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Mrs. Claus’s Christmas Brunch

SANTA, otherwise known as Howard Barron, enlivened the Christmas brunch put on by Mrs. Claus, otherwise known as Louise Hughes, by posing with (clockwise from upper left) Gloria Stickel, Dean (Doc) Snyder, Jeanne Cortner, Tony Starr, Marion Snyder, Betsy Stull, Lynn Ayres and (in the center) Jim Zug. Photos by Linda Madara

TRASH continued from page 2 They are not suitable for the Beaumont composting program. Put them in the trash. • Non-woody greenery (most bouquets) and plants (like poinsettias and paperwhites) are suitable for composting. In apartments, put them in the composting bin in the trash room; in villas, put them in an open container near your mailbox, for collection by the grounds crew. • Alternatively, call Housekeeping and ask them to dispose of any of these items. Batteries:

• Standard batteries (such as aa, aaa, c, d, 9 volt) are


ordinary trash and can be discarded. • Small, flat batteries, like those for watches, hearing aids, and items like camera flashes and gyro-stabilized binoculars, are usually hazardous household waste. Rechargeable batteries are also hazardous waste. Call Maintenance to arrange a pick-up. Displaced items:

• Did the gifts you received include an electronic item that supplants a predecessor? Don’t put the old item in a closet. Small or large, working or defunct, if you do not have someone who wants the item, call Housekeeping to take it away.

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Beaumont News January 2018  

Newsletter, Beaumont Retirement, Bryn Mawr, PA

Beaumont News January 2018  

Newsletter, Beaumont Retirement, Bryn Mawr, PA

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