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September 2009

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COPING WITH CHANGE We live in a time of accelerating and unpredictable change - 10 short years ago hardly any of us had heard of Google and yet now we can’t live without it. The only certain thing in life is change and yet most of us don’t like it. The best way for us as individuals to cope with change is to draw up a clear plan for the future – and to establish goals so that our lives move predominantly in the direction in which we want them to go. In this way we get a fair degree of control over the important elements of our lives, and achieve a far greater sense of personal power and well-being. Having dreams and setting goals will give you a clear sense of direction. People without goals tend to get bumped around by circum-

stances and they ‘react’ to these circumstances whereas people who have goals view their circumstances and make ‘proactive’ decisions to move them closer to where they want to be. What are your goals?

At Harvard Business School they did a study and found that people who had clearly written goals were the people who achieved financial success and were able to retire wealthy. Says something for writing down your goals, doesn’t it!

Take a moment to think about some areas of life that are important to you – Your career, your family, your finances, your health and fitness, your dancing Take a blank sheet of paper and make each area a heading in each of these areas write down one goal. This can be a big goal or a small goal. Just write it down. Stick the piece of paper next to your desk and every morning read each of your goals out loud. When practised consistently you will be amazed at the shifts that begin to occur in your life.

My new book The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Getting What you Want will give you an in-depth guide to turning your dreams and goals into reality – it is available in all major bookstores around South Africa.

STEP BY STEP Learning Arthur Murray Etiquette

CONTACT US Don’t forget to contact us with any suggestions or comments. Tell us what you would like to read about. Email your suggestions to Stefan Joubert or contact your studio manager.

Knowing the do’s and don’ts of the dance floor is important. Just like any other social activity dancing has some basic rules to follow. To help you become a dancer of note we decided to include a column on dance etiquette in each edition. And remember, you are always welcome to ask your instructor if you are not sure. TIP 1: Remember, everyone

is shy in unfamiliar surroundings. When meeting someone new, make eye contact, smile and shake hands firmly.

TIP 3: Show respect. A gentleman should always escort a lady on and off the dance floor and always ask her for a dance.

TIP 2: Personal hygiene is important. Dancing involves personal contact, so it is important to have good hygiene.

If you accidentally bump into someone while dancing, apologise and continue dancing not to obstruct other couples on the floor.

People will form an impression of you by the way you present yourself. It is a good idea to wear an antiperspirant and to take a breath freshener before dancing.

Remember to send us your questions on dance etiquette to and we will address these in our next edition.

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ARTHUR MURRAY LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE Next time you surf the world wide web be sure to visit the revamped Arthur Murray website. The new website features a dedicated page for each studio which includes its contact details and social calendar, just in case you forget what the next social is about. Directing a friend to any of the Arthur Murray studios for their first free lesson is as easy as following the maps on the respective studio pages. And don’t forget to share your memories of all the exciting

Arthur Murray events and socials by taking them on a tour through the photo gallery. If you are a bit of a general knowledge fanatic, read up on the rich history of Arthur Murray around the world and the history of each of the dances we teach. All Arthur Murray students are welcome to provide us with any suggestions for the website. One lucky student stand the chance to win a mystery prize for any comments sent to before 31 October.

STARS IN THEIR EYES The beautiful Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch recently played host to the Arthur Murray 1000 Stars spectacular. An evening of excitement, glamour, good food and great dancing. The 1000 Stars experience is a great opportunity for you to concentrate on a dance that you are particularly interested in. One that you feel you would like to develop more. It is an opportunity for you and your teacher to choreograph a dance to music of your choice; a song that is special to you. It also is a great opportunity to help you build confidence in a social environment . The next 1000 Stars evenings are planned for April 2010 and October 2010. Don’t forget to ask your instructor about these special evenings or pop into the studio manager’s office.

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WIN A BED-AND-BREAKFAST WEEKEND BREAK-AWAY TO SHELLEY POINT HOTEL Just imagine sipping away at a refreshing cocktail while the sun sets over the majestic Atlantic Ocean. A lucky Arthur Murray student will stand the chance to do just that and more. Starting 1 September up to the end of November the Arthur Murray student who brings the most nonrepeating guests to guest socials or to the studio for a

free lesson will walk away with the fantastic prize sponsored by Shelly Point Hotel, Spa and Country Club. The prize is for two people sharing, on a bed and breakfast basis, for two nights, including a complimentary game of golf, and a 50 minute Hydro session at the luxurious Spa.

Don’t miss out on this fan-

tastic prize. Ask your instructor when your next guest social will be hosted or collect a free lesson voucher from reception to give to your friends. The Shelley Point Lodge and Spa is located between the silvery white sands of its own private peninsula, 150km from Cape Town. White granite rocks, a cobalt sea and bright fishing boats greet you on arrival.

ARTHUR MURRAY SOUTH AFRICA Ian McCallum started to teach couples competitive dancing in 1954. However, on reading a great deal about the Arthur Murray organization he became extremely excited realizing that the Arthur Murray method and system of teaching was what and how people really wanted to learn. He knew the average person was not interested in becoming a champion dancer but just wanted to

gain the confidence to get up on a dance floor, know exactly what their feet were doing and have fun. He soon opened the first Arthur Murray studio in Johannesburg in 1955. He was the dynamic head of the Arthur Murray organization for 43 years. Ian McCalllum sadly passed away in 1998 leaving a wonderful legacy of fun, happiness and wonderful memories for thousands of people.

To quote his words: “I love my job, every minute of it. There is no greater joy for me than to see the fantastic progress our students make and I do not only mean dancing progress, I mean the improvement I see in students’ confidence, poise, popularity and happiness. I am immensely proud to be part of the finest social dance organization in the world and wish everyone as much joy and happiness out of dancing as I have received over the years.”

Arthur Murray South Africa Sept 09  

A newsletter for Arthur Murray South Africa dance enthusiasts

Arthur Murray South Africa Sept 09  

A newsletter for Arthur Murray South Africa dance enthusiasts