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BERLIN Zsofia Kollar


2014. berlin. more than 20 years after the fall of the wall. more than 30 years separately. how would you behave with your twin sister after 30 years being divided? would 20 years be enough to share all your memories from those years? would she be your sister? how would you recognize her? would you speak the s language? would you wear the same clothes? would you listen the same music? would you share your friends? would you like the same movies? would you dance the same? would you eat the same? would you study the same? would you have the same color? would you have the same weight? would you have the same shoes? would you have the same jacket? would you like coca-cola? would you like pizza? would you drink alcohol? would you take drugs? would you have sex? would you kiss me? would you have the same boyfriend? would you laugh? would you shout? would you wear high heels? would you smoke with me? would you play guitar? would you prefer piano? would you have a motorbike? would you like chewing gum? would you swim? would you go to concerts with me? would you sing me? would you cook me? would bring breakfast to bed? would you bake a cake for me? would you leave me? would you like drawing? would you paint me? would you take me to museum? would you bring me stars from the sky? would you clean my windows? would you share your last cigarette with me? would you prefer wine? would you prefer pepsi or coca-cola? would go crazy with me? would you wash my underwear? would you take me to the zoo? would you read a book for me? would you sit with me in the park? would you like to have cat or dog? would you like me?

berlin had east and west side. berlin will always have east and west side. there were two berlin. there will be two berlin always. birds are free. birds were free. birds could fly everywhere. birds could be in both side. birds can go both side always. the birds from the east side could fly to the west side. birds from the west side could fly to the east side. but every bird from the east side stayed in the east side and every bird from the west side stayed in the west side. birds don’t care about politic. birds don’t care about taxes. birds don’t care about rent. birds don’t care about education. birds are just free. but why did birds didn’t go to the other side? why do the birds still stay in their side? are we people different from birds? why are we different? do we care about politic? do we care about taxes? do we care about rent? do we care about education? are we free? why are we not going to the other side? are there any differences between the east and west side? what are the differences between the east and the west side? is the food different? does the water taste different? does the sun shine different? does the wind blow different? does the air smell different? do the tomatoes taste different? does the ice-cream taste different? does the grass grow different? is the pollution less? do the people smile more? do people kiss better? do people dance better? do people cook better? do people sing better? do people walk faster? do people give their seat in the bus to you? do people play guitar? do people wear skirts? do people wear sunglasses? do people have bicycle? do people like each other more? are there any differences anyway?

berlin. the time in berlin is not the same in the east and west side. or it is the same? is the time exactly the same in the east and west side? if the time is different in both side, than it means that in one side the time is slower. but which side’s time is slower? is the east faster? or the west is faster? who can tell us which side is faster? and if people from the east side never went to the west side, than how can they know if their time is slower than the other side? how would they know which side is faster? people in that side walk faster? the flowers in that side grow faster? also die faster? do people have more wrinkles? do people live faster? do people die faster? do people talk faster? do people eat faster? do people drink faster? do people get drunk faster? do people make love faster? do people in the fast side have better life? is it better to walk faster? is it better than flowers grow faster? is it better that flowers die faster? is it better that people have more wrinkles? is it better that people live faster? is it better that people die faster? is it better that people talk faster? is it better that people eat faster? is it better that people drink faster? is it better that people get drunk faster? is it better that people make love faster? it is any better any side? but what if one side is faster but the people there are slower, and the other side is slower but the people there are faster? this means that the both side are the same. if both side is the same, then what is the difference? is there any difference? or just we think the east side and the west side are different? maybe it is just a fake imagination, and both side are completely the same? - i don’t think so.

berlin. berlin is a city for freedom. in berlin you can do everything. with berlin you can do everything. you can dance with with berlin. you can draw with berlin. you can paint berlin. you can sing with berlin. you can destroy berlin. you can rebuild berlin. you can decorate berlin. you can transform berlin. you can grow in berlin. you can plan in berlin. you can stay in berlin. you can climb in berlin. you can walk in berlin. you can jump in berlin. you can breath in berlin. you can mark berlin. you can color berlin. you can leave berlin. you can return to berlin. you can like berlin. you can love berlin. you can hate berlin. you can stand berlin. you can misunderstand berlin. you can inspire berlin. berlin can inspire you.


Photo book based on Berlin in 2014. Photos are taken by polaroid and digital camera.

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