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Lissa Bockrath (USA)

an artist’s statement

My current body of work is a direct reflection of our changing environment. It is impossible to overlook the profound link between man’s impact on earth and the volatile weather we are experiencing. My new work addresses this change as it is manifested in tsunamis, hurricanes, wildfires and the altered landscape of our planet. I have been impacted by powerful images and firsthand observations of these extreme weather patterns and their impact on earth and mankind. Some pieces depict the tension from a momentary confrontation while others reflect the aftermath of this tumultuous conflict. Once inspired by these natural occurrences, I work from a stream of consciousness that often takes my work in unexpected directions. These landscapes seek to accentuate the balance between the turbulence of our altered atmosphere and the peace that emanates from the landscape’s inherent beauty.

Lissa Bockrath

Mystic Veil 48x60 56

ARTiculAction Art Review July 2014  

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