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Insurance FOSTER-WILLSON protects you with full insurance coverage including General Liability and Worker's Compensation.

Warranty FOSTER-WILLSON doubles (and quintuples) the industry standard and provides a written two-year warranty for all work and a five-year warranty on all structural components.

SAMPLE TWO/FIVE YEAR WARRANTY WARRANTY issued to: Address: Date of Substantial Completion: Covering WORK performed:

Satisfied Customer 1234 Street of My Dreams On Time and On Budget

Subject to the receipt of notice by OWNER in writing of defects within two years of the date of Substantial Completion of the WORK, FOSTER-WILLSON Company, Inc. hereby warrants to OWNER that it will repair or replace any defect in any component installed as part of the WORK which defect is the result of faulty construction or materials and which causes the component not to meet applicable Building Code standards or which defect restricts the normal, intended use of all or part of the WORK. Subject to the receipt of notice by OWNER in writing of defects within five years of the date of Substantial Completion of the WORK, FOSTER-WILLSON Company, Inc. hereby warrants to OWNER that it will repair or replace any defect in any load-bearing structural component installed as part of the WORK which defect is the result of faulty construction or materials and which causes the component not to meet applicable Building Code standards or which defect restricts the normal, intended use of all or part of the WORK. FOSTER-WILLSON's total liability for all Structural Defects is limited to the original sales price of the work completed. This Limited Warranty shall not apply if such defect is caused by misuse or damage by accident or if the component in question has not been afforded reasonable maintenance and care. This Limited Warranty does not cover any items of maintenance (such as routine caulking or painting) relating to the WORK. FOSTER-WILLSON Company, Inc. can make no warranty agreements regarding appliances or "manufactured products". However, FOSTER-WILLSON Company, Inc. shall assign to OWNER any transferable manufacturers' warranties covering appliances or "manufactured products" installed as part of the WORK. OWNER shall bear the responsibility of completing and returning manufacturers' warranty registration cards. This limited warranty is in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the WORK. FOSTER-WILLSON Company, Inc. specifically excludes all implied warranties of habitability, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The obligation of FOSTER-WILLSON Company, Inc. is limited solely to the repair or replacement of the defective component and does not extend to any damage, harm, consequential or incidental damages resulting thereby. __________________________________ Arthur S. Willson, President FOSTER-WILLSON Company, Inc. Design/Build Construction

We BUILD Customer Satisfaction

FOSTER-WILLSON Quality FOSTER-WILLSON is an award-winning design/build construction company. Design/Build is a method of integrated project delivery in which the Owner, the designer and the contractor work as a team through-out the entire project. Design/Build reinstates the interdisciplinary vision of the master-builder and eliminates errors and misunderstandings between designer and contractor. Design/Build offers the opportunity for your project to turn out exactly as you envision.

Value FOSTER-WILLSON accepts full responsibility for design and construction and will work with you to develop creative designs for your project. We provide accurate estimates of construction costs early in the design process thus allowing for design decisions to be made within the framework of a realistic budget. We provide a high level of service and our construction work is top notch; for this service and quality, our construction pricing is fair and competitive. FOSTER-WILLSON provides the best value for your project.

Quality in Service FOSTER-WILLSON has a friendly, highly qualified and dedicated team of construction professionals, plumbing, mechanical and electrical subs. We bring an understanding of structure, engineering, building and zoning codes and the latest in construction techniques to your project. Through our joint venture partnership with Paster Woodworking Inc. we have full shop capability to fabricate millwork, trim, cabinets and built-ins to customize your project. FOSTER-WILLSON has excellent credit with leading suppliers to provide for on-time delivery of all products required for your job. We understand the importance of craftsmanship and quality.

Green Construction FOSTER-WILLSON is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and has always practiced common sense “green” construction – incorporating large, energy-efficient windows for natural lighting, high-efficiency appliances and mechanical systems, radiant heating, water conserving fixtures and more into well designed spaces constructed to last. Arthur Willson is accredited by USGBC as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Associate (LEED GA). USGBC promotes the integrated design/build team approach and promotes renovation and reuse as “one of the single most important concepts of sustainability”. Renovating your home with FOSTER-WILLSON is the sustainable choice.

Experience FOSTER-WILLSON has provided quality design and construction services to hundreds of satisfied customers since 1982. Execution of unique and complex designs is our specialty. Honesty, fairness and integrity set FOSTER-WILLSON apart.

We BUILD Customer Satisfaction

FOSTER-WILLSON Quotes from Satisfied Customers At FOSTER-WILLSON, we BUILD customer satisfaction. Following are notes we have received from some of our satisfied customers.

Value of Design Build "Job well done! It was a pleasure to work with you and your crew; all are reliable, careful and cheerful. Thanks!"

