ARTiculAction Art Review // Special Edition

Page 58

Kailum Graves Lives and works in Brisbane, Australia

Kailum is an emerging new media artist who works predominantly in the medium of photography and within the sphere of the photographic process, including large-scale video installations. He studied art history, philosophy, archaeology, and photography at the University of Queensland and the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. His Honours dissertation focused on American Internet-based activist group The Yes Men, Russian collective Voina, and international hacktivist group Anonymous as a way into discussing the wider practice of culture jamming, and to question the efficacy of political art under the hegemony of multinational capitalism. He continues to explore this, through independent creative inquiry, by examining what is ostensibly an ideological impossibility—the aesthetic response to the problem of effective resistance where resistance itself is commoditised into neutrality. Upon graduation he opted out of working in a dead-end office job, and instead took a menial job, working minimum hours on minimum wage, so he could focus on producing work. He has spent the last three years researching, experimenting, and creating a body of work.