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conformità delle proprie attività alle indicazioni dei rispettivi disciplinari di produzione. La gestione del progetto è affidata a Cestec S.p.A. che ne cura l’assistenza tecnica alle imprese (dalle informazioni per la compilazione della modulistica alla ricezione delle domande) ed il coordinamento dei nuclei di valutazione costituiti da esperti di settore. Per informazioni e per visionare l’elenco delle imprese eccellenti: ARTIS – GIVING VALUE TO LOMBARD CRAFTSMANSHIP Artis is a project which has set itself the task of promoting Lombard artistic craftsmanship since 2007. It does so by awarding recognition of excellence to the best companies working in the field. This initiative, which is promoted by the Regional Authorities of Lombardy and Unioncamere Lombardy, in conjunction with Lombardy’s artisan trade associations (Casartigiani, C.l.a.a.i, Cna and Confartigianato) and with the operative coordination of Cestec (Centre for technological development, energy and competitiveness of small to medium businesses in Lombardy) is geared towards raising the profile of traditional and artistic artisan businesses located in Lombardy which stand out for the quality of the products and the outstanding excellence of their products. Artis was established as part of the larger programme of “Lombardy’s Artisan Excellence” schemes promoted by the Regional Authorities and Unioncamere Lombardy, which sees both organisations joining forces to support the small artisan businesses in order to offer the businesses involved operative models that can optimise manufacturing. «The aim is to underscore the value of outstanding craftsmanship, and its economic and social role in Lombardy by highlighting the widespread presence of artisan

businesses and craftsmanship throughout the entire region» – explain Domenico Zambetti, regional councillor for Artisans and Services, and Francesco Bettoni, President of Unioncamere Lombardy.

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THE PRODUCTION SPECIFICATION The Artis project has been developed around Production Specifications which the Regional Authorities of Lombardy have drafted for each business sector. The first sectors to be regulated were wood and precious metals; since 2009 the textile sector has also been added, as well as that of common metals and metal alloys. Further expansions to embrace food products of excellence are expected in the coming years, particularly with regard to Expo 2015. The specifications define a set of characteristics, the materials used, the technical and technological details, and they regulate quality production standards that therefore make it worthy of receiving recognition for its excellence. The basic requirements for businesses wanting to take part include their reference to tradition, the ability to innovate, providing career growth opportunities for staff, and having a link with new generations. All of which are necessary for ensuring that small artisan businesses continue to survive, in a market which is suffering under the current economic climate.

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THE ADVANTAGE FOR THE BUSINESS There are many advantages for companies taking part in the project who demonstrate that they have the stated requisites. A series of exclusive initiatives are dedicated to promoting their products locally and throughout the supply chain: - Reserved pages in monographic


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