"we can’t wait to move in and enjoy the labors of the hard work which all of us put together like a real team ,,, you, Chris Beardsley (Architect), Tom Bruce (project Architect) and us.." "Your attention to detail is impeccable, your calls to us with concerns that we had overlooked is unusual and appreciated."

"Many thanks for the great job - it was nice to know that you cared as much or more than I do about quality so I didn't have to pay attention" "‌ we decided to move; you designed a plan for our new residence; demolition is completed and construction is proceeding rapidly. In our first 100 days of 1995, I believe we have accomplished more than Congress."

Value in Design "Everything that you promised has come to pass and our new home is, for us, a place of rest, comfort and happiness. The fact that we are extremely happy with the plans, the labors and the finished product is further proof of your good work in planning, designing and building our residence."

"The house looks great! Thanks for your design work. You've made the place smile." "My clients constantly give me glowing reports about your design flair which is both creative and functional. Your impressive designs are always fabulous, whether traditional or state-of-the-art contemporary. It is always a pleasure for me to recommend FOSTER-WILLSON."

"Everyone who comes into the house just loves the design and layout and I have had countless compliments on its beauty as well as its utility."

Value in Construction "Thank you for the wonderful job FOSTER-WILLSON did on my house. While everyone is impressed by your design flair, I am most impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship. As a perfectionist, I appreciate your worker's constant attention to detail."

"Very rarely is one able to find a team as competent, creative and quality conscious as FOSTER-WILLSON. They have an exceptional eye for detail. The result of their hard work is breathtaking. I highly recommend them." "Thank you very much for an excellent job. Your crew are fine craftsmen and very personable to have around."

Construction and the Married Couple "We were advised that one's marriage is at great risk when attempting to build a new residence together. However, we have found that to be utterly untrue and, in fact, have found the experience to be exhilarating and fun.

"Our experience with FOSTER-WILLSON has not only been rewarding, but the project that everyone said would put the ultimate strain on our relationship, turned out to be – wonder of wonders – fun. We are ever in your debt." "We have both enjoyed the professionalism which you exhibit, combined with your warmth and understanding of our needs in connection with our future home. You have made the initial stages of the work extremely easy for us and have, of course, included us in every step of your planning."

Construction Follow-Up I want to thank you for your professional manner in following up on the nominal items that required attention after our move. You are indeed a man of your word."

Timely Response "What an amazing amount of work you've already done!"

"Thanks for making my project happen so efficiently and so well." "Many thanks for the quick response in this."

"Thank you so much for taking care of the problem in our bathroom so quickly. "We appreciate your working our job into your schedule and into our time table!"

"Again, you were superb when we really needed you."

One Year Later "Believe it or not, there's much less dust and we really miss you all. What a cheery group! We adore our new house. A thousand compliments and thanks to you." "It is one year since we moved into our apartment. We love it."

"We are enthralled with our life together in this magical place … for all your talent, focus on details big and small, enthusiasm and inspired touches we are truly forever grateful." "The kitchen is wonderful and we get many complements. A year ago, how would I ever know how lovely it would be? Thank you."

Customer Satisfaction "I want you to know what a pleasure it is for me to recommend FOSTER-WILLSON. You are always professional, creative, personable and precise. Your impressive designs are always fabulous. Given the opportunity, I'd never choose anyone else." "We couldn't be happier! It looks even better than anticipated."

"Thanks for a superb job on our project" "Great job! Thanks a lot."

"We couldn't be happier! What a wonderful job. It looks even better than anticipated." If I ever have the opportunity to refer any friend, relative or acquaintance, you can rest assured – that referral will be to FOSTERWILLSON. Thank you for everything."

"Thanks, we love it!" "Thanks for your efforts and consistently good work!"

Repeat Customer Satisfaction "Thank you for your efforts and consistently good work." "Thanks again! And again! And again!"

We BUILD Customer Satisfaction

FOSTER-WILLSON Satisfied Customers

Jill and Bill Louv Carol and John McMurtrie Todd and Abby Peterson

Laura Spear Mark and Barbara Steinberg Henry and Kathy Donner

Selina and Michel Hoessly Abe and Andi Morris Marshall and Mary Bassett Paul Hoyer

Jim Ney Mary Sales and Ed Strauss Paul Levy and Carrie Rickey Anne and Stephen Rubin

