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Friends dedicated John Gregg’s beloved garden with a sprinkle of water and a champagne toast By Linda Madara and Mary Graff Buds on the young crape myrtle were still tightly closed, concealing the furled rosy-pink petals within, as friends and family of the late John Gregg gathered outside the Fitness Center on a hot and windy afternoon in mid-June. The tree, a favorite of John’s, was flourishing nonetheless when it received a ceremonial sprinkle from John’s friends David Adam and Marian Lockett-Egan, using John’s old green plastic watering can, salvaged and kept by Linda Photo by Linda Madara Madara for this purpose. The occasion JOHN’S WATERING CAN was preserved for just this use: David Adam was dedication of the sprinkles the new crape myrtle as Marian garden created and Lockett-Egan presides over the ceremony. cared for by John. CEO Joe Peduzzi spoke of John’s determination to continue the garden despite construction around it; David told of John’s love of tending his flowers, and Marian told some of the garden’s history. The newly refurbished garden, surrounding the patio outside the Fitness Center, originally contained

Summer 2018 annuals. But as Marian explained in her short speech: “After consultation with Sally Randolph, Grounds chair, and Mark Hritz, Grounds director, it was determined that we could not continue the level Photo by Lynn Ayres of maintenance that annuals would require. CRAPE MYRTLE BUDS begin to open. If we were to keep John’s garden, it had to be converted to perennials. We have used a portion of the fund created by donors to make this conversion and to add an ornamental tree. A crape myrtle was chosen since David tells us it was a favorite of John’s and its late summer bloom will add color when early bloomers have ceased. “Mark has agreed to provide watering and weeding help this summer. The fund will provide for annual pruning, spring clean-up and refurbishing of the bed. We have budgeted to be able to continue this for approximately 10 years. However, we will be happy to accept any additional donations anyone cares to make!” Marian thanked the donors and offered “a huge thank-you to Page Gowen and Linda, who kept the garden watered, weeded and dead-headed last summer, a level of work that could not be expected to continue.” The ceremony ended with a champagne toast. “We tried to take the sad out, make it a warm thing,” Marian explained, “about a man we loved.” The crape myrtle buds started opening the next day.

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