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Amy Cohen Banker (USA) an artist’s statement

I work in a variety of mediums: acrylic, oil, pastels, aquarelle, oil sticks, varnishes, glazes, finishing and surface techniques. I explore the basic issues of opacity, color, form, depth, obfuscation and revelation in life, language and in art. I cannot help but be influenced by philosophy, poetry, literature, psychological symbolism, fairy tales, music, myths, conceits, and metaphors, especially of strong feminist models: women’s conflicting roles in a changing time throughout the centuries. I am using background in design, two and three dimensional techniques and aesthetics. My background is integrated with my writing, psychology, my early childhood and life experiences evolving as a woman and mother combining international study to explore these issues in an organized but abstract way. I tend to reinvent the same themes, work from a structure and then proceed by distressing, demolishing, recreating and conserving. My major themes are inner restoration and survival, challenging always reality vs. myth.

Amy Cohen Banker

Amy Cohen Banker 44

ARTiculAction Art Review June 2014 Special Issue  
ARTiculAction Art Review June 2014 Special Issue  

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