Julie Curson

Sally and Jim Congdon

Lainey and Rick Moseley Maxine and Winfred Billingsley

Clinton Hewes Rabbi William and Emily Kuhn

Fred and Hilary Fischer

Ken Butera / Karol Wasylyshyn

Ed & Barbara Edelstein

Barney & Weezie Johnston

David Otwell & Jeannie Welsh

Peggy & Denny Hatch

Janet and Rick Bortnick Eugene and Enid Mark

Ben Cohen Dan Kelsey and Christi Segars

Karen Tourian and Rolf Windh Brooks Honeycutt Emily and William Kuhn

Sean Lilly Sam and Binnie Kafrissen Sara and Robert Olson

Fran Deitrich and Peter Capolino Clay and Judee Von Seldeneck

Mark Zbaracki Gary and Jody Levinson

Bob Butera and Marilyn Sifford Ina Asher

William McMullin Myrna and Marvin Katz

Sharon and Bob Pfister

Steve Filippi and Hanna Aufschaver

(contact information available upon request)

FOSTER-WILLSON Commercial / Institutional Clients OFFICE FITOUT Leadership Development Gelcor, Inc GBQC Architects Interspace International Amman and Whitney Engineers Minolta Sales Office and Warehouse OFFICE NEW CONSTRUCTION Cecil Baker & Associates, Architects

St. PETERS in the GREAT VALLEY Historic Organ Loft Reconstruction

BAINBRIDGE TRIANGLE Community Improvement Design 5th and Bainbridge Streets "DAYLIGHT WALL" First Prize - Art in the Schools Competition Fairbanks, Alaska THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY Mercer Tile Floors Restoration Heart Pine Flooring Replacement Parish House Renovations Centennial Room Renovation New Men and Women’s Toilet Rooms Renovation of Sexton's Apartment & Choir Rooms Smoke & Fire Detection System Parish House Roof Replacement Ornamental and Flat Plaster Restoration Parish House Renovations Tower Stone Restoration & Railing Replacement Parish House South Facade Restoration Exterior Facade Restoration, Cleaning, Caulking, and Painting Tiffany Window Restoration and Lighting Parish House 3rd Floor Renovations

We BUILD Customer Satisfaction


Professional References FOSTER-WILLSON is proud of the working relationship it maintains with many professionals in the real estate, engineering, architectural and financial professions. Following are some of the people with whom we have the pleasure to work.

Stephen Verner Cecil Baker Marty Rosenblum

stephen verner architects Cecil Baker and Associates, Architects Martin J. Rosenblum Associates, Architects

Anne Ledger

Anne Ledger Architects

Brett Webber

Brett Webber Architects LLC

Richard M. Cole Scott Craven James Lee Deddens

Richard M. Cole Architects Scott Craven Studio Martin J Rosenblum Associates, Architects

Nic Gianopulos

Keast and Hood Structural Engineers

Chris Beardsley

Christopher Beardsley Architects LLC

John Portland Richard Meyer Edward Edelstein, Esq.

Prudential, Fox and Roach, Realtors Richard C. Meyer Architects Margolis, Edelstein & Scherlis Attorneys

Gretchen Hoekenga

GBH Associates Developers

David Roberts

Roberts and Company CPA

Bank Reference Elizabeth Selmer, Service Manager Firstrust Bank, Bourse Branch 215.592.0130

We BUILD Customer Satisfaction


Trade References FOSTER-WILLSON maintains strong credit and working relationships with its suppliers and sub-contractors. Following are some of our suppliers and sub-contractors.

Michael Lawrence Judd Paster Jeff Sandaver / Gerry Davis Luke Barone Ed Mattio Jim Saville Stephen Myles Menardi Joe Verna John Addesso Ed Klinges Michael Kurland David Matus Keith Bill Eisman Len Magargee

Lawrence and Company


Paster & Moyer Cabinetmakers Inc.


Tague Lumber, Inc.


Luke R. Barone & Associates, Inc.


Edward E. Mattio Plumbing, Inc


Airworks Systems Inc


S.S. McCorry HVAC


Mylestone Electric


Verna Electric


Addesso Marble and Tile


Mohawk Tile & Marble


Arch Street Lighting


Matus Window


Hancock Roofing


Pinnacle Floors LLC


Magargee Brothers Painting


We BUILD Customer Satisfaction


Construction Ground Rules Construction is, by its very nature, a disrupting experience. In order to make your construction job run as smoothly as possible and in order that everyone know what to expect once construction begins, FOSTER-WILLSON has developed the following set of ground rules.

Work Hours Our normal work hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Occasionally, to finish a particular task, we will work past 4:00 p.m. Only with your permission would we work on Saturday. If you live in a building or neighborhood that restricts work hours we will abide by those hours.

Access to the House We will need access to your home, often at times you would not normally be there. We will need a key and any information required for proper control of any alarm system, including "secret" pass-codes required if the alarm is accidentally tripped and the monitoring company calls. The key and the alarm information will be given to the project manager, the lead carpenter and one or two workers who will be on the job for an extended length of time by themselves (i.e.: painter). We also ask that you notify your alarm monitoring company that construction will be taking place. Although we do not feel it necessary, it may make you feel more comfortable to have your security company install a temporary entry code and password into the system. This code can then be deactivated at night and/or on weekends as you choose and removed from the system at the end of the job. We only ask that you remember to reactivate it during times when we will be working. If you need help with his, please let us know and we will recommend someone to do this work for you.

