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Sven wakes up in bed to a cup of tea (with lots of sugar and milk) and his buddy Kitty.

Sven eats a hearty breakfast while searching the paper for fun things to do that day

Sven decides to ride with Ted and Emily on their way to school (nice guy!)

Of course Sven has particular tastes in music- so we let him choose the station.

Then it is off to Sven’s piano lesson- he is getting quite good!

Afterwards, Sven needs to blow off some steam, so he likes to climb a treeusually a big one.

Next its time for some exercise, nothing like a ride on a red bike. Look wombats, NO HANDS!

And of course astronaut Sven’s favorite, a ride on the rocket ship.

Having exercised his body, it’s time to work out his nimble mind. Here Sven signs in to the high tech cleanroom to make some scientific breakthroughs.

First Sven says hi to his new science buddies before getting down to cutting edge research.

Then its off to a deep UV alignment and exposure with the EV-620 patterning tool,

and then some mysterious wet etching in the fume wood‌ Art says I can also use the googles for skiing if I stay through February.

Here Sven carefully manipulates the imaging controls on the new $1M FESEM. Sven is the first wombat ever to operate this SEM (or, for that matter, probably any SEM).

Here Sven monitors the deposition of low stress Nb films, following Lydia’s recipe from her science fair project. Sven likes the thought of taking the Lichtenberger name and their science genes!

Here Sven logs on to the Sun Sparc Work Station to check his email and do some “IW�ing (IWombatting) and write his report for the day.

Sven loves to talk about his work. Before lunch Sven discusses his poster with a group of visiting scientists from China.

Oh no, one of the scientists is caught trying to sneak Sven out of the lab and back to China!

Sven gets away and smartly decides to hide in the supply rack.

Despite loving the finer aspects of civilized life, Sven, after all, is still an animal from the wild. Here he enjoys a quick meal from the dumpster!

After lunch Sven goes food shopping with Liz. Having heard scary stories about carts turning over on kids, Sven insists on being buckled in!

Sven jumps out of the cart when Liz is squeezing the cantaloupes. She finds him playing hide and seek in the ice cream section next to his favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor“Wombat Wish” (vanilla ice cream with dragonflies and dingo bits).

Time to weigh Sven- oops, he tips the scales at over 11 lbs! Guess he has been eating pretty well at the Lichtenbergers.

Sure, we may be Northerners, but we still understand the importance of Southern traditions for Sven.

On the way to the Paramount to hear the CHS orchestra tonight, Sven stops and eyes a cool guitar which is just the right size‌ yearning to play the Wombat Blues.

After the concert, it is off to the Gravity Lounge to meet with Ted’s (Bass Man) groupies.

And what a concert it was- played all Four Seasons in one night!

Sven has a standing reservation at the OXO, they love his charm and grace!

Here Ted offers Sven, the hit of the party, some of his desert. Does the babe have eyes for Sven or Ted?

After a long night out, Sven still has time to hang with his new buddies back home.

Finally, after a day in the life of Sven Lichtenberger, its time for some reading and then sleep to get ready yet for another exciting day!!!

Copywrited by Sven-Lichtenberger Productions @2006 Special thanks to Christ Church, Honda Inc, the UVML Cleanroom, the Paramount, Gravity Lounge, OXO, the Lichtenberger Family, Ted’s Groupies and the Fishwicks.

A Day In the Life Of Sven  
A Day In the Life Of Sven  

The first in a series of Sven Stories copyright @Sven-Lichtenberger Productions