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Raymond Ho There's nothing to worry if you don't understand the chart...

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You, Ivy Koh, Ruth Liu-Yuan, JS Tan and 3 others like this. Arthur Low So what ugh??? Don't Worry!!! July 6 at 3:47pm · Like JS Tan Great! My sentiments too. Worrying does nor improve the situation:) July 6 at 6:08pm · Like Regine Lim Haha... This is interesting.... July 6 at 10:34pm · Like Regine Lim Raymond, are u an engineer? I heard Engineers like flow charts :) July 6 at 10:36pm · Like Raymond Ho Regine, yes I'm in Engineering line... And I like flow charts... Especially this one! ;) July 7 at 12:46am · Like

14/7/2011 1:52 PM

2011-07-06 Sharing (Raymond Ho)  

2011-07-06 Sharing (Raymond Ho)