Dust and Protection of Property Dust is probably the single most annoying aspect of renovation. Demolition, sawing, drywall sanding, and simply coming in and out of the house generates a lot of dust. We will do everything we can to limit the annoyance to you by keeping doors closed and/or putting up coverings in openings as much as possible. Any finished floors in work areas will be covered. If you want to cover furniture in other parts of the house, we won't be offended. If you want us to take up rugs or move furniture in adjoining spaces, please let us know. Please make sure to adequately cover any computer equipment.

Children Construction can be dangerous if everyone involved is not careful. Please tell your children what will be happening and discourage them from "helping" the painter paint or the carpenter carpenter. Please ask them to stay away from the construction area unless accompanied by you.

Pets Please let us know what pets to expect and what their ground rules are? If they shouldn't go outside (and they are small and sneaky - read "cat") please lock them in a room away from the work.

Computers Please make sure to adequately cover all computer equipment, printers, copiers, fax machines, etc. to protect from construction dust. Construction equipment draws a lot of power, therefore please let us know before the start of construction if there are electrical circuits to computer equipment which we need to protect.

Furniture For certain phases of construction (i.e. painting and floor finishing), we will need all furniture removed from the rooms affected. We will be glad to assist you in moving furniture to another part of the house. If there is no space to which to move the furniture, we can recommend a mover who can remove the furniture from the house and temporarily store it until all work is complete. The cost of this moving and storage is not included in our price.

Toilet Facilities If we are working inside your house we will assume we can use a nearby bathroom as needed. This will save us, and you, money. If you want, we can arrange to have a "Port-a-John" on site for our use. The additional cost to you will be $120.00 per month. We will need to discuss with you the placement of the unit, keeping your neighbors in mind.

Smoking Let us know if you maintain a smoke-free home and any of our workers who smoke will go outside on break to do so.

Radios Many of our workers enjoy listening to the radio while working. If this is a problem, let us know and we will institute a "no radio policy" for your project. If the radio is on while you are at home and it bothers you, please do not hesitate to ask that it be turned down or turned off for a period of time.

Neighbors With your permission, we will send a letter to your neighbors telling them that we will be working in your house. This letter informs them of our presence in the neighborhood and asks them to report any concerns about the construction to us, not to you.

Change Orders Changes requested as the project progresses can cause delays in the schedule. However, we know that as the space takes shape there will be things you want to add or change. FOSTER-WILLSON is very accommodating in this respect - we only ask that decisions be made as quickly and as definitively as possible. If at any time you are not completely clear on how something is going to look, please ask immediately - before it is built.

Payment Schedule We work to a tight schedule and often order materials ahead so that the job will not stop due to lack of supplies. Most projects are relatively short (you will only feel that it is taking forever). We therefore invoice weekly for work completed and materials ordered. In order to keep the job running smoothly we expect you to pay us upon receipt of invoice. Thanks.

When everyone involved knows and keeps to the ground rules, we know from past experience that a project built by FOSTER-WILLSON can be pleasant experience for us and, most importantly, for you. We at FOSTER-WILLSON look forward to working with you on your project and look forward to its successful completion.

We BUILD Customer Satisfaction

FOSTER-WILLSON CHECKLIST FOR SELECTING A PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTOR RELIABILITY - ACCOUNTABILITY Will the contractor work with your architect … to provide accurate estimates of construction costs? Is the contractor qualified as a design/build contractor? Is the contractor reliable, dependable and trustworthy? EXPERIENCE AND REFERENCES Has the contractor sucessfully completed projects similar to yours? Does the contractor have a track record of finishing jobs on time and on budget? Has the contractor provided a written list and portfolio of past projects? Has the contractor provided a written list of customer references? Have you called to ask if they were satisfied with all aspects of performance? CONSTRUCTION GROUND RULES Will the contractor provided a written list of ground rules covering … work hours? access to your house? dust and protection of property? children and pets at a construction site? use of toilet facilities? smoking? use of the telephone? neighbors? changes orders? payment schedule? CONTRACT Will the contractor provide a written contract? Does the contract detail exactly what is to be done and the materials to be used? Does the contract detail what your responsibilities are? SOLID WARRANTY Will the contractor provide a written two/five year warranty? FULL INSURANCE PROTECTION Will the contractor provide written evidence of insurance for: workers' compensation? general liability? QUALITY and VALUE Does the contractor offer value for your money? CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Does the contractor "BUILD" Customer Satisfaction?

We BUILD Customer Satisfaction

We BUILD Customer Satisfaction

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