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Pako Quijada An interview by Josh Ryder, curator and Melissa C. Hilborn, curator articulaction@post.com

Berlin based multidisciplinary artist Pako Quijada's work accomplishes the difficult task of capturing moments of intimacy that evoke our own individual memory. His video Intermission Prologue I that we'll be discussing in the following pages, inquires into the sphere of memory as a confused and imperfect quality in the human psyche, urging the viewers to rethink such ubiquitous still elusive notion. One of the most convincing aspects of Quijada's practice is the way it investigates about human emotions and how these shape us: we are very pleased to introduce our readers to his multifaceted artistic production. Hello Pako and welcome to ARTiculAction. To start this interview, we would you like to pose you a couple of questions about your background: you have a solid formal training and you studied both Photography and Filmmaking in San Sebastiàn, Spain. How have these experiences influenced the way you currently conceive and produce your works? And in particular, does the relationship between your Latin roots and living in multicultural places like Berlin inform the way you relate yourself to art making and to the aesthetic problem in general?

I was trained as a filmmaker and I learned concepts that have more to do


with film than with video art and this is the very first thing that can be noticed in my video works. My interest for art was always there but I didn’t necessarily see myself as a video artist or experimental filmmaker until a few years after I finished my studies. In the case of photography it is different and I would say that it was the starting point for me and where all my passion for creating images, both still and in movement, derived from. The way I conceive my works nowadays is very intuitive and based on some principles that feel very natural to me because I have interiorised them. When I come up with an idea for a new work I let it sink and let the concept “ask” me what type of medium I should go for. There are some works that will work better as a series of photographs and some others will be better as video pieces. Also the aesthetics are very important to me. Sometimes a new body of work will be born from an image that I have seen or that is just in my head. I aim to create beauty with my work but also make this beauty be a multilayered vessel for its true purpose, which is to get to people’s minds and emotions. The way that living away from Spain has influenced my work is how now I can visualise what I have known since I was a child in a form of idealised melancholia. When I was still living there

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ARTiculAction Art Review // Special Issue