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in Lombardy, which give work to 30,000 people. Those specialising in processing metals number almost 5,000, with 20,000 bluecollar workers. “The Artis awards provide a great deal of support in safeguarding traditional local arts, from lace and pillow lace in Canturino to wall hangings in the Milan area. Not to mention of course the patchwork rugs traditionally made in Valtellina and Como’s silks, wrought iron work in Brescia, reproductions of collectable weapons in Val Trompia, copper in Valtellina, pewter, and the production of bells and plaques concludes Domenico Zambetti – so that instead of being forgotten, we actually realise that these sectors are witnessing the birth of new artisan professions».


La delicatezza del legno, l’intelligenza della mano. The delicacy of wood, the intelligence of the hand.

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to the outstanding success of the last two years, as stated before, the companies specialising in woodworking and processing precious metals will now also be joined by those that process textile fibres and common metals or metal alloys. All will now be able to compete to obtain Artis recognition for excellence. The figures place the accent firmly on the importance of these sectors on the regional economy: there are around 7,000 textile companies

Businesses or consortia from the Lombard provinces that work in one of the aforementioned production sectors making artistic, tradition, typical or innovative artisan products in line with the regulations stipulated by the Region may apply for Artis recognition. The business must be registered in the Roll of Artisan Businesses, and must demonstrate that it has worked continuatively over a period of 3 to 5 years, according to the case in question. Candidates can present the relevant request (which can be found on the website along with a professional curriculum and all the documentation proving that their business meets all the guidelines of the respective production specifications. For information and to see the list of businesses of excellence:


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Artigianato 76  

brand new number of Artigianato tra arte e deisgn