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HCG weight loss results HCG is the faste st and mo st e ffe ctive way to lo se unwante d po unds witho ut having to do ho urs o f physical training! We will e xplo re the die t plan as we ll as give gre at ide as and re so urce s to be succe ssful with HCG

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HCG Weight Loss Losing we ight is a huge challe nge for millions of pe ople . T he nation’s obe sity rate s have re ache d le ve ls of e pide mic proportions .we have to re aliz e the true cause , be fore changing the patte rns. Our live s have be come stuffe d with e xpe ctations, de adline s and mass produce d high calorie foods. If you are ove r we ight, you have a lot of challe nge s in front of you to succe ssfully she d the pounds. T he most se rious proble m is in fact lack of time . No time for re gular e xe rcise , no time to pre pare he althy me als form scratch! A true solution is T he HCG die t plan. T he be st thing to be said about the HCG die t is the fact that you don’t have to e ngage in hours of rigorous e xe rcise to be succe ssful. T he me als are ve ry e asy to pre pare . So we solve d the time proble m! Anothe r issue of we ight loss is bad information. We always are looking to ce le brity die ts or spe nding hundre ds if not thousands on loss fast we ight sche me s and products that don’t work and le ave you more frustrate d than be fore . How much we ight can you lose ? Imagine if you starte d

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today with in 45 days you could be

50 pounds lig ht er. What would that do

for you? A lot, be tte r he alth, stronge r se lf e ste e m be tte r succe ss rate in re lationships and with care e rs. You can change your life ! All that you ne e de d is the choice to do it, and the right information to guide you. Bottom line , don’t wast e money, st op spending hours burning your buns on an ellipt ical, breaking your back under a squat rack or running mile aft er mile t ill your feet bleed. T he HCG die t is e asy to follow and ve ry che ap to imple me nt. T he HCG die t plan contains four basic phase s Phase one the gorging phase , Start HCG Supple me ntal drop e at high fat and live it up

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Phase two: T he strict 500 calorie and HCG drop supple me nt pe riod Phase thre e : 72 hours 500 calorie die t with out the drops, follow up by thre e we e k maintance pe riod. Eating more but still with re strictions Phase four: life style s change s and continue succe ss”Keeping t he weig ht off permanent ly” Click here for more informat ion… Tag s : HCG, hcg weig ht lo s s , HCG Weig ht Lo s s Res ults

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HCG is an e asy plan to follow. Howe ve r the plan doe s have one draw back, its food se le ctions. Limiting your calorie intake and eat ing like a rabbit sucks. I can’t think of anothe r way of putting it. My wife trie d this die t twice . T he fist she did

lose the we ight and fast. Aft er 22 days she lost over 30 pounds, but afte r that she gave up! She consiste ntly complaine d about the re al lack of e njoyme nt whe n it came to e ating, I did think much of it, just anothe r fad die t gone bust! She gaine d the we ight back in thre e months, and was as frustrate d as e ve r. For some re ason or anothe r six months down the road she made the choice to give it anothe r shot. I supporte d he r as I did the first time . I watche d he r buy the rabbit food and buy he r drops online . T he first day of the se cond phase I saw he re cooking her chicken whe n a lig ht popped on in my head. I am Execut ive Chef , why am I le tting he r e at this food unse asone d and with out taste . I quickly took the pan from he r and whippe d toge the r a simple Sant a Maria BBQ se asoning and se are d he r chicke n bre ast. Afte r finishing I notice d how much more she e njoye d he r me al. I the n kne w that the se cre t to succe ss was se asoning with a little cre ativity. We had to change up the flavors and use diffe re nt cooking te chnique s to ke e p he r inte re ste d. I mixe d toge the r a se rie s of se asoning rubs that I have use d in the past and re arrange d he r me als with diffe re nt HCG approve d re cipe s. Result s: she e njoye d e ating he r me als. As a matte r of fact she re ally looke d forward to e ating e ve ry day ve rse s dre ading it. T he se cre t missing ingre die nt was a simple Cook Book. It Cle ar not e ve r one has the luxury of having the ir me als planne d out by an Execut ive Chef . Howe ve r most of the re cipe s I use d for he r I got off Amazon, HCG recipe books. She finishe d the all thre e phase two months ago. She lost 46 pounds

and has not g ained it back. To sum this article up, HCG approve d foods is not e xciting by the m se lve s, chicke n, bre ast, le an me at and ve ge table s ECT. You have to inve st in HCG Cook Books to succe e d. Use diffe re nt cooking me thods that you probably have ne ve r use d be fore . T his simple invest ment will make t o difference bet ween failure and successes! He re are two se asoning rub re cipe s that I am going to share with you that made a world of diffe re nce for he r Sant a Maria Rub 4 table spoons se a salt 2 table spoons coarse black pe ppe r 2 table spoons granulate d garlic 2 table spoons granulate d onion 1table spoon smoke d paprika ½ te aspoon caye nne pe ppe r 1table spoon ground rose mary Mideast essence Rub 4 table spoons se a salt 2 table spoons coarse black pe ppe r 2 table spoons granulate d garlic 2 table spoons granulate d onion

1table spoon smoke d paprika 11/2 te aspoon ground cumin ½ te aspoon ground Gre e k ore gano ½ te aspoon ground thyme ½ te aspoon marjoram Tag s : hcg diet fo o ds , hcg weig ht lo s s

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HCG Weight Loss results  
HCG Weight Loss results