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d. 1 (9) (10) ella pagina a fronte: di Lucio Fontana, “Figura mminile”, 1951, terracotta smaltata e oro al terzo oco. questa pagina: piatto reale, seconda metà del XVII colo, maiolica, diametro cm 44.

d. 2 (7) ttocoppa, fine del XVII secolo, maiolica, diametro m 34.

d. 3 (5- 3) all’alto in basso: bricco con coperchio, fine XIX-inizi X secolo, grès; vaso da elettuari, 1666, maiolica.

A wide and qualified series

d. 4 (6) of collateral initiativeswill complete ndro Cherchi, bottiglia,maiolica, 1990 circa.

the expositive side of the autumn edition which, after the revival d. 5 (1) ntonio Sabatelli, piatto,maiolica, 1960 circa. its role of last January, reproposes in the season commercial line

More than 3,000 companies, of which over 800 from abroad, will show their products at the autumn edition which will be held from 3rd to 6th September in the Milan Fair pavilions, on an area of about 125,000 square meters. Many the collateral events of the happening. 20th Edition of “Compasso D’oro” A great international event will celebrate the 20th Edition and the 50 years of the creation of“Compasso d’Oro”, the greatest recognition to project, research and worth. The three-yearly selection of the competitors for the 20th “Compasso d’Oro” ADI will be presented through a collection of all the items for house contained in the 3 volumes of ADI Index (2002 – 2004) in a video shown at the entrance of Palazzo Cisi. The best will be examined by the Jury of the 20th “Compasso d’Oro” in order to participate in the prize awarding on 16th September at the Triennale of Milan. Coffee In the pavilion 10 in the area “Signs” dedicated to the design companies will be created a meeting space for coffee and products connected with this drink which is always in our life at home and outside. Exhibition of the Guzzini Group In pavilion 21, inside “Experience 21” the event, well represented by a group expressing for decades innovation and technology connected with design, will illustrate the research in Italy in the interior design sector through the history of the most known products. On the 4th and 5th September will be held


“Domus 2004”, meeting of the interior design sector linked to the program of industrial cooperation Al-Invest. Handmade This traditional initiative, expression of the Italian creative and executive skills acknowledged over the world, with our magazine’s cooperation has realized a guide of the “Handmade” inside MACEF, containing firms, products and processing systems listed by pavilion and alphabetical order as well as the order pertaining to the technology of commerce; this guide will be distributed free in the receptions and the Buyers Clubs. AICC ceramic exhibition Some of the most beautiful ceramic creations of the 33 Municipalities

belonging to the Association coordinated by Polo Ceramico in Faenza will be on show, for the first time in Milan and thanks to our magazine’s sponsorship, in the foyer of the pavilion 1. The exhibition develops from the recent institution of the DOC trademark of the Italian ceramics (Artistic & Traditional Ceramic) at the Ministry of the Productive Activities. The liners of nature At the reception of pavilion 20 will be held an initiative dedicated to the “liners of nature”. An exhibition about the big cetaceans and the sea world will be the background of the presentation of the jewels produced by the Genoa Aquarium inspired by the “Aquarium’s animals”.

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