of famous personalities and “people from the neighbourhood� It is the photographic realism with every last little detail which draws the observer of these pictures into his spell. His surreal thoughts appear again in the sculpture wood objects that Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe has been creating for about 1 year.

Habib Aghamohammadi, Tabriz, Iran David Borawski, Manchester, Conneticut, USA Cindy Coleman, Bayfield, Colorado, USA Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Edem Elesh, Los Angeles, California, USA Rainer Grassmuck, Wuppertal, Germany Gerhard Hรถberth, Wasserburg am Inn, Germany Henry Janok, Calgary, Canada Ingrid Kamerbeek, Sonthofen, Germany Brigitta Krause, Eckernfรถrde, Germany

Andre Maitre, Moutier, Switzerland Chris Marshall, Perth, Australia Dan McCormack, Accord, New York, USA Olga Pavlova, Chisinau, Moldova Vittorio Pavoncello, Rome, Italy Steven W. Pollard, Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii, USA John Powell, Mandeville, Jamaica Arno Signarowski, Gladbeck, Germany Parys St. Martin, Durango, Colorado, USA Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe, Plaidt, Eifel, Germany

Climate Change - the Impact WEBISM real life world traveling show on climate change

November 27th, 2008 20 artists from 9 countries show at Kornhaus Kempten, Gr. Kornhausplatz 1, D-87439 Kempten (Allgäu), Germany

in the framework of the 10th anniversary of eza